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Personnel control
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Personnel control
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  • 本地管制人員也向飛行員提供最新的天氣信息,並監控飛機以使其與其它着陸飛機保持安全距離。
    The local controller also updates weather conditions for your pilot and monitors the spacing between your plane and other landing aircraft.
  • 所有的管制人員必須具有很強的搜集信息並迅速決策的能力,而且要對自己及其它領空區域內的地形狀況了熟於心。
    All controllers must be able to gather information from what they hear, make decisions quickly and know the geography of their own airspace, as well as that of others.
  • 組織開發了場面監視雷達模擬訓練系統,它是高效且低成本培養和提高塔台管制人員塔台管制技能的仿真訓練設備。
    The simulation system of field surveillance radar was developed for training and improving the tower control skills of tower controllers. It was very efficient and of low Cost.
  • 怎樣才能成為一名空中交通管制人員呢?
    What does it take to be an air traffic controller?
  • 降落管制人員會指示飛行員調整飛機的高度,速度,方向,準備沿標準降落通道着陸。
    An approach controller directs your pilot to adjust the aircraft's heading, speed and altitude to line up and prepare to land along standard approach corridors.
  • 而令邊境管制人員感到迷惑的是,這位女士告訴他們,她沒法遵守這項規定,因為她沒有指紋。
    Border control personnel were mystified when the woman told them she could not comply because she did not have fingerprints.
  • 當地時間20日,為爭取更高工資,愛爾蘭國內3大主要機場的空中交通管制人員舉行了4小時的罷工,導致超過150趟進出港航班被迫取消。
    Ireland's air traffic controllers walked out for 4 hours Wednesday in a bid for higher pay. More than 150 flights in and out of its 3 main airports were canceled.
  • 飛行員今年65歲,有多年飛行經驗,曾兩次要求從波茲曼改道布特但沒有提供理由,兩次均獲鹽湖城飛行管制人員批准。
    The single pilot requested twice to divert to Butte from Bozeman, without giving a reason, and both times the Salt Lake City flight controller approved the change, Rosenker told a news conference.
  • 觀察員包括為避免利益衝突而沒有參加建議過程的製藥業代表和管制人員
    Observers included industry representatives and regulators who did not take part in the recommendation process in order to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • 起飛管制人員監控飛行的爬升階段。
    The departure controller monitors your flight during ascent to the en route portion.
  • 據美聯社報道,德國空中管制人員21日表示,該國目前已經解除飛行空域的全部禁飛令。
    Air controllers in Germany Wednesday said all restrictions for the country's airspace are now lifted, AP reported.
  • 入境事務人員在各管制站向旅客執行出入境檢查,審核簽證申請,查出各類不受歡迎人物,如國際罪犯及恐怖分子,並拒絕讓他們入境。
    Through examination at control points and the vetting of visa applications, undesirable persons including international criminals and terrorists, are detected and denied entry.
  • 世界各地這一系列執法行動的結果正在逐漸使貿易情況明了,即使熟悉該問題的管制人員也感到震驚。
    Results from this string of law enforcement operations around the world are slowly building a profile of the trade that shocks even regulators familiar with the issue.
  • 管制人員就可以跟蹤監控飛機了。
    The controller can now follow your plane.
  • 隨着民用航空運輸的迅速發展,為滿足更大的需求,減少管制人員的工作壓力和工作量,設計了一個實時的空中交通管制決策支持系統。
    With rapid development of civil aviation, we designed a real-time assistant decision support system of air traffic control based on neural network in order to meet the increasing demands.
  • 俄羅斯空中交通管制人員星期三拒絕讓德國一架軍用飛機經過俄羅斯領空。
    Russian air traffic controllers refused to let a German military flight pass through Russian airspace Wednesday.
  • 在這個世界上是沒有雷聲的肆虐之類的東西,「太窄轉」或「不可能超越」(,幸運的是絕對沒有諸如「交通管制人員)。
    In the world of Raging Thunder there are no such things as 'too narrow turns' or 'impossible overtakes' (and luckily, definitely no such things as 'traffic control officers').
  • 地面管制人員負責所有的地面調度,包括飛機由登機口駛往起飛跑道和由着陸跑道駛往停機坪。
    The ground controller is responsible for all ground traffic, which includes aircraft taxiing from the gates to takeoff runways and from landing runways to the gates.
  • 早在1981年,里根總統上台後不久,美國的空中交通管制人員(Patco工會)以難以承受的工作條件及不滿的薪酬為由罷工。
    Back in 1981, shortly after Ronald Reagan took office, America's air-traffic controllers (the Patco union) went out on strike over their incredibly stressful working conditions and pay.
  • 但是許多空中管制人員仍留守崗位。他們說,他們不想損害艱難經濟中的旅遊業。
    But many air traffic controllers stayed on the job, saying they did not want to hurt tourism in the struggling economy.
  • Czeisler 說潛在的危險不僅僅是對空中交通管制人員,卡車汽車司機,飛行員和海運行業也一樣。
    Czeisler said the potential danger isn't limited to air traffic controllers, but can apply to truck and bus drivers, airline pilots and those in the maritime industry.
  • 在駕駛艙內,飛行員在和巴西的空中交通管制人員對話,報告着飛行高度和無線電頻率。
    In the cockpit, the pilots chattered with Brazilian air traffic control, calling out altitude and radio frequencies.
  • 計算機會生成飛行程序條,這個條將在整個飛行中在各領空區域的管制人員間傳遞。
    The computer generates a flight progress strip that will be passed from controller to controller throughout your flight.
  • 管制人員會指示飛行員調整方向,高度以使我們的飛機同其他同時到達的飛機保持協調。
    The controller gives instructions to your pilot, such as changes in heading, speed and altitude, to place your plane in line with these other aircraft.
  • 航空管理局和空中交通管制人員稱,這名兒童對空中交通管制語言的了解,似乎是逗樂了指揮塔的員工並給他們留下了深刻印象。
    According to FAA and air-traffic-controller personnel, the child apparently amused and impressed tower staffers with his knowledge of air-traffic-control language.
  • 目的回顧國外關於空中交通管制人員選拔的歷史,了解空中交通管制人員選拔現狀及不足,提出今後本研究領域的建議。
    Objective To review the history of psychological selection of air traffic controllers(ATCs), and put forward suggestions on future research in this field.