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n. 污染
Pollution - 污染,污染,土地污染
Noise pollution - 噪聲污染,噪音污染,噪音污染
Marine pollution - 海洋污染,海洋污染,海水污染
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污染, 玷污
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  • 該機構說最大的一個擔憂是殺蟲劑和肥料對河流和湖泊的污染。
    The agency says one of its biggest concerns is pollution of rivers and lakes by pesticides and fertilizer.
  • 隨着工業的迅速發展,產生了污染問題。
    The problem of pollution arises along with the rapid development of industry.
  • 交通堵塞中靜止不動的汽車產生了大量污染。
    Stationary cars in traffic jams cause a great deal of pollution
  • 大氣污染程度超出了普遍認可的標準10倍或更多。
    The air pollution exceeds most acceptable levels by 10 times or more.
  • 能源消耗、交通堵塞以及污染狀況愈加嚴重。
    Energy consumption, congestion and pollution have increased.
  • 室內污染分為兩種:一種是我們能看得見或聞得着的,另一種是無色無味的。
    Indoor pollution falls into two categories, that which we can see or smell, and pollution which is invisible and produces no odour.
  • 汽車造成的污染既有煙霧也有酸雨。
    Cars cause pollution, both smog and acid rain.
  • 石油污染是造成海鳥死亡最常見的原因。
    Oil pollution is the commonest cause of death for seabirds
  • 建造更多的高速公路和繞城道路能夠減少城鎮中的污染和交通堵塞,有利於改善環境。
    Building more motorways and bypasses will help the environment by reducing pollution and traffic jams in towns and cities
  • 避免環境危害,減少對氡、石棉和大氣污染的接觸。
    Avoid environmental hazards such as radon, asbestos and air pollution.
  • 油輪的沉沒使得海洋污染的方方面面都成為眼下大家尤為關注的熱點話題。
    The sinking of the tanker has made aspects of marine pollution particularly topical.
  • 污染會使氣喘加重。
    Pollution can aggravate asthma.
  • 政府本身幾乎不了解工業污染的程度。
    The government itself has little information on the extent of industrial pollution
  • 和孩子討論污染問題,強調清潔的街道、草地或公園有多麼美麗。
    Discuss pollution with your child, emphasizing how nice a clean street, lawn, or park looks.
  • 一家化工廠造成的污染已經引發了激烈爭論。
    A huge row has developed about the pollution emanating from a chemical plant.
  • 因為小鎮坐落在山谷中,空氣污染不太容易散去。
    Because the town sits in a valley, air pollution is not easily dispersed.
  • 這條河中的污染物水平在下降。
    The level of pollution in the river was falling.
  • 對廢棄物的回收利用能夠減少對垃圾場的需求,從而也有助於控制環境污染。
    Recycling also helps control environmental pollution by reducing the need for waste dumps.
  • 我們有空氣污染,水污染和土地污染。
    We have air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.
  • 污染已經使大片地區淪為不毛之地。
    The pollution has already turned vast areas into a wasteland.
  • 環境保護主義者說造成該城市污染問題的一個關鍵因素是其人口數量。
    Environmentalists say a critical factor in the city's pollution is its population
  • 破舊的公交車是造成英國城市污染的主要因素。
    Old buses are major contributors to pollution in British cities
  • 他們說高耗油汽車是造成空氣污染的原因之一。
    They say gas guzzlers are contributing to air pollution.
  • 空氣污染是一個亟待解決的問題。
    Aerial pollution is a problem that should be solved quickly.
  • 假如我們更多地收舊利廢,我們就不必生產這麼多,也就不會有這麼嚴重的污染。
    If we recycled more waste, we wouldn't need to produce so much and there wouldn't be so much pollution.
  • 他們提醒公眾注意控制污染的必要性。
    They alert the public to the need for pollution control.
  • 政府如今正引入法律以減少空氣污染。但這是否為時已晚了呢?
    The government is now bringing in laws to reduce air pollution. But, is it a case of too little, too late?
  • 100多名代表針對污染問題向他們發起連珠炮似的提問。
    They were bombarded by more than 100 representatives firing questions on pollution.
  • 當局可以追查到污染的源頭,責令業主負責清理。
    The authority can chase up the source of the pollution and demand that the owner clean it up.
  • 污染可能會造成河邊大量繁殖的翠鳥大批死亡。
    The pollution could decimate the river's thriving population of kingfishers