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記起 - think of,recall,remember
使人記起 - refresh one's memory,refresh onememory
我能記起 - I can Remember
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(Simp=记起, Pinyin=ji4 qi3) recall
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  • 他們應該寫下他們能記起的所有事。
    They should write down everything they remember.
  • 於是迪斯尼通過提供三種線索幫助他們的遊客記起他們的停車位置:名稱、數量和顏色。
    Disney helps them recall by providing guests three ways to remember where they left their cars: by name, number, and color.
  • 他把他所有的時間用在了踢足球上,以至都無法記起他學校的名字。
    Whenever he could, he played football and cannot even remember the name of his school.
  • 只在他朝桌子這邊走過來的時候我才記起他的臉來。
    Only when he steps toward the table do I remember his face.
  • 正如美國幽默作家馬克吐溫所說的「只有在四月的第一天,我們才記起在過去一年的364天中我們是多麼的愚蠢」。
    American humorist Mark Twainthe has siad that the first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.
  • 記起她在倫敦奇怪地獨自一人,而更奇怪的是她對這種孤獨的漠然。
    He remembered the strange solitariness of her existence in London;her even stranger indifference to this solitariness.
  • 要理解華盛頓發生的一切,只有記起人們似乎已經忘的重要事件:茶黨運動怎樣產生的。
    You can understand what is happening in Washington only if you remember what everyone seems to have forgotten: how this movement began.
  • 在另外一個實驗裡,實驗參與者被告知了信息和分別存放這些信息的文件夾名,他們會更容易記起文件夾的名字。
    In another experiment, when participants were given information and folder names in which they were stored, they were better at recalling the folder names than the information.
  • 到第二天他才記起自行車的事,向市場跑去的時候,他想車可能已經被人偷了。
    He only remembered the bicycle the following day and rushed to the marketplace, expecting it would have been stolen.
  • 當我站在那裡,和那一美元玩躲躲貓遊戲的時候,我記起了四年級老師曾經告訴我的一個故事,這是一個關於她邂逅一張躺在地板上的一美元的故事。
    While standing there, playing peekaboo with the dollar, I remembered a story that my fourth grade teacher told me, about her encounter with a dollar bill laying on the floor.
  • 假如你感興趣,你也許可以記起其中的一兩位人物的名字。
    If you're like me, you can maybe remember one or two of these individuals.
  • 如果您能記起在何處放置了文件,那麼就可以直接瀏覽到包含了這些文件的那個目錄。
    If you can remember where you have placed your files, then you can browse directly to the directory containing those files.
  • 在這個節日裡,有什麼是你希望記起但卻被你忘卻的呢?
    What do you often forget that you hope to remember this holiday season?
  • 他們是我的遺產,所以我希望他們茁壯成長 -- 當然也希望他們能深情地記起我。
    They're my legacy, so I hope they thrive -- and I sure hope they remember me fondly.
  • 海馬體把新的信息進行編碼,這樣我們以後就能記起
    The hippocampus encodes new information so that we can recall it later.
  • 而我每每想到在舊餐桌上度過的那段美好的時光,就會記起,我的兒子其實是我心靈的寄託,也是我的親生骨肉。
    Instead, I think of that oasis of time at our dining table then I remember that my son is, above all, a child of my heart, as well as my womb.
  • 很久以後,他會記起這混合了汗水和醋液的氣味,回想他在那一刻感受到了牽繫在自己與母親之間的紐帶。
    Later, much later, he would remember this mingled scent of sweat and vinegar, this moment when he had felt the ties attaching him to his mother.
  • 記起這對眼睛了。
    I remembered the eyes.
  • 「如果你曾上過的高中化學課,那麼毫無疑問你能記起這些奇特的「軌道」圖片,它描繪了一個分子或者原子的電子可能被發現的位置。
    If you took high school chemistry, then you undoubtedly recall the bizarre drawings of the "orbitals" that describe where in an atom or a molecule an electron is likely to be found.
  • 記起了那種被排擠在外的感覺,好像那些大人們背着我藏着什麼成人的秘密。
    I remembered feeling left out, as if the adults kept some kind of grown-up secret from me.
  • 將這些假設和約束編入文檔,這樣,當您實施項目的任何時候更新計劃時,都可以記起您先前做出的一些「不尋常」決定。
    Document these assumptions and constraints so that when you go to update your plan throughout the project you can remember some of the "unusual" decisions you made previously.
  • 一天後,甚至一個月之後當把它們放在小房子裡面的時候它們很快就能記起並且能夠去避免電擊。
    Placed back in the chamber a day later, even a month later, they quickly remember how to avoid the shock and do so.
  • 你告訴你的天使們,你非常感謝他們的幫助,帶你到這裡來記起你來到地球的原因。
    You tell your Angels that you appreciate their help in bringing you here to remember the reason you came.
  • 同時它也能憶與不同的人之間發生的互動,並記起他們的面孔。
    It is also able to remember its interactions with different people and memorise their faces.
  • 我當時並沒有感到,也不曾記起,對感覺上與我本身文化淵源類似的任何描述情有獨鍾。
    I had no sense, though – none that I recall – of being drawn toward anything that felt like my own culture of origin.
  • 奇怪的是,一旦讓自己的思路回到通往過去的老路上,關於那種地方,就能記起那麼多事。
    It is strange how much you can remember about places like that once you allow your mind to return into the grooves which lead back.