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n. 平滑部分;一塊平地
adj. 順利的;光滑的;平穩的
vt. 使光滑;消除(障礙等);使優雅;緩和
adv. 光滑地;平穩地;流暢地
vi. 變平靜;變平滑
Smooth - 光滑,平滑,流暢
Smooth Criminal - 犯罪高手,光滑的罪犯,溫和的罪人
Smooth number - 光滑數,平滑數
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平滑的, 光滑的; 平靜的; 平坦的; 平穩的; 流暢的
使光滑, 使平滑; 燙平; 把...弄平; 輕輕地塗抹; 變平滑, 變平靜
一塊平地, 平滑部分
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  • 迅速而順利地過渡到民主體制的政治希望破滅了。
    Political hopes for a swift and smooth transition to democracy have been dashed
  • 許多問題影響了這件事的順利進行。
    A number of problems marred the smooth running of this event
  • 這條公路堅實平整。
    This is a smooth, strongly built highway.
  • 本周新一輪的暴力事件預示着順利平和的轉變幾乎不可能實現。
    The renewed violence this week hardly augurs well for smooth or peaceful change
  • 她站起身,抹平了裙子。
    She stood up and smoothed down her frock
  • 這個練習一氣呵成。
    This exercise is done in one smooth motion.
  • 這緞子摸起來很滑溜。
    The satin feels smooth.
  • 我也曾經喜歡那個老外平穩流暢的操作方式。
    I also used to love the smooth way in which the foreigner operated.
  • 一直攪拌,直至混合物變得均勻細膩。
    Continue whisking until the mixture looks smooth and creamy
  • 她在他的肩胛骨上抹了乳液。
    She smoothed the lotion across his shoulder blades
  • 他們腳下的石板路經過數百年的踩踏,磨得光溜溜的。
    The flagstones beneath their feet were worn smooth by centuries of use.
  • 用打蛋器將蛋黃和糖打成均勻的糊狀。
    Using a whisk, mix the yolks and sugar to a smooth paste.
  • 這種油漆能附着於任何粗糙或光滑的表面。
    This paint will adhere to any surface, whether rough or smooth.
  • 這個主動懸架系統使汽車行駛起來非常平穩。
    The active suspension system gives the car a very smooth ride.
  • 絲絨摸起來很柔滑。
    Velvet feels smooth.
  • 他用手把她臉上的頭髮捋到腦後。
    His fingers smoothed the hair back from her face.
  • 這紙不太光。
    This paper is not smooth enough.
  • 這塊布料摸起來很滑。
    The cloth feels smooth.
  • 如果馬掌磨薄或磨平,就需要換新馬掌了。
    Your horse needs new shoes if the shoe has worn thin or smooth.
  • 為了使該法案順利通過,她尋求總統的幫助。
    She sought the good offices of the President for the smooth passage of the Bill.
  • 晾乾之後,表面摸上去就不再光滑了。
    When dry, feel the surface and it will no longer be smooth
  • 12名特別漂亮精明的青年男子被選為參加決賽的選手。
    Twelve extremely good-looking, smooth young men have been picked as finalists
  • 加入少量的涼水,將玉米粉攪拌成均勻的糊狀。
    Blend the cornflour to a smooth paste with a little cold water.
  • 他們的會談旨在為締結限制遠程武器條約鋪平道路。
    Their talks were aimed at smoothing the path towards a treaty to limit long-range weapons.
  • 在人們關於政治人物的記憶里,他是最精明、可能也是最有權勢的參謀長。
    He was the smoothest and probably the most powerful chief of staff in political memory.
  • 這種紙張手感平滑。
    This paper is smooth to the touch.
  • 等頭髮幹了以後,搽上一點油,使其順滑而有光澤。
    When hair is dry, rub in a little oil to make it smooth and glossy.
  • 航行一直很順利,直到他們碰上了商船的尾流。
    The ride was smooth until they got into the merchant ship's wake
  • 巴多撫了撫鬍子。
    Bardo smoothed his moustache.
  • 這樣一來,威士忌就醇和多了。
    This makes the whiskeys much smoother.