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Control - 控制,控制 (2007年電影),控件
Process Control - 過程控制,過程控制,程控制
Access Control - 訪問控制,存取控制,存取控制
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控制; 管理; 支配; 克制
控制, 克制, 管理
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  • 科學家們很快將能通過操控人類基因來控制衰老過程。
    Scientists would soon be able to manipulate human genes to control the ageing process.
  • 叛亂分子完全控制了局面。
    The rebels had taken complete control
  • 美蓓亞集團最後將其在兩家公司的控股權都出售了。
    Minebea ended up selling its controlling interest in both firms.
  • 我成天和那些負債纍纍、無力償還的顧客們打交道。
    I'm dealing with customers all the time who have let their debts get out of control.
  • 有的老師比小學生的父母更能管得住他們。
    Some teachers have more control over pupils than their parents have.
  • 他的汽車失控了。
    He lost control of his car
  • 他們的會談預計會集中討論軍備控制問題。
    Their talks are expected to focus on arms control
  • 熊熊燃燒的大火正在失去控制。
    The fire is burning out of control
  • 政府必須採取行動,才能使目前的暴力行為得到控制。
    If the current violence is to be brought under control, the government needs to act.
  • 他正努力克制自己。
    He was working hard to keep control of himself.
  • 自從安全部隊撤離後,他們實際上控制了該地區。
    They have had effective control of the area since the security forces left.
  • 這次改組涉及龍森先生放棄對公司的控制權。
    The restructuring involves Mr Ronson giving up control of the company
  • 局勢已經得到控制。
    The situation is under control
  • 他很順利地通過了護照檢查處。
    He went straight through Passport Control without incident.
  • 他現在掌管着加州南部最大的零售發展企業。
    He now controls the largest retail development empire in southern California
  • 當時幾乎所有的拉丁美洲國家都由獨裁者統治。
    Almost all of the countries in Latin America were controlled by dictators
  • 汽車顯然是撞上了一個交通標誌牌後打滑失控的。
    The car had apparently hit a traffic sign before skidding out of control
  • 據說他們控制了該國東部和南部的大片地區。
    They are said to control large parts of the east and south of the country.
  • 醫生給我開了些控制病情發作的藥。
    I was prescribed drugs to control seizures.
  • 瑞典對槍支實行非常嚴格的管制。
    They have very strict gun control in Sweden.
  • 我練習操作這些控制裝置。
    I practised operating the controls.
  • 他的脾氣很壞,有時會完全失控。
    He had a terrible temper, and sometimes he would completely lose control
  • 最大的任務之一就是控制瘧疾的蔓延。
    One of the biggest tasks will be to control the spread of malaria.
  • 軍隊重新控制了該市。
    Troops have regained control of the city
  • 他這屆政府的首要目標是確立對共和國領土的控制權。
    The first aim of his government would be to establish control over the republic's territory.
  • 半導體器件在電子設備中能起各式各樣的控制作用。
    Semiconductor devices can perform a variety of control functions in electronic equipment.
  • 一旦了解了自己焦慮的原因,你就開始能控制它了。
    When you have got a handle on your anxiety you can begin to control it.
  • 是被壓制的憤怒導致暴力和失控。
    It is anger that is repressed that leads to violence and loss of control.
  • 一個車胎爆了,司機失去了控制。
    The driver lost control when a tyre burst
  • 我的感覺是它們完全失去了控制。
    My impression is that they are totally out of control