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n. 烤肉;吃烤肉的野宴
vt. 燒烤;烤肉
Barbecue - 燒烤,燒烤,烤肉
Mongolian barbecue - 蒙古烤肉,蒙古烤肉,唱片名
human barbecue - 人肉燒烤,唱片名
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戶外燒烤 / 烤架 / 燒烤
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烤肉, 燒烤
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  • 當我燒烤的時候我燙到自己了。
    B.I burned myself while I was cooking on the barbecue.
  • 我跟朋友去海灘玩了,還在那兒吃了燒烤。
    I went to the beach with my friends and had a barbecue there.
  • 中午,我們都進行了可口的午餐,然後由燒烤晚餐。
    At noon, we all had a delicious lunch followed by a barbecue for dinner.
  • 晚上,我去了巴西燒烤吃晚飯。這個「十一」我很開心。
    In the evening, I went to Brazil barbecue supper.
  • 他們去了燒烤,而不是留在家裡。
    They went for a barbecue at home.
  • 今天對我們的燒烤是個好日子。
    Today is a good day for our barbecue.
  • 這是我在美國學的一種烤玉米的方法。
    Here's a way of barbecuing corn-on-the-cob that I learned in the States.
  • 我爸爸在烤肉時做了漢堡。
    My dad cooked hamburgers at the barbecue.
  • 銀行家穿上圍裙,就成了專業的燒烤廚師。
    Bankers don aprons and become expert barbecue chefs.
  • 星期天他們在院子裡進行燒烤。
    They had a barbecue on their patio on sunday.
  • 它的意思是:我們可以在這裡燒烤。
    It means: We can have a barbecue here.
  • 我們邀請了所有的鄰居參加燒烤野餐。
    We've invited all the neighbours to a barbecue.
  • 好的,我想要一客燒烤汁牛排。
    Yes, I'll have a steak with barbecue sauce.
  • 把肉放在烤肉架上烤五分鐘。
    Barbecue the meat for five minutes.
  • 理查德和莫里斯開了一家燒烤麥當勞器在1940年在該市的聖貝納迪諾,加利福尼亞州。
    Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a barbecue drive-in in1940 in the city of San Bernardino, California.
  • 這次放假我們去燒烤了。
    We had a barbecue for the holiday.
  • 讓我們去超市為燒烤買食品和飲料。
    Let's go to the supermarket to buy the food and drinks for the barbecue.
  • 我喜歡吃韓國燒烤,很好吃!
    I like eat Korea's barbecue, is very good!
  • 香腸和牛肉餅在烤架上噝噝作響。
    The sausages and burgers sizzled on the barbecue.
  • 韓國人喜歡吃泡菜和烤肉。
    Korean like to eat kimchi and barbecue.
  • 我聽說你們去沙灘燒烤了。
    I heard you had a barbecue down at the beach.
  • 正在燒烤台上忙活的廚師抬起頭來;他的臉上直冒汗。
    The chef at the barbecue looked up from his labours; he was sweating.
  • 牛肉燒烤可是棒極了。
    The beef barbecue is terrific!
  • 昨晚我參加了一次海灘烤肉宴會。
    I went to a barbecue on the beach last night.
  • 通過開關氣閥來調節燒烤架的溫度。
    Adjust the heat of the barbecue by opening and closing the air vents.
  • 最流行用來燒烤的食物是香腸,牛排,魚和蒜香麵包。
    The most popular foods to barbecue are sausages, steaks, fish and garlic bread.
  • 星期天,我和我的哥哥姐姐們到野外燒烤,我們玩的非常開心相關的內容。
    On Sunday, I and my brothers and sisters to barbecue, we had a very good time.
  • 我喜歡燒烤。
    I love to barbecue.
  • 我很想吃(燒烤),但我正在節食。
    I'd love to ( have barbecue), but I'm on a diet.