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n. 少年,小伙子;傢伙
n. (Lad)人名;(英、捷)拉德
Lad - 洛德 (匈牙利),小伙子,梯形圖
Nicky Lad - 新布萊絲,我家泥泥
Handsome Lad - 英俊的小伙子
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  • 他是個不錯的小伙子——聰明伶俐而且性格開朗。
    He was a nice lad — bright and with a sunny disposition
  • 伯恩斯是一個走起路來一搖一晃的高大小伙子。
    Burns is a big lad with a rolling gait.
  • 他是個很有抱負的小伙子,想參加最高水平的比賽。
    He's a very ambitious lad and he wants to play at the highest level.
  • 我是他那樣的小毛孩時,莫明其妙地就會發笑。
    When I was a lad his age I would laugh at the strangest things
  • 小傢伙,你在這裡大約有一個月的時間了。
    It's been about a month since you were here, lad.
  • 他是個敏感的小伙子,有些批評刺痛了他。
    He's a sensitive lad and some of the criticism has stung him
  • 病毒無法清除,這個小伙子仍然覺得有點不舒服。
    The virus won't go away and the lad is still feeling a bit rough.
  • 這小男孩在盪鞦韆。
    The little lad was playing on the swing.
  • 詹姆斯是個肯幫忙、好合作的小伙子。
    James is a very helpful and cooperative lad
  • 跟他哥哥一比,他不過是個小毛孩。
    He's a mere slip of a lad compared to his brother
  • 他還是個毛頭小子,幼稚得很,一點都不成熟。
    He was a young lad, very green, very immature.
  • 我不認識這個小伙子。
    I never knew the lad
  • 「這是個有趣的問題,」亨利勳爵說,他覺得嘲弄這孩子不自覺的自負能獲得極大的樂趣。
    "it is an interesting question," said Lord henry, who found an exquisite pleasure in playing on the lad's unconscious egotism.
  • 從我幼時至今,一切都發生了變化。
    Things have changed since I was a lad.
  • 當你觀看他訓練時,你就會意識到這個小伙子是最棒的。
    When you watch him in training, you realise that this lad is the business.
  • 那幾個夥計沒加入工會是因為害怕成為犧牲品。
    The lads don't join the union because they're frightened of being victimized.
  • 參觀者B:哎!小伙子,我遇到麻煩了。
    Visitor B: Hey, lad! I have some trouble.
  • 那個小伙子似乎很驕傲,但實際上他還很無知。
    That lad appears to be very proud, but actually he is still as green as grass.
  • 完全是運氣使然,這位小伙子必須面對一位美國一流選手。
    The luck of the draw meant the young lad had to face one of America's best players.
  • 不,我沒說我搞過他,但是我的確失去了他。
    No, I'm not saying I ever lad it, but I've definitely lost it.
  • 他手腕猛一用力推開戴維,讓這小伙子打了個踉蹌。
    He let David go with a thrust of his wrist that sent the lad reeling
  • 他是個聰明的孩子,理解力很強。
    He is a bright lad, always quick on the up take.
  • 這小伙子長得挺俊的。
    That lad is very handsome.
  • 這個小傢伙真是難管教,他總是搞惡作劇。
    The little lad was a real handful. He was always up to mischief
  • 這個小伙子穿着橡膠底的鞋子。
    The lad was wearing rubber-soled shoes.
  • 來吧,小伙子。你該回家了。
    Come along, lad. Time for you to get home.
  • 孩子的臉頓時氣得通紅,黑眼睛裡射出仇恨的目光。
    The lad flushed crimson with anger, and darted a look of hate out of his dark eyes.
  • 那暴徒對着年輕小伙子的背猛擊一拳,而那小伙子轉過身去加倍回擊,將他擊倒。
    The bully punched the young lad in the back, who turned round and paid him back with interest by knocking him out.
  • 這個小傢伙愁眉苦臉,一副垂頭喪氣的樣子。
    Scowling, the lad slouched over.
  • 這孩子如果是別人我都會愛他了。
    I'd have loved the lad had he been someone else.