Chat show

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n. (電視或廣播電台的)訪談節目
chat show - 訪談節目,閒談秀,談話節目
Chat-show - 脫口秀
TV chat show - 電視訪談秀
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聊天 show
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  • 而國內對此領域的探索起步較晚,且所用數據多來自西方學者的成果。並且,從國內外研究所選取的語料來看,主要集中在自然對話、網絡語言、電視談話、司法語言等。
    Moreover, most of the data selected by scholars from home and abroad belong to ordinary interaction, chat in the internet, television talk show, speech in judicial setting and so on.
  • 訪談節目是廣播電視節目中專訪節目形態和談話節目形態的總稱。
    Chat show is broadcast television interview program form and talk show patterns of the general.
  • 這位從《英國達人》節目走出的明星告訴脫口秀女王奧普拉•溫芙瑞,她在該節目上一展歌喉吸引了全球眾多粉絲,「就像美夢成真」。
    The Britain's Got Talent star told chat show queen Oprah Winfrey that the global fanbase achieved through her audition on the show was "like a dream come true".
  • 她有個個人漫談節目。
    She has her own chat show.
  • 現在,我們將創造英國國家廣播電視獨家播出的訪談節目的歷史。
    And we are making chat show history now on BBC2 with the British television exclusive.
  • 今晚談天說地節目的特約嘉賓
    Tonight's guests on the chat show
  • 宣傳特許經營大片的最後一部電影,帕丁森來到澳大利亞拍攝照片,並被一個本地聊天秀攔截住去談論與合演克里斯汀•斯圖爾特的熒幕愛情。
    Promoting the final film in the blockbuster franchise, Pattinson hit Australia for a photo call and stopped by a local chat show to talk on-screen lovin 'with costar Kristen Stewart.
  • 幾年前,我們在美國一檔脫口秀的後台見過面,他私下也是個極富魅力的人,而且毫不張揚他的成就。
    We met a couple of years ago backstage at a US chat show, and he couldn't have been more charming or perplexed about how well he's done.
  • 電視訪談話語主要使用在大眾接受的、流行傳媒的電視訪談節目,是區別於其他傳播媒體以及區別於大眾生活場所的的實際交流語言。
    TV interview talk is mainly used in popular media television chat show and it is an actual communication language distinguished from other media and usual life places.
  • 他自己本人是嚴肅對待這件事的嗎,還是僅僅想要促銷圖書或者進行一次更大的談話節目?
    Was he even serious about his own chances, or simply angling for book sales and a bigger chat show?
  • 「美女狂聊」是一個大受歡迎的韓國電視節目,年輕漂亮、韓語流利的白人女子在節目中討論韓國的方方面面。
    A hugely popular television program is "Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies"& a show where young, attractive, mostly Caucasian women who are fluent in Korean discuss South Korea.
  • 這一研究對語言力在主持人在訪談節目中的話語應用做出了有意義的探索。
    The study on language in the chat show host in discourse in the application to make a meaningful exploration.
  • 她在電視訪談節目中公開大肆批評他。
    She had publicly ripped into him on a television chat show.
  • 陳魯豫的每日談話節目會在鳳凰衛視播出,鳳凰衛視也是首家可以在內地播出的外資電視台。
    Chen` s daily chat show is on Phoenix satellite television station, the first foreign-funded station to be beamed into the mainland.
  • 比如,在2009年,拉加德曾作客美國一檔電視談話節目,一開口,她就完全脫掉了法國人的那種嚴肅,笑話一個接一個。
    In 2009, for example, she appeared on an American television chat show; and once on set, she whipped out a French Beret and proceeded to crack numerous jokes.
  • 我跟經理談過,但我知道自己復出之後必須做出改變。因為我得踢球,我的向人們展示自己的能力。
    I had a chat with the manager about things, but I knew myself that when I came back from injury I had to change something because I wanted to play, to improve and to show everyone what I can do.
  • 蒙古著名談話節目主持人、政治評論員jargalsaikhan dambadarjaa表示,政府忽視了塔班陶勒蓋煤田的開發,而關注於眼下履行競選承諾。
    Jargalsaikhan dambadarjaa, a popular Mongolian chat show host and political commentator, says the government is neglecting the development of the mine, and instead focusing on meeting election promises in the short term.
  • 我不建議上網,但我有時候確實會上網,進到聊天室,看人們對電視劇的評論。
    I did go online, which I wouldn't recommend, and read some chat roomsabout the show.
  • 英語聊天能夠顯示你的聰明,顯示出你學習努力,或者其他更多的天賦。
    English chat could show that you're clever, that you study hard, or anything else at all.
  • 他曾經擁有自己的電視聯播訪談節目。
    He had once had his own networked chat show.
  • 貿易展覽會上的非正式的聊天既不專業也不會令人滿意。
    An informal chat at a trade show is neither professional nor desirable.
  • Twitter讓你同時實時的同演出的粉絲聊天。
    Twitter lets you chat with fans of the show simultaneously in real-time.
  • 隨便打開任意一個喜劇性質的訪談節目,大多數嘉賓都是男性,開的大多數玩笑都是關於性。
    On any given comedy chat show, most of the guests will be male and most of the jokes about sex.
  • 他因喝醉酒後參加電視談話節目而出盡洋相。
    He made a fool of himself by turning up drunk to a TV chat show.
  • 比伯的女友、迪士尼明星賽琳娜-戈麥斯在當日的談話類電視節目「艾倫秀」上提到了男友的「私生子門」事件。
    Meanwhile Disney star Selena Gomez addressed today the recent paternity suit against her boyfriend Justin Bieber at US chat programme, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.