agricultural production

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[農] 農業生產
Agricultural production - 農業生產,農業出產,農業生產
Agricultural industrial production - 農業產業化,農業產業化
agricultural technology production - 農業科技成果
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  • 該基金的宗旨是將發展中國家置於主導地位,向其提供資金,用於促進農業生產,提高農業生產率,進而確保其人民的糧食安全。
    The fund’s aim is to put developing countries in the driver’s seat so they can have funds to boost agricultural production and productivity and provide food security for their peoples.
  • 對轉基因穀物消耗的限制看起來將成為意圖保護國內農業生產的法律措施中的一個典型範例。
    Limitations on the consumption of genetically modified crops may seem an example of legal measures intended for the protection of domestic agricultural production.
  • 亞洲開發銀行經濟學家莊巨忠說,東南亞必須採取行動彌補這些損失,包括進行新的投資以維持農業生產。
    Southeast Asia 'will have to do something' to offset those losses, including making new investments to maintain agricultural production, says Juzhong Zhuang, an economist at the ADB.
  • 但是過去已經適應低溫天氣的生態系統和農業生產肯定要受到今天高溫天氣的影響,「他說。
    However the ecosystem and agricultural production, once adapted to lower temperature, would surely be disturbed in a higher temperature today, " he said.
  • 重要和直接的影響來自於氣候變冷所造成的農業生產的變化,而這正是農業社會的控制性因素。
    The important direct impact of the change from the climate cooling was on agricultural production that dominated the economy of agricultural societies.
  • 但到了19世紀中期,英國的農業生產停滯不前,英國消費的糧食、肉類和農業原料越來越依靠從外國進口。
    But in the mid-19th century, Britain's stagnant agricultural production, food consumption, the UK, increasingly dependent on meat and agricultural raw materials imported from abroad.
  • 項目的目標很明確,那就是降低農業生產對不規律降雨的依賴程度,其宗旨是提高農民的收入並因此而協助扶貧。
    With the clear objective of making agricultural production less dependent on the erratic rainfall, the project was aimed at raising farmer’s incomes and so help alleviate poverty.
  • 氣候變化和新的病毒性牲畜疾病的出現突出了保持我們農業生產體系適應能力的重要性。
    Climate change and the emergence of new and virulent livestock diseases highlight the importance of retaining the capacity to adapt our agricultural production systems.
  • 作為一部完整的農業氣候歷,在指導中國農業生產上發揮了較大作用,沿用至今。
    To date, it has functioned as a complete set of weather calendar to guide the agricultural production in China.
  • 與之相比,降雨量反而顯得對農業生產影響很小。
    Rainfall, by contrast, seemed to contribute little to agricultural production trends.
  • 在一段時間裡,克隆技術曾被用來提高農業生產力和在癌症、糖尿病和其它身體機能的失調的治療上取得生物醫學進步。
    Cloning technology had been used for some time to increase agricultural production and to achieve biomedical advances in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other disorders.
  • 會上調,我們希望通過上調鼓勵和促進農業生產。
    Yes, we will. We hope it will encourage our agricultural production.
  • 氣候變化可能會對整個世界產生一系列破壞性的影響,這種影響涉及人類生活從氣溫到農業生產的各個方面。
    Climate change could have a series and devastating impact one the world, affecting humans in every aspect of life from temperature to agricultural production.
  • 科學家發出警告之時,世界人口正在以比農業生產更快的速度增長,糧食價格也處於歷史高位。
    The warning comes at a time when world population is growing faster than agricultural production and food commodity prices are at an all time high.
  • 適應肯定會出現……落後地區——例如撒哈拉以南非洲地區——的農業生產在所預測的時間裡出現顯著改善是可能的。
    Adaptation will certainly happen … Significant improvement in agricultural production is possible in the lagging regions, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, within the time span of the projection".
  • 首先,要發展生產,特別是農業生產,以保障供給;
    First, develop production, in particular agricultural production to ensure sufficient supply.
  • 這就是伯尼在比較提高農業生產量的各種方法對於氣候影響時艱難做出的平衡舉動。
    This is the difficult balancing act Burney performs as she compares the climate trade-offs of different approaches to agricultural production.
  • 這個特別工作組將探討各種途經來降低貧窮國家的糧食成本,增加農業生產。
    The group will explore ways to bring down the cost of food and increase agricultural production in poor countries.
  • 我們需要聯手行動起來,增加農業生產,提高農業生產率,加大工作力度改善銷售網絡,這樣人們才能獲得所需食品,確保食品安全。
    We need collective action to boost agricultural production and productivity and also efforts to improve distribution networks, so people have food security by getting access to the food they need.
  • 聯合國機構說這次會議將成為重新啟動反擊飢餓和貧困之戰,推進發展中國家的農業生產的一次「歷史性機遇」。
    The U.N. agency says the meeting will be a "historic chance" to re-launch the fight against hunger and poverty and boost agricultural production in developing countries.