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n. 程度,等級;度;學位;階層
Master degree - 碩士學位,方案三碩士學位,研究生
Bachelor Degree - 學士學位,本科學歷,本科畢業
Professional degree - 專業學位,職業學位,職業性學位
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程度, 學位, 度數
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  • 為獲得學位,她回答了10頁紙上的81個問題。
    To obtain her degree, she answered 81 questions over 10 papers.
  • 我和內德極為深入地討論了每一件事。
    Ned and I discussed everything to the nth degree
  • 純淨水有時候要降到零下40攝氏度才會結冰。
    Pure water sometimes does not freeze until it reaches minus 40 degrees Celsius.
  • 學位課程不講授這個課題。
    The topic is not taught in degree courses
  • 政客們已經利用電視取得了不同程度的成功。
    Politicians have used television with varying degrees of success.
  • 他獲得了經濟學一等榮譽學位。
    He gained a first class Honours degree in economics.
  • 他正在大連大學攻讀碩士學位。
    He is studying for a master's degree at Dalian University.
  • 這些聲明從某種程度上來說全都屬實。
    These statements are, to some degree, all correct.
  • 這些女人之間存在着一定程度的團結精神和姐妹情誼。
    There was a degree of solidarity and sisterhood among the women.
  • 她用兩年的時間修完了課程,拿到了學位。
    She completed her degree in two years
  • 你對植物學的興趣達到什麼程度?
    To what degree are you interested in botany?
  • 該課程比碩士學位課程更注重實踐。
    The course is more practically based than the Masters degree
  • 說實話,不同歌手對一首歌曲有如此不同的詮釋讓我感到驚訝。
    I was frankly astonished at the degree to which different singers can affect the interpretation of a song.
  • 第一個改變只是程度上的變化,而第二個則是根本性的轉變。
    The first change is a matter of degree, the second is a fundamental shift
  • 不是所有的求職者都有學位。
    Not every applicant had a degree.
  • 他將在紐卡斯爾大學的一個儀式上獲授榮譽學位。
    He will be awarded the honorary degree in a ceremony at Newcastle University.
  • 魯賓遜咖啡屋裡的人正在變少,但也只是漸少而已。
    The crowd in Robinson's Coffee-House was thinning, but only by degrees.
  • 攻讀學位增強了我的自信,使我更加了解自己。
    Doing a degree has increased my confidence and I feel much more self-aware.
  • 她在研究生院攻讀社會福利工作學碩士學位。
    She was in graduate school, studying for a master's degree in social work.
  • 外面的溫度超過了80度。
    It's over 80 degrees outside
  • 上大學最重要的原因就是要拿個學位。
    The most important reason for coming to university is to work for a degree
  • 該學位課程將為數學和統計學打下紮實的基礎。
    The degree provides a thorough grounding in both mathematics and statistics.
  • 這些人造屏障將會確保提供高度的保護。
    These man-made barriers will ensure a very high degree of protection
  • 我正通過遠程教育課程攻讀神學學位。
    I'm doing a theology degree by distance learning.
  • 他對自己極為自信,以至於竟然辱罵朋友。
    He believes in himself to such a degree that he abuses his friends.
  • 總的來說,總統的方案和州長的提議似乎只是在程度和強調的重點上有所不同,根本的思想觀念幾乎無異。
    Generally, the programs of the president and the proposals of the governor appear to differ in degree and emphasis rather than ideology.
  • 由於存在某種程度的航向不穩定性,機身被加長了。
    The length of the fuselage was increased due to a degree of directional instability.
  • 公司保持着很高的資產折現度。
    The company maintains a high degree of liquidity.
  • 你現在已經拿到學位了,打算做什麼?
    Now you've got your degree, what will you do?