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n. 皮革;皮革製品
n. (Leather)人名;(英)萊瑟
adj. 皮的;皮革制的
vt. 用皮革包蓋;抽打
Leather - 皮革,皮革,牛皮
artificial leather - 人造革,人造皮,人造皮革
finished leather - 成革,整飾過的皮革,成品革
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皮的; 皮革製的
皮革; 皮革製品
覆以皮革, 抽打, 鞭苔
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  • 她的手指在皮手套里凍得僵硬。
    Her fingers were stiff with cold inside her leather gloves
  • 劫持者用一塊厚厚的皮革堵住了他的嘴。
    His captors had put a gag of thick leather in his mouth.
  • 為了保持皮革的柔韌性,可能兩三周就要上一次油。
    The leather may need to be oiled every two to three weeks in order to retain its suppleness.
  • 它是仿皮革製品。
    It's an imitation of leather.
  • 皮革牛仔褲是這一季必備的時尚服飾。
    Leather jeans are the must-have fashion item of the season.
  • 她最近添置了一件皮襖。
    She has replenished a leather [ fur] coat recently.
  • 該皮革柔軟而結實,足以用上數年。
    The leather is supple and sturdy enough to last for years
  • 淺述了生產羊皮革的噴染工藝技術。
    The spraying dye techniques for making sheep skin leather were introduced briefly.
  • 馬蹄上套了皮套子,以免弄髒賽馬場。
    Leather overshoes were put on the horses 'hooves to stop them marking the turf
  • 在挑選長筒靴的時候,購買上等的好皮靴將是明智的選擇。
    When selecting boots, fine, quality leather will be a wise investment
  • 他將把這張皮製成皮革。
    He will make this skin into leather.
  • 這個商店有相當一批皮鞋現貨。
    The store had quite an array of leather shoes in stock.
  • 我頭戴那頂帽子,腳蹬漆皮鞋,當時感覺挺像那麼回事兒。
    I really thought I was something when I wore that hat and my patent leather shoes
  • 他用手指連續敲擊他的皮革桌面。
    He drummed his fingers on the leather top of his desk
  • 索科洛夫斯基緩緩地坐到黑色皮椅上。
    Sokolowski lowered himself into the black leather chair
  • 他穿着一件皮夾克,藍色牛仔褲,戴着一頂綠羊毛帽。
    He's wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans and a green woolen hat.
  • 我夢見我在一間古老的書房裡,四周全是皮裝書。
    I had a dream that I was in an old study, surrounded by leather books.
  • 馬修拚命地將皮革砍穿。
    Matthew desperately hacked through the leather.
  • 這雙鞋是用皮革製成的。
    This pair of shoes are made of leather.
  • 這件夾克有皮穗。
    The jacket had leather fringes.
  • 皮革上的這種紅色染料可溶於水。
    The red dye on the leather is water-soluble.
  • 過於肥大的皮褲會讓你看起來塊頭更大。
    Leather jeans that are too big will make you look larger
  • 他們動作飛快,想儘量多錄一點。
    They've been going hell for leather, trying to record as much as they can.
  • 他穿着漆皮鞋。
    He wore patent leather shoes.
  • 皮革鞋幫使腳得以透氣。
    Leather uppers allow the feet to breathe.
  • 他稍稍往下拉了拉皮夾克的拉鏈。
    He pulled the zip of his leather jacket down slightly.
  • 汽車沖洗後,用油鞣革把它擦淨。
    When you've washed the car, wipe it down well with a shammy leather.
  • 橡木製鑲板和皮沙發使房間看起來既豪華氣派又古色古香。
    The rooms have a baronial feel, with oak paneling and leather sofas.
  • 第一匹馬往往跑得很快,會碰到幾根橫杆,但不會碰落。
    The first horse often goes hell for leather, hits a few fences but gets away with it
  • 他身穿皮夾克和深色褲子。
    He wore a leather jacket and dark trousers.