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vt. 上傳
Upload - 上傳,上裝,上載
Instant upload - 即時上傳,瞬時上傳,立即上傳
Upload Video - 上傳視頻
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上裝; 儲入; 載入
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  • 但是我會上傳一些好的英語歌曲和視頻。
    But I will upload some good English songs and videos.
  • 只能上傳一個生成的EXE文件和源代碼。
    Only upload the generated EXE files and source code.
  • 您可以指定和上傳更多的資料:一個主題行和你的國家。
    You can specify and upload additional information: a subject line and your country.
  • FTP伺服器,並自動上傳和下載文件。
    FTP server and automatically upload and download files.
  • 您甚至可以將音頻和視頻上載到您的頁面。
    You might even upload audio and video to your page.
  • 上傳頁面展示了兩個上傳對話框。
    The upload page shows two upload dialogs.
  • 管理用戶有權上載照片和創建相冊。
    The administrative user has permission to upload photos and create albums.
  • 你可以上傳你的照片,在剖面,可以幫助你獲得更多和更快的反應。
    You can upload you photo in the profile which may help you in getting more and quicker response.
  • 您必須使用一個可以將一個文件從客戶端上傳到服務端的新小部件。
    You have to use a new widget that can upload a file from the client side to the server.
  • 你可以登錄該服務器,並從上面上傳或下載文件。
    A web server you can logon to, and download files from ( or upload files to).
  • 許多用戶上傳他們活動的視頻和照片。
    Many users upload videos and photos of their activities.
  • 腳本可以監視、存檔、更新、上載、下載和轉換數據。
    Scripts can monitor, archive, update, upload, download, and transform data.
  • 這是我上傳的第一的程序,謝謝!
    This is my first upload process, thank you!
  • 在安裝RPT後,您就可以開始記錄事務並將腳本上傳到AMC了。
    After you install RPT, you can begin to record the transactions, and upload the scripts to AMC.
  • 要上傳多個文件和/或文件夾,則需要首先壓縮它們。
    To upload multiple files and/ or folders you'll need to zip them up first.
  • 等會兒我會把文檔上傳到共享目錄中。
    I will upload the document to the share folder later.
  • 如何上傳圖像和聲音?
    How do I upload images or sounds?
  • 控件可用於選擇文件和從客戶端上載文件。
    Control can be used to select and upload files from a client.
  • 將文件上傳到你的主題目錄中。
    Upload file to your themes directory.
  • 有了此模塊,註冊用戶就可以對自己的相片加以選擇並進行上傳。
    With this module, registered users will be able to choose or upload their photo.
  • 可以註冊和創建一個自定義的資料檔案;以及收藏夾、標籤和上傳的視頻。
    Sign in and create a custom profile; favorite, tag and upload videos.
  • 這項決定了你可以同時下載或上傳的人數。
    This defines the number of people you can simultaneously download or upload from.
  • 下一步是將該目錄中的內容上載到Web服務器。
    Your next step is to upload the content of this directory to your Web server.
  • 您可以上傳和下載文件,音樂收藏,照片和更多。
    You can upload and download files, music collections, photos, and more.
  • 它提示您上載一個文件,該文件將作為一個壓縮文件,成為整個的IEPD。
    It prompts you to upload a file, which will be your entire IEPD as a zip file.
  • 如果你想,你也可以上傳你的密鑰到一個密鑰服務器中。
    If you want, you can upload your keys to a key server.
  • 本教程演示了如何開發可以從客戶機將一個文件上傳到服務器的Web服務。
    This tutorial demonstrates how to develop web service that can upload a file from client machine to the server.
  • 在上傳了這些文件之後,創建數據庫表,然後刪除安裝腳本。
    After you upload the files, create database tables, and then delete the installation script.
  • 它還允許您上傳新的圖書文件。
    It also allows you to upload new book files.
  • 如果需要在您的工作站和遠程主機之間上傳或下載數據,會發生什麼?
    What happens if you need to upload or download data between your workstation and the remote host?