Please use

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Please use - 請使用
Please Consciously Use - 請自覺使用
Please Direct Use - 請直接使用
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  • 請你運用你的影響力叫他不要做那事好嗎?
    Will you please use your influence with him not to do it?
  • 請使用最新版本。
    Please use a recent version.
  • 如果你想談談你的看法或是想把在工作中遇到的體重歧視和大家分享,請在下面的意見欄中給我留言。
    If you』d like to share your thoughts on this topic or have a true-life situation to tell about weight discrimination at work, please use the 「Comments」 section below.
  • ——請用流利的英語去鼓勵別人
    Please use fluent English to encourage others!
  • 如果你喜歡這篇短文,或者你知道有人從此獲益,請按下按鈕,和其他人分享。
    If you liked this article or you know a person who will benefit from it, please use the fancy buttons below to share it with the world.
  • 在 清單 14 中,由於要創建兩個 myFixture1 對象,所以兩次調用 SetUp 例程(請注意使用正確的拼寫)。
    So in Listing 14, the SetUp (please use proper spelling here) routine is called twice because two myFixture1 objects are created.
  • 如果辦公樓只有一個入口,在門上掛一塊「請使用其他入口」標誌。
    Put a 「Please Use Other Door」 sign on the entrance to your office building if it only has one entrance.
  • 本文是第一版,如果有任何建議、添加,或修改的地方,請留言!
    First revision. Please use the comments form to send your suggestions for addition, removal, orrevision!
  • 請使用本網頁右側的網址鏈接,獲得有關瘧疾的更多信息。
    For further advice and help, please use the links on the right of this page.
  • 你將如何使用你所擁有的有限的時間?你種下的是什麼種子,它將為別人結出怎樣的果實?請明智地花費你所擁有的。
    How will you use the limited time you have? What seeds are you planting, and what fruit will it bear for others? Please use what you have wisely.
  • 請使用其他方式付款。
    Please use an alternative method of payment.
  • 如果需要聯繫團隊成員,請使用郵件列表或 IRC 頻道。
    To contact the team members, please use the mailinglists or IRC channels.
  • 如果您想 提出這樣的合作關係, 請使用本網站提供的表格。
    If you would like to propose such a partnership, please use the forms on this website.
  • 如果您想要發送建議或反饋,請使用下面的「文章評分」部分的評論框。
    If you would like to send suggestions or feedback, please use the comments box in the "Rate this article" section below.
  • 至於網站上的雙性戀用戶對這種向單一性別發信息的現象有何看法,我們非常在意,所以如果你想加入討論的話,請使用下面的 評論 部分。
    We'd be very interested in our bisexual users' thoughts on this single-sex-messaging phenomenon, so if you'd like to weigh-in please use the comments section.
  • 無論如何,請您一定要為代理和代理觸發監控器使用 SSL。
    By all means, please use SSL for agents and the agent trigger monitor.
  • 請明智地花費你所擁有的。
    Please use what you have wisely.
  • 推薦使用非常好用的電子名片形式。
    Please use the excellent vCard format.
  • 如果你有疑問,或想與大家分享一下你使用那些網站的經驗,請到以下的討論區發表。
    If you have questions, or like to share your own experience with either of these sites, please use the comment section below.
  • 要想切實防止您的數據被他人窺視,請使用您操作系統上的內置帳戶。
    To truly protect your data from being seen by others, please use the built-in user accounts in your operating system of choice.
  • 若需要進一步的建議和幫助,請使用本網頁右側的網址鏈接。
    For further advice and help, please use the link on the right of this page.
  • 請使用 實驗 4 中的練習來編寫並執行一個 Perl 程序,它從一個表中檢索出二進制大對象,並將其保存到一個文件中。
    Please use the exercise from Lab #4 to write and execute a Perl program that will retrieve a binary large object from a table into a file.
  • 請僅僅是用它作為跳舞時的一個指導,而請用你的自性去探索,你的自性會帶你越過書頁得以瞥見大宇宙的神秘一隅。
    Please use them only as a reminder to take up dancing itself, to inquire into this Self of yours, this Self that holds this page and this Kosmos all in a single glance.
  • 請使用適當的區段。
    Please use the appropriate section.
  • 如果您對向聯合國提供物品感興趣,請使用本網站的表格向聯合國提交您的合作關係構想。
    Should you be interested in offering goods to the UN, please use the forms on the site to propose your idea for partnership to the UN.