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October 30
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October 30th
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October 30,
10月30日 - 30 October,October 30,October 30th
Wikipedia:歷史上的今天/10月30日 - Wikipedia:Selected anniversaries/October 30
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October 30th
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10 on 30 January
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October 30
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  • ETS還將同每位受影響的考生進行溝通,考生最晚將於10月30日(本周六)得到有關此次事件的詳細說明。
    ETS will send communications to affected GRE test takers so that they are informed of these details by Saturday Oct.30,2010.
  • 10月30日首批28家公司集中上市。
    The first 28 companies went public On October 30th.
  • 2009年10月30日,創業板首批28家公司正式上市,這意味着內地創業板在經過長期的醞釀和準備後正式上市。
    On October 30, 2009, the first 28 companies went public in the GEM, which means that the GEM appears in the mainland over a long-term deliberation and preparation.
  • 活動分別於10月28日和10月30日在紐約、倫敦舉行。
    The event will be in New York on October28th and London on October30th.
  • 知情人士表示,台肥董事會將於10月30日進行換屆選舉,一些投資者正在尋找候選人參與競選。
    The board faces re-election on October 30 and some investors are searching for a candidate to stand in the poll, according to people familiar with the situation.
  • 我公司高興地通知貴方,貴公司1991年10月30日有關下列物資的標單已經中標。
    We are glad to advise that your tender dated October 30, 1991, for the supply of cables has been accepted.
  • 我要在10月30日飛往香港。
    A: I want to fly to Hong Kong on October30th.
  • 10月30日常規賽在洛衫磯開始後,誰將執掌進攻之牛耳?是重回火箭的詹姆斯,是青春煥發的弗朗西斯,還是新秀布魯克斯?
    Will it be a recycled Mike James, a rejuvenated Steve Francis or a rookie Aaron Brooks who holds the controls of the offense when the regular season openers on Oct.30 in Los Angeles?
  • 北京奧組委官員表示,中國國內的奧運會門票銷售將於12月10日恢復,採用訂單提交不分先後,隨機抽籤的方式進行,以免重蹈10月30日系統崩潰的覆轍。
    Domestic Olympics ticket sales will resume Dec.10 in the form of a lottery, with no preference for those who apply early, to prevent a repeat of the Oct.30 crash, Beijing Olympics officials said.
  • 2009年10月30日,首批28家創業板上市公司集中在深圳交易所上市,標誌着籌備了十餘年之久的中國創業板正式開啟。
    October 30, 2009, the first batch of 28 companies listed on GEM focused on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, marking the preparation for more than ten years, China formally opened the GEM.
  • 另一種是索羅斯(Soros)方案,在英國《金融時報》10月30日的文章中有所概述。
    An alternative is the Soros plan as outlined in the Financial Times on October 30.
  • 根據英國財政部上月(10月30日)出版的關於氣候變化經濟學的Stern報告,氣候變化可能導致全球經濟衰退達20%。
    According to the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change published by the UK Treasury last month ( 30 October), climate change could shrink the global economy by up to20 per cent.
  • 因無法平息市場對其在歐洲主權債券敞口上的擔憂,這家經紀自營商於10月30日提出破產申請,此後資金缺口估值不斷變化。
    Estimates of the shortfall have fluctuated since the broker-dealer filed for bankruptcy on October 31 after failing to douse fears over its exposure to European sovereign debt.
  • 他希望香港高等法院對那些在李澤楷收購要約於10月30日首次公布後新登記的所有股東的贊成票忽略不計。香港高等法院必須在本月晚些時候對此次投票作出裁決。
    He wants Hong Kong's High Court, which must sanction the vote later this month, to disregard the votes of all shareholders who registered after a possible buy-out offer from Mr Li was first flagged on October 30.
  • 截至10月30日,幾內亞衛生部共報告了9例懷疑為黃熱病的急性黃疸綜合徵。
    As of30 October, the Ministry of Health, Guinea has reported a total of9 cases of acute jaundice syndrome suspected to be yellow fever.
  • 史蒂夫•喬布斯去世三周半後,即10月30日,民意調查網站Poll Position進行了一次全國性的調查,共有1066名註冊用戶參與。
    A national survey of 1,066 registered voters conducted by poll position on Oct. 30, three and a half weeks after Steve Jobs 'death, asked which of three high-tech companies Apple ( AAPL), Google ( GOOG) or Facebook had the brightest future.
  • 10月30日早上,微軟公開了簡化SOA的願景與路線圖,橋接軟件+服務並將組合應用帶入主流。
    Microsoft unveiled this morning a vision and roadmap to simplify SOA, bridge software+ services and take composite applications to the mainstream.
  • 10月30日會到徐州參加「模特兒大典」,希望到時候再和大家碰面!
    I hope to see more of everyone at my next appearance at the models award ceremony in Xuzhou on oct30.
  • 他在10月30日的社論里能夠繼續發表他的抨擊言論。
    He was able to continue his attack in a leading article of30th october.
  • 中國金融期貨交易所為了使投資者對股指期貨交易規則和風險的認識更加直觀,更是早在2006年10月30日便推出了滬深300股指期貨的仿真交易。
    In order to make investors be familiar to the trading rules and risk of stock index futures, the trading simulation was introduced by China Financial Futures Exchange in October 30,2006.
  • 全球最大筆記本製造商廣達電腦(Quanta Computer)在10月30日則發布了更為謹慎的前景預期。這家台灣公司表示,預計今年第四季度發貨量將會持平,2008年將增加20%。
    Taiwan's Quanta Computer, the world's largest notebook manufacturer, gave a more cautious outlook 30 Oct and said it expected shipments to be flat in the fourth quarter and to increase by 20 per cent in 2008.
  • 我國創業板於2009年10月30日開始上市交易。
    Our GEM in 30 October 2009, began to stock exchange.
  • 請在10月30日之前把完成的作業交上來。
    Please hand in your completed assignments by30 october.