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去角質 - Exfoliator,Exfoliate,Exfoliating
去角質霜 - ZA,Refined finish facial polish,Facial Exfoliating Cream
去角質面膜 - Clear the way mask,Fresh Skin Facial Mask,Professional Peeling Mask
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The exfoliating
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  • 精華油提供了一個屏障去角質,這樣你就可以很好的處理角質問題。
    The oil provides a little barrier against the exfoliator, in case you are a bit heavy-handed.
  • 深深的去角質治療混合富含礦物質的海鹽純精油。
    The deeply exfoliating treatment blends mineral rich sea salt with pure essential oils.
  • 如果你同時也需要剃鬚,只在面部沒有刮的地方使用去角質產品。
    If you need to shave as well, apply the exfoliator only to unshaved areas of the face.
  • 每周做一次溫和的去角質,能有效將面頰和額頭的乾燥死皮去除,但千萬別做過頭了!
    Gentle exfoliation once a week will help to remove dry, dead skin from your cheeks and forehead, but dont go overboard with it!
  • 一款多用,卸妝、去角質、淋巴引流等多種應用。
    Multi-use of one: remove make-up, gently exfoliate, Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
  • 完美的去角質功能,顯著提升護膚品吸收能力。
    The perfect function of removing cutin and obviously promote the absorbing ability of the skin-care product.
  • 你也許覺得抗衰老的面霜以及高端護膚品是健康肌膚的關鍵,但專家認為去角質才是保持完美膚色最好的辦法之一。
    While you might think anti-aging creams and high-end moisturizers are the key to youthful skin, experts agree that exfoliation is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain a gorgeous complexion.
  • 當然這是一個長期的過程,去角質也要有度不要過猶不及,一周一次即可。
    Of course, this is a long process, exfoliation should also have degrees do not go overboard once a week.
  • 首先,你應該去角質保養你的皮膚,以消除任何死皮。
    First off, you should exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin.
  • 隨着年紀的增長,皮膚自行修復的能力減弱,自行脫落的速度也減慢,所以人們對去角質產品的需求會隨之增加。
    The need for exfoliation increases with age, as the skin's ability to repair and shed itself slows.
  • 好好照顧你的皮膚,記得定期去角質,這樣你的皮膚就可以常保健康羅。
    Take good care of you skin, and remember to exfoliate regularly so that your skin will always stay healthy.
  • 你要給我的皮膚去角質嗎?
    Would you exfoliate my skin?
  • 我的肌膚非常的敏感,所以我從來沒有使用過任何的去角質潔面類的產品。
    I have very sensitive skin and have never been able to use an exfoliating wash that didn't hurt my face.
  • 糙米粉可以美白、輕柔去角質
    Brown rice flour is good in whitening and gentle exfoliating.
  • 您可以去角質保養,以幫助那些脫落。
    You can exfoliate to help those out as well.
  • 開始與去角質磨砂芳香鹽發光,進而有蜂蜜身體磨砂。
    Begin with an exfoliating aromatic salt glow scrub, then proceed to having a honey body buff.
  • 洗過臉後,將少量去角質霜放在手指上停留一會兒,使其稍稍溫熱後,塗抹在臉部和頸部,再用手指輕輕劃圓圈,去除死皮細胞。
    After finishing your cleansing routine, warm up a small amount of exfoliator on your finger tips and apply to the face and neck using light circular movements.
  • 保持皮膚健康和有活力很重要,所以要每天去角質
    It is important to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh, so exfoliate on a daily basis.
  • 你用什麼美容產品?有用去角質護膚法嗎?
    Which facial products do you use? Do you use an exfoliating treatment?
  • 去角質可以有效地去除死皮,恢復健康的膚色。
    Exfoliation is very good to remove dead skin and to rejuvenate our complexion.
  • 因此注意觀察自己的肌膚狀況,適當的定期去角質是很必要的。
    Therefore, to observe their own skin condition, appropriate exfoliating on a regular basis is necessary.
  • 所以,如果你想滋潤肌膚,角質它每周用海鹽磨砂或其他去角質,以去除死皮,然後運用豐富的滋潤皮膚的同時仍然潮濕。
    So if you want to hydrate your skin, exfoliate it weekly with a sea-salt scrub or other exfoliator to remove dead skin then apply a rich moisturizer while skin is still damp.
  • 每周兩次去角質,清除這些死皮。
    Exfoliate twice a week to remove these dead cells.
  • 如果是油性肌膚,就比較需要去角質了。
    If it is oily skin, it is more a need to horny.
  • 非常滿意!這是我用過最好的去角質沐浴產品。
    They are the best exfoliating bath product I've used.
  • 每天用溫和的潔面用品淨化你的皮膚,一周至少用溫和的去角質霜去角質。
    Cleanse skin daily with a gentle cleaner and exfoliate at least twice a week with a gentle skin scrub.
  • 去角質將老化的細胞帶出皮膚,使你恢復健康的面容。
    Exfoliation takes the dead cells out of your skin and gives it back the healthy look.
  • 它能夠淨白肌膚、收斂毛孔,充當去角質劑。
    It clarifies, closes pores, and acts as an exfoliator.
  • 或者beta hydroxy acid,是水楊酸的一種,被用在一些局部去角質產品中來扭轉老化跡象。
    BHA, or beta hydroxy acid, is a form of salicylic acid and is used in some topical exfoliants to reverse signs of aging.