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n. 早餐;早飯
vt. 為…供應早餐
vi. 吃早餐
Breakfast - 早餐,早飯,早餐
eat breakfast - 吃早飯,吃早餐,正在翻譯
Continental Breakfast - 歐陸式早餐,歐式早餐,大陸式早餐
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吃早餐; 為...供應早餐
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  • 給他吃早餐吧!
    Give him his breakfast!
  • 早上九點,她去做早飯,之後又回到地里直到中午。
    At nine, she makes breakfast, returning to the fields until noon.
  • 通過一種新的激光束,科學家看一下你的頭髮,就能知道你早餐吃了什麼。
    A new laser can tell scientists what you ate for breakfast - just by looking at one of your hairs.
  • 一天早晨,他們邀請我下樓,到前門廊上和他們的朋友兼鄰居吉恩.麥卡錫參議員一起吃早餐。
    One morning they invited me down to breakfast on the front porch with their friend and neighbor Senator Gene McCarthy.
  • 早飯後,他讀了各種報紙。
    After breakfast he perused the newspapers.
  • 一切都是從那個早餐托盤開始的,我媽把它作為結婚禮物送給我們。
    It all started with the breakfast tray my mother gave us as a wedding gift.
  • 以有益健康的早餐開始每一天。
    Start every day with a wholesome breakfast.
  • 用牛奶而非水沖燕麥片做你的早餐;
    Make your breakfast oatmeal with milk instead of water.
  • 傑克起床下樓了,讓我們吃早飯吧。
    Jack is down. Let's have our breakfast.
  • 雖然這是他們首次嘗試經營一家餐館,但當地一家雜誌認為它已成為早餐最佳去處之一。
    It was their first attempt at running a restaurant, but a local magazine named it one of the best places for breakfast.
  • 早餐是一天之中最為重要的一餐,因為它為人體一整天的消耗提供體力。
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it fuels you for the entire day.
  • 他的早餐經常是一天中唯一的一餐。
    And often his breakfast was his only meal.
  • 現在只有三分之一的英國人在廚房�吃早餐。
    Only a third of us now eat breakfast in the kitchen.
  • 從早飯開始,在左面一欄列出你吃的每一樣食物、飲料和零食。
    Beginning with breakfast, list every food, drink, and snack you consume in the left column.
  • 早餐有香檳嗎——為什麼不?
    Champagne with breakfast? – Why not?
  • 早飯後請把你們的床鋪整理好。
    Please make your beds after breakfast.
  • 嗨,早飯怎麼樣?
    Hey, what about breakfast?
  • 你想要現在吃早餐嗎?
    Would you like breakfast now?
  • 一個床和早餐就可以滿足你。
    A bed and breakfast might be for you.
  • 我是你們的媽媽,我在為你們準備早餐。
    I am your mother and am preparing breakfast for you.
  • 它的一名同志搶過我的早餐蛋糕。
    One of his comrades grabbed the breakfast cake.
  • 你已經吃過早飯了嗎?
    Have you had your breakfast already?
  • 他狼吞虎咽地吃了早飯上學去了。
    He wolfed down his breakfast and went to school.
  • 然後給大使和他的夫人準備早餐。
    Then I prepare breakfast for the ambassador and his wife.
  • 當你們一起吃早餐的時候,情況怎麼樣?
    When you eat breakfast together, how does it go?