I remember you

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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I Remember You - I remember you,I Remember You,我記得你
I also remember you - 我也思念你
I always remember you - 我一直懷念你,我一直記得你
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  • 我記得你的女兒,她很難讓人忘記。
    I remember you daughter, She's hard to forget.
  • 我記得你想把你多餘的房間租出去啊,是不是?
    I remember you want your extra room rented, don't you?
  • 我記得你上大學時很喜歡音樂。
    I remember you were very fond of music in college.
  • 我記得,您也在流淚。
    I remember you crying too.
  • 但我還記得你。
    But I remember you well.
  • 男士說:決定要什麼了沒?我記得你說想要一件毛衣。
    I remember you said you wanted to get a sweater.
  • 我記得你喜歡在周末去看電影。
    I remember you like going to the movies on weekends.
  • 我每逢想念你們,就感謝我的神。
    I thank my God every time I remember you.
  • 我記得你打了我的腦袋。
    I remember you hitting me on the head.
  • 我記得你活着時,我也記得你死了。
    I remember you bein'here, but I also remember when you weren't.
  • 我記得你!你是'迷人的王子',對嗎?她追着他喊。
    'I remember you! You're Prince Charming, aren't you?'she shouted after him.
  • 我記得你和我兒子曾有點不愉快。
    I remember you have an unpleasant history with my son.
  • 我記得你有剩下一些零用錢。
    I remember you have some pocket money left.
  • 我想起了你,臉上就露出了微笑。
    I remember you, and I start to smile.
  • 我可記得你說過你對什麼都無所謂的啊。
    I remember you said anything was fine with you.
  • 我記得你看起來像個消防栓。
    I remember you kinda looked like fire hydrants.
  • 蘿絲:對耶!我記起來了!好嗎?
    Rose: of course! Now I remember you! How have you been?
  • 我便一直記得你和你太太。
    I remember you and your wife.
  • 我記得你已經有兩張銀行卡了啊。
    Lily: I remember you have two bank cards.
  • 我記得你總是很早的啊。
    I remember you were always very early.
  • 原來你一直記得莪,就像莪記得你那樣。
    So you always remember me as I remember you.
  • 我記得你小時候的樣子!
    I remember you when you were small!
  • 我記得你跳的很好。
    I remember you were pretty good.
  • 我記得你告訴過我,可我忘了。
    I remember you tel I ing me but I forgot.
  • 是的,巴特勒船長,我記得你。
    Yes, Captain Butler, I remember you.
  • 懇求你,不要把我忘記。我記得你說過。
    Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said.
  • 是的,我記得你。怎麼了?
    Yes, I remember you. What's wrong?
  • 我還記得你叫她的名字討厭她。
    I remember you calling her names and hating her.
  • 你給的傷我記得、你給的愛。抱歉,不曾感受。
    I remember you for the injury, you give love. Sorry, have not been feeling.
  • 我記得你曾經給我彈過寫什麼。
    I remember you played something for me.