Hong Guang

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hong guang - 講解指揮棒的揮法
Hong-Guang Li - 李宏光,李洪光,李鴻光
Hong-Guang Xu - 徐宏光,徐洪光,許洪光
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  • 公司位於東莞市南城區,靠近G107國道和廣深高速東莞城區石鼓出口,北通廣州,南抵深圳香港,交通十分方便。
    The company is located at Nancheng District of Dongguan city, adjacent to G107 State Road and Shigu Exit of Guang-shen Expressway, which connects Guangzhou in the north and Hong Kong in the south.
  • 的得獎人分別是馬來西亞光良、新加坡林俊傑、香港Twins;
    "HITO oversea singer of the year" award was taken by Michael Wang (Guang Liang) from Malaysia, JJ Lin from Singapore, and Twins from Hong Kong.
  • 符紅光,男,1965年9月生,博士,教授,主要研究領域為計算機代數及知識科學。
    FU Hong-Guang, born in 1965, Ph. D. professor. His major research interests include computer algebra and knowledge science.
  • 中國中醫科學院廣安門醫院;
    HONG Zi-fu; advisor:LI Guo-dong(Guang'anmen Hospital; China Academy of China Medical Sciences; Beijing 100053; China);
  • 洪昭光的鹿與狼的故事從生存環境的角度來看是有教育意義的。
    The deer and wolf story of HONG Zhao-guang is provided with educational meaning from the perspective of survival environment.
  • 通常人們又稱之為文濤,廣侯和叔同,但最為人之所知的還是他的法名:叔同。
    He also went by Wen Tao, Guang Hou, and Shu Tong, but was most commonly known by his Buddhist name, Hong Yi.
  • 本網點位於煙臺市政府和港城東大街交匯處的萬光府前花園小區內。
    The site is located in Yantai city hall and the Hong Kong East Main Street at the junction of Wan Guang before the house in the garden community.
  • 是選擇經香港海運到上海,還是選擇經深圳用貨車拉到廣州呢?
    Ship it to Shang Hai through Hong Kong, or truck it to Guang Zhou across Shen Zhen?
  • 目前,華森在香港、廣州、南京、杭州、重慶、成都、蘇州設立了分支機構,形成以深圳為中心,延伸全國的跨地區、一體化經營格局。
    HSA sets up the branch in Hong Kong , Guang Zhou , Nan Jing , Hang Zhou, Chong Qing, Cheng Du and Su Zhou. HSA forms an integrative management pattern.
  • 多樂和同學阿光在學校推廣保護香港文物活動招攬同學入會,更遊說穎琪參加,穎琪乘機請他們協助搬屋。
    A-guang and more students in the school promote protection of Hong Kong heritage activities to attract students initiation, more lobbying YingQi, YingQi ask them to help move house.
  • 香港位於廣東省的南面。
    Hong Kong lies to the south of Guang Dong province.
  • 昆明醫學院附屬口腔醫院口腔內科;
    FU Yong-wei; HE Hong-bing; OU Jiong-guang. (Dept. of Oral Medicine; The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Kunming Medical College; Kunming 650031; China);