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decide as things go
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Look at the situation
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Look at the situation
看情況吧 - Let's play it by ear,It depends,Look at the situation
看情況吧。 - That all depends.
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Let's just see what happens
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We'll see.
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Look in bar
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  • 哦,正好方便我奧運,那給我說說房子的情況吧? 王明。
    OK, sounds like it's easy to get to Olympic events. Tell me more about the room.
  • 一下的哥楊先生購買它三套在上海的公寓中的一套時的複雜情況吧
    Consider the complex in which Yang, the cabbie, bought one of his three Shanghai apartments.
  • 星期一星期二是不可能了星期三星期四?看情況吧如果你願意,等我寶貝。
    Monday, Tuesday it won't be . Wednesday, Thursday we will see . If only you can wait baby.
  • 這還不算,我可是住在加州的伯克利的,如果公主風連這麼一個古老傳統的小村子都滲透到了,想想在那些時尚的大都市裡情況會怎麼樣
    What’s more, I live in Berkeley, California: if princesses had infiltrated our little retro-hippie hamlet, imagine what was going on in places where women actually shaved their legs?
  • 「以後再看情況吧。」 他思忖着。
    shall see hereafter," he thought.
  • 更重要的是,晶體管日趨廣泛地應用於所有電器中,液晶電視、智能電話及上網本的發展情況吧
    More importantly, use of the transistor became widespread in all electronics allowing for the development of LCD TVs, smartphones and netbooks.
  • 除了幫助托米走出陰影之外,他只是簡單的布里克而已。唯一的變化是他會有一件重度舊化的外套(不在今天發售),希望有一天看情況再說。
    Apart from helping Tommy out with the Inky things, he is pretty much just Bleak. the only change is he has a heavy weather jacket ( not available today ) hopefully one day, Ill see how things go.
  • 這次不敢有太多期待了,看情況吧
    There is too much of this did not dare look, and you watch the situation.
  • 這個嗎,我現在工作很忙,看情況吧
    Well, I have a lot of work. I'll see how to goes.
  • 現在的職場上,仍然存在重男輕女的思想,我甚至有些公司只招聘男的在男女實力相當的情況下。
    Now career, still exists the idea that men are superior to women, I see some companies only recruit the men in both cases a considerable strength.
  • 如果上述都做不到,那只能按倒霉處理了,至少哪一個倒霉,看情況吧
    If above all can not do it, that can press the unlucky handles, at least which unlucky, see the circumstance.
  • 沒問題。等你星期五寫完報告再打電話給我。 今天李華學到兩個常用語。一個是play something by ear, 就是現在還不能確定,要等到時候看情況再說。另一個常用語是strapped, 也就是缺乏什麼,通常是指缺乏時間或金錢。
    LL: Let me know if you need any help with that. Listen, I'm sorry, but I'm too strapped for time to talk any more right now. I'll talk to you after Friday, okay?
  • 該校的女校長簡•奧賓楚對《全國日報》的記者說,學校一開始以為穆拉蓋想上學是開玩笑,"於是我們就對他說今年的第一學期來;之後我們想看情況再說了。
    So we told him to come this year in first term; then we could see about it.
  • 打算實習結束了馬上回,到時候看情況吧
    Planned to practice to end to be right away back, see the circumstance when the time comes.
  • 讓我們一下一個家庭的無線網絡和在辦公室的多個無線接入點的無線網絡用戶的情況吧
    C. Let's take the scenario of a user who has a wireless network at home and a wireless network with multiple access points at the office.
  • 假如我們是好朋友,都喜歡電影。一天,有朋友說,獅子王這部電影值得一。在這種情況下,就可以說:「好哇。讓我們去體驗一上
    Image we are good friends and both like watching movie. One day, some guys said that the Lion King is very worthy to have a look. so in this case, we may say "Ok, let's check it out".
  • 看情況吧,你開車技術好嗎?
    It all depends. Are you a good driver?
  • 乘務員:我不能給你確切的答覆,看情況而定
    Attendant: I can't give you a definite answer. Let 's play it by ear.
  • ,儘管等一等,看情況吧
    Well, just wait and see.
  • 該校的女校長簡•奧賓楚對《全國日報》的記者說,學校一開始以為穆拉蓋想上學是開玩笑,"於是我們就對他說今年的第一學期來;之後我們想看情況再說了。
    Headmistress Jane Obinchu told the DailyNation the school first thought Kimani Murage's interest was a joke.
  • 不管哪一種情況,快速檢查一下解題步驟,如果沒有問題的話,那就直接下一題
    So, either way, check quickly what you've done it if you can't find a mistake, then just move ahead to the next problem.
  • 保持耐心,球隊有前四的實力。多給羅伊一點時間,到聖誕節再看情況吧,那時大家都會更開心的。
    Stay patient, the team has quality in it. Give Roy a bit of time and by Christmas see where we are and everyone will be happier.
  • 馬丁: 那要看情況吧,你是其中一個模特兒嗎?
    Marty : Well that depends. Are you one of the models?