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Depth study
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Deep learning
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Deep learning
deep learning
in-depth learning
深度學習 - Deep Learning,I IN-DEPTH LEARNING,deeper learning
騰訊深度學習平台 - Tencent Deep Learning Platform
深度學習路線 - DELC,Deeper Learning Cycle
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Depth learning
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Deep learning
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Depth Learning
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  • 數年後,當深度學習算法被移植到GPU集群中後,其速度有了顯著提高。
    Deep-learning algorithms accelerated enormously a few years later when they were ported to GPUs.
  • 僅靠深度學習的代碼並不足以能產生複雜的邏輯思維,但是它是包括IBM的沃森電腦、谷歌搜索引擎以及Facebook算法在內,當下所有人工智能產品的主要組成部分。
    The code of deep learning alone is insufficient to generate complex logical thinking, but it is an essential component of all current AIs, including IBM's Watson, Google's search engine, and Facebook's algorithms.
  • 異丙酚不同麻醉深度學習和記憶的影響
    The Effect of Different Levels of Propofol Sedation on Learning and Memory
  • 有鑒於此,本文擬以聽力教學中對詞彙的不同教學方法為切入點,研究聽力與詞彙的廣度與深度學習之間的關係。
    Based on this situation, this thesis aims to explore the relation between listening and the depth and breadth of vocabulary learning from the perspective of teaching methodology on vocabulary through listening practice.
  • 因此,研究如何利用信息技術促進大學生的深度學習就成為了一項現實的課題。
    How to use the information technology to promote University Students 'Deep Learning turns to be a realistic project.
  • 隨着消費級機器人、無人駕駛汽車及智能家居逐漸成為現實,深度學習技術也將如影隨形,為我們這些新玩具提供耳目和一些頭腦功能。
    As consumer robots, driverless cars and smart homes become real, deep learning will be there, too, providing the eyes, ears, and some of the brains for our new toys.
  • 為將搜索能力拓展至面向海量非結構化及無標籤數據的圖像識別領域,谷歌需要掌握其所謂的自學或深度學習技術。
    Google needs to master what it calls self-taught learning or deep learning, if it is to extend its search capabilities to recognise images among the vast volume of unstructured and unlabelled data.
  • 對常見的深度學習模型的理論和學習過程做了簡要的介紹。(4)對圖像語義分類問題作出了自己的定義。
    A brief introduction for the theory and learning procedures of general deep leaning models are also given. ( 4) Definition for image semantic classification issues.
  • 深度學習可通過學習一種深層非線性網絡結構,實現複雜函數逼近,表征輸入數據分布式表示,並體現了它對於輸入樣本數據的強大的本質特徵的抽取能力。
    Deep learning achieves the approximation of complex function, characterization of the input data by learning a deep nonlinear network, and shows the great power in extracting the intrinsic feature of the training data.
  • 實驗結果表明,具有較強詞彙知識深度學習者與具有較弱詞彙知識深度的學習者相比,(a)前者比後者更頻繁地使用一些詞義推測策略;
    They reveal that when comparing those who had stronger depth of vocabulary knowledge and those who had weaker depth of vocabulary knowledge: ( a) the former used certain strategies more frequently than the latter;
  • 深度學習理論的啟發,本文嘗試了一種分層,分布式的概率模型,利用非監督學習,從視頻中學習具有不變性的時空特徵。
    Inspired by theory of deep learning, the author proposed a hierarchical distributed probabilistic model, learning invariance of spatio-temporal features in a unsupervised way.
  • 因此,高校教學應注重評估手段與教育目標的配套和統一,利用評估方式引導和鼓勵學生使用恰當的學習途徑,尤其是深層途徑進行有深度學習
    Therefore, proper assessment types should be employed to encourage the students to adopt deep learning approach in their learning.
  • 本文從創新意識與實踐能力提高的角度,提出了必須加強藝術理論深度學習的觀點。
    To improve creative idea and practical ability, this paper presents the idea that artistic theory must be studied deeply.
  • 與傳統的人體行為識別相比,我們採用最新的深度學習技術提升原子層動作的識別,為後續工作奠定基礎。
    Compared with traditional human action recognition, the latest deep learning technique is used to improve atomic action recognition, paving the way for further study.
  • 為此,論文首先探討了深度學習與遊戲的關係,然後探討了知識化方法與遊戲學習的關係。
    Therefore, the paper has first discussed the relations between deep learning and game, and then has discussed the relations between the knowledge visualization method and the game learning.
  • 深度學習是當代學習科學提出的重要概念。
    Deep learning is an important concept raised by the current learning sciences.
  • ,詞彙習得,尤其是高頻詞的深度學習在語言學習中至關重要,應融入英語教學的各個環節中。
    Vocabulary acquisition, especially the qualitative knowledge of high-frequency words are of crucial significance to language acquisition and language teaching.
  • 還有幾家科技創業公司正將深度學習技術用於實時分析醫療圖像,並提供諸如文本分析、計算機視覺及語音識別這類雲計算服務項目。
    There are also several technology startups using deep learning to analyze medical images in real time, and to provide capabilities such as text analysis, computer vision, and voice recognition as cloud computing services.
  • 總體來說,網絡環境下開展學習敘事促進學生深度學習具有可操作性和現實意義。
    Generally speaking, narrative for students to learn the deep learning under network environment is of practical and real significance.
  • 深度學習是目前學習理論中的一個重要概念。
    Deep learning is an important concept in the learning theory at present.
  • LLM可以和商務或語言等其它領域的深度學習相結合。
    The LLMs can be coupled with in-depth study in other areas, such as business or languages.
  • 數據結構一向以它的抽象性和理論深度成為學習或編程的難點,結合現實模型進行案例分析式教學與編程訓練是教學改革的趨勢。
    Data structure have been a difficult part in studying or programming because of its abstraction and theory profundity, and case-studying teaching and programming training with realistic model is the trend of teaching reform.
  • 學生通過在遊戲學習中開展深度學習,才能滿足現在社會對人才培養的需要,才能從根本上樹立主動學習的理念,才能對知識進行有效地構建、遷移與應用。
    If only students develop deep learning through playing game, can satisfy the personnel training need of modern society, can fundamentally set up the idea of active learning, and can construct, migrate and apply knowledge effectively.
  • 論文研究的核心是以模型為依據,結合課程《電視教材編導和製作》,基於網絡開展學習敘事促進學生深度學習的實踐研究和效果分析。
    The core of this research is to promote students 'deep learning for practical study and result analysis according to the model by learning narrative network-based combining with the course TV materials director and production.
  • 基於博客的深度學習研究&以蘇州教育博客為例
    Blog-based Deep Learning: A Case Study of Suzhou Education Blog
  • 百度深度學習研究院副院長余凱表示,自動駕駛車輛需要更像馬一樣,而不是機器人。
    According to Kai Yu, Baidu's Institute of Deep Learning's deputy director, autonomous vehicles need to be more like horses than robots.
  • 2006年,當時就職於多倫多大學的傑夫·辛頓(Geoff Hinton)對這一方法進行了一次關鍵改進,並將其稱之為深度學習
    In 2006, Geoff Hinton, then at the University of Toronto, made a key tweak to this method, which he dubbed deep learning.
  • 為了支持新的搜索,百度已經在深度學習項目上投入巨資。
    Baidu has pumped money into deep learning programs to support the new searches.
  • 利用信息技術促進大學生深度學習的研究
    Research on Using the Information Technology to Promote University Students 'Deep Learning
  • 谷歌每天擁有12億搜索用戶,產生1210億搜索關鍵詞,每一個關鍵詞都是在一次又一次地輔導人工智能進行深度學習
    Each of the 12.1 billion queries that Google's 1.2 billion searchers conduct each day tutor the deep-learning AI over and over again.