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starch solution
mixed starch
漿水 - seriflux,Jiangshui,serofluid
升漿止水 - grouting to stop water
漿體水擊 - slurry water hammer,slurry water-hammer
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Slurry water
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Pulp Water
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  • 玉米黃漿水在丙酮-丁醇厭氧梭菌發酵中的應用
    Application of waste water from maize paste in fermentative production of acetone butanol by Clostridium acetobutylicum
  • 濃香型麯酒生產入窖飽漿水的合理使用
    Rational Application of Saturated Water for Pit Entry in the Production of Luzhou-flavour Liquor
  • 本文介紹了針葉木TMP漿水中DCS對成紙質量如強度、白度、吸水性和空氣阻力(透氣度)等方面的影響,同時介紹了酶處理對降解TMP漿中DCS的效果。
    The effects of DCS from softwood TMP on paper properties and the efficiency of enzyme treatments on the degradation of DCS were introduced in this paper.
  • 黃酒浸米漿水及其微生物變化和作用
    Seriflux of Yellow Rice Wine and Its Microbe Changes and Functions
  • 漿水發酵生產細菌纖維素的研究及應用椰子水自然發酵條件對細菌纖維素生產的影響
    Studies on the Production of Bacterial Cellulose Using Bean Curd Wastewater and Application of Bacterial Cellulose Effects of natural fermentation conditions of coconut juice on the production of bacterial cellulose
  • 研究了油基水泥漿在不同水漿質量比下的強度發展,並通過水泥石試樣氫氧化鈣含量分析研究了油基水泥漿水化過程。
    The compressive strength development of oil based slurry was studied and the hydration degree was investigated by analyzing the calcium hydroxide content in hardened cement.
  • 利用黃漿水進行中低檔白酒勾調的試驗研究
    Research on Blending of Medium-low Grade Liquor Using Yellow Serofluid
  • 採用無接觸電阻測量方法,通過電阻率隨水化時間的關係曲線,研究了粉煤灰水泥中加入NaOH和Na2SO4後淨漿水化早期電阻率的變化規律。
    By using of non-contact electrical resistivity method and through the relation curves between electrical resistivity and hydration time, changing rule of early hydration time in fly ash cement of addition NaOH and Na_2SO_4 has been researched.
  • 蜂王漿水溶性蛋白及其酶解產物的抗氧化活性
    Antioxidant Activities of Water Soluble Proteins in Royal Jelly and Their Hydrolysates
  • 這些基團可與泥餅礦物和水泥漿水化產物作用,提高了固化反應程度,在分散的各相間產生膠凝性物質和高強度礦物,提高了固井二界面膠結強度。
    These groups interacted with the minerals in mud cake and cement paste, improved the extent of the curing reaction, produced new minerals with cementitious behavior and high strength, and then increased cementing strength.
  • 大曲中酯化菌的分離及在黃漿水酯化技術中的應用
    The Separation of the Esterifying Bacterium in Daqu and Its Application in the Esterifying Technology of Yellow Fermenting Liquid
  • 並通過氫氧化鈣含量分析了油基水泥漿水化程度。
    Cement hydration degree is analyzed by calcium hydroxide content.
  • 白酒加漿水需經軟化處理,否則會造成固形物超標。
    The addition water for liquor requires softening treatment, otherwise it would result in solids content above the standard.
  • 本文對鹿寨磷石膏、風化泥岩和土工合成材料經酸性磷石膏渣漿水浸泡後的物理力學性質進行了較為詳細的試驗研究。
    In this paper, the engineering properties of gypsum, especially, the engineering properties of weathered mud stone and geo synthetics before and after soaking by acid water are discussed in detail.
  • 解決方法是保證加漿水勾兌用水質量、選用高質量添加劑;
    The quality of adding thickening liquid and additives are the guarantee to the above methods.
  • 不同類型礦體H-O同位素組成相對穩定,總體屬岩漿水範圍。
    In different types of orebodies, H O isotope compositions are relatively stable, generally belong to magmatic water.
  • 漿水做氮源培養的酒母進行酒精發酵時原料出酒率較尿素和硫酸銨分別提高2.2%和1.7%。
    The field of ethanol improved by 2.2% and 1.7% when yellow serofluid was used as nitrogen source compared with that of carbamide and ammonium bisulfite respectively.
  • 酶促反應在黃漿水酯化技術中的應用研究
    Study on the use of enzymatic reaction in esterification of yellow seriflux
  • 礦渣摻量對高水膠比水泥淨漿水化產物及孔結構的影響
    Effects of slag dosage on hydration products and pore structure of cement paste at high water to binder ratio
  • 利用塔羅油作為新聞紙廠漿水體系中樹脂的模型物,分別在有纖維和無纖維存在下研究了鈣皂對樹脂沉積的影響。
    Tall oil was used as a model compound to study the effects of calcium soap and the pulps on the pitch deposition.
  • 表明成礦流體中的水以岩漿水為主,並混入大氣降水。
    It indicates that the ore-forming fluid is dominated by magmatic water, and mixed with meteoric water.
  • 實驗研究溶液pH值對不同超濾膜超濾大豆黃漿水的影響。
    The effect of pH to ultrafiltrate soybean whey by different membranes was studied.
  • 分析了溫度、鹽濃度對水泥漿水化程度和水泥石強度的影響。
    Similarly, it is described that the temperature, salinity and some other factors affect the hydration degree and hardened cement strength.
  • 成礦流體為岩漿水與大氣降水的混合熱液。
    The ore-forming fluid is the mixture of magmatic water and atomspheric water.
  • 漿水在新型白酒酒質中修飾的研究
    Study of Yellow Slurry Water in the Modification of the Quality of New Type Liquors
  • 為了提高混合活性炭吸附法回收豆製品加工黃漿水中大豆異黃酮的效率,對黃漿水進行預處理。
    Soybean processing waste water is pretreated to improve the recovery efficiency of soybean isoflavone from the waste water.
  • 漿水是濃香型麯酒生產過程中產生的副產物,富含酸、酯、醇、醛等酒類所需香味成份。
    Yellow serofluid is a by-product during Luzhou style liquor production, which contains a large proportion of flavor components such as acid, ester, alcohol, aldehyde.
  • 採用回歸正交旋轉設計對利用黃漿水生產EPS進行了研究。
    The quadratic rotary combination design was used for studying the EPS produced by Streptococcus sa!
  • 介紹了在電石法生產PVC過程中,對電石渣漿水、離心母液水、轉化水、洗塔水的綜合利用及產生的經濟效益和社會效益。
    Synthesized utilization of carbide ash seriflux, centrifugal mother solution, reforming water and washing tower in PVC production by calcium carbide process, and its economic and social benefits were introduced.