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  • 其次,我並不關心 if 語句的二進制總受器 (catch-all)。
    Second, I don't care for the binary catch-all of the if statement.
  • 使徒保羅說,「我任何東西的轄制」。
    The Apostle Paul said, I don't let anything control me.
  • 政治家最終輿論變化的影響。
    Politicians will in the end always be guided by changes in public opinion.
  • 說謊者是說謊,子
    Liars usually tell lies. Cheaters cheat whenever it suits them.
  • 結果表明,我國政府衛生支出對衛生費用的影響是缺乏彈性的,衛生費用政府衛生支出影響的趨勢逐漸減弱。
    The results indicate that GBE is short-elasticity relative to THE, the influencing role of GBE to THE is gradually weaken in the long run.
  • 但爵爺表示曼聯是成為足總受媒體壓力的犧牲品。
    But Ferguson claims United are too often the victim of the FA's readiness to be directed by media influence.
  • 研究發現,我國上市公司股票股利主要受總股本、股權結構及每股收益的影響。
    Many researchers discovered that our country's Corporations? stock dividendget the influence of total capital stock, equity structure and each share profit.
  • 不要評論他人的外表,當然除非是好評,好評總受歡迎。
    Don't comment on other people's physical characteristics unless, of course, it's to compliment them, which is always welcome.
  • 查克是那種愛管別人閒事兒,在不待見的時候出現的人。
    Chuck is the sort of guy who noses in on other people’s business and butts in where he isn』t wanted.
  • 湯圓和月餅之所以總受歡迎,是因為它具有團團圓圓的含義。
    The reason that soup dumpling and moon cake are popular is because they have a meaning of reunion.
  • 我覺得應該是:而圍繞着她那可愛的灰眼睛的濃密睫毛,在她父親臉上肯定極引人注目,放在她臉上卻只是讓她看上去了驚嚇的樣子。
    And her lovely gray eyes were surrounded by thick lashes that must have been striking on her father, but in her case only made her look startled.
  • 例句1。艾倫在學校里總受欺負。
    Alan's always getting scragged at school.
  • 達西為人兼有傲慢、含蓄和愛挑剔的性子,他雖說過良好的教養,可是他的風度人歡迎。
    He was at the same time haughty, reserved, and fastidious, and his manners, though well bred, were not inviting.
  • 受總目標的鼓舞,在實施細化目標的過程中又能看到自己的進步;
    Is well received by the overall goal of encouraging the implementation of the process of refinement can see their progress;
  • 愛為壓迫的人打抱不平。
    She always had a bleeding heart for the oppressed.
  • 我痛恨遠離我的家人,但這人傷害要好,對吧?
    I hate being away from my family, but it's better than getting hurt, right?
  • 他們習慣於將功勞歸於自己,將錯誤推給別人,聽不進任何批評意見,感到人欺負,別人對他不忠實。
    They are used to be attributed to contribution their, push the mistake others, inexorable any critical opinions, always feel suffer a person to bully, others is faithless to him.
  • 艾倫在學校里總受欺負。
    Alan's always getting scragged at school.
  • 更不用提他鍾愛某個牌子的化妝品,或者他當眾哭泣,或者看上去他周圍有個龐的男伴等事了。
    Nor did the fact that he endorsed a brand of cosmetics, or that he cried in public, or that he always seemed to have a favored male companion around him.
  • 我和他們在一起時,覺得輕視。
    I somehow felt slighted in their company.
  • 凡事我都可行,但無論哪一件,我它的轄制。
    All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.
  • 貨幣供應量的變化難以解釋價格水平的變動,價格水平的波動除受總需求變化的影響外,還受總供給變化的影響。
    The change in money supply cannot explain the change in price level. Except being affected by general need, price fluctuation is also affected by the change of general supply.
  • 人若爭鬥,擊傷害懷孕的婦人,以至墜胎,卻沒有別的害處,那傷害她的罰款,照婦人的丈夫所定的,在裁判官面前給錢。
    If men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows.
  • 這一絕妙的職務交換被認為是俄羅斯民主的勝利,不折不扣地總受了憲法條款。
    That neat job swap could be portrayed as a triumph for Russian democracy. The letter of the constitution is being obeyed.