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v. 煮(boil的過去式和過去分詞)
adj. 煮沸的,煮熟的
Boiled - 水煮,煮沸,煮的
Boiled fish - 白煮魚,水煮魚,煮魚
Boiled cabbage - 開水白菜,白灼白菜,白灼菜心
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煮沸的 / 煮熟的
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喝醉的; 煮熟的; 煮沸的
沸騰, 滾, 開; 翻滾, 起泡; 煮熟; 激動, 激昂; 煮沸, 燒開; 使激動, 使發怒; 烹煮
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  • 我們就煮了我的兒子吃了。
    So we boiled my son and ate him.
  • 我吃清蒸魚,煮蔬菜和一些牛奶。
    I had steamed fish, rice, boiled vegetables and some milk.
  • 我怒不可遏。
    My blood boiled with me.
  • 由於自己的過錯比賽失敗,傑克很生氣。
    Jack boiled when his own mistake lost the game.
  • 這些雞蛋煮得太嫩了。
    These eggs boiled too tender.
  • 柴雞蛋和籠養雞蛋在煮過4分鐘之後很難區分。
    Free range and battery eggs, boiled for four minutes, were hard to tell apart.
  • 蒸熟的米飯,和青蔥、碎豬肉和小蝦混合,很快地和雞蛋炒到一起。
    Boiled rice mixed with scallions and minced pork or shrimp and quickly scrambled with eggs.
  • 我要一份菠蘿汁、一個煮雞蛋和烤麵包,還有茶。
    I'll have a pineapple juice, a boiled egg with toast and tea, please.
  • 她煮了兩個雞蛋。
    She boiled two eggs.
  • 洋蔥可以煮一下打成糊。
    Onions can be boiled and pulped to a puree.
  • 各種資料與建議縮短為極簡單的要點。
    The information and advice are boiled down to bare essentials.
  • 壺裡是開水。
    There's boiled water in the pot.
  • 水很快就煮開了。
    The water boiled up very quickly.
  • 我最喜歡的就是水餃了,我認為它們很好吃。
    I like boiled dumplings best. I think they are very delicious.
  • 湯煮過後就濃了。
    Soup condenses when boiled.
  • 水開後,鍋蓋被頂了起來。
    When the water boiled, the lid of the pan blew off.
  • 對於馬爾科姆來說,工作歸根結底就是要取得好的業績。
    For Malcolm work could always be boiled down to one idea: being good in business.
  • 多年的厭惡之情終於爆發,雙方拳腳相加。
    Years of dislike boiled over and blows were exchanged.
  • 這裡有開水,渴了請隨便喝。
    Here's some boiled water. Have a drink whenever you're thirsty.
  • 我煮了些土豆做飯。
    I boiled some potatoes for dinner.
  • 如果給嬰兒喝果汁,要用涼開水充分稀釋。
    If you give your baby juice, dilute it well with cooled, boiled water
  • 這是我煮了牛奶的鍋。
    This is the pan in which I boiled the milk.
  • 牛奶煮沸了,都溢出來了。
    The milk has boiled over.
  • 我早飯可能吃煎(煮)雞蛋和烤麵包。
    I'll probably have fried ( boiled) eggs and toast for breakfast.
  • 他將馬鈴薯煮了20分鐘。
    He boiled the potatoes for20 minutes.
  • 雞肉和青蒜一起煮成的湯。
    Soup made from chicken boiled with leeks.
  • 粗棉布和羊毛氈,煮過的法蘭絨。
    Rough cotton and felted wool, boiled flannel.
  • 每過20分鐘檢查一下以防水燒乾。
    Check every 20 minutes that the water has not boiled away.
  • 將鹽溶解在少許開水中。
    Dissolve the salt in a little boiled water.
  • 壺裡的水全部燒乾,壺也燒壞了。
    All the water boiled away and the kettle was ruined.