have criticisms

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 我有一些小意見。
    I have a few small criticisms to make.
  • 行政訴訟所具有的中立解決糾紛、促進社會進步等職能受到普遍質疑,通過法院實施個人法律權利的法律文化以及由此而生的經典司法模式成為眾矢之的。
    The administrative proceedings 'functions of solving disputes neutrally and promoting social improvement have been questioned generally, the legal culture to achieve individual rights through courts and the classical judicial mode out of it have been the target of widespread criticisms.
  • 我國的學術界對此也做了大量的研究,提出了一些很有價值的建議和意見,在實踐中也做了積極的嘗試。
    We have done a lot of research and made some valuable suggestions and criticisms from practice, I have also made positive attempts.
  • 顯然,已經採取了一些重要步驟解決了圍繞以前Java開發的一些問題。
    Clearly, major steps have been taken to addresses most of the criticisms surrounding past Java development.
  • 關於此議案,有很多來自不同方面的批評。
    There have been criticisms from a bunch of different directions about this bill.
  • 我對你的計劃有兩條批評意見。
    I have two criticisms of your plan.
  • 對於這樣的客人,相信酒店是相當歡迎的,正是因為有了他們,酒店的品質才能無止盡的提升。
    We believe that hotels must be happy they can have guests like Tian, whose kind criticisms help them to improve.
  • 一些退休後為美國電視新聞節目做顧問的將軍也做出了相似的批評。
    Some retired generals now advising American television news shows have made similar criticisms.
  • 如果你有什麼主意、建議、想法、批評、或者問題,我們希望與您交流關於我們的程序。
    If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms, or questions, we would love to hear from you about our programs!
  • 我們必須向民眾解釋我們的目標、政策和決定,並且回應公眾的提問和批評。
    We have to tell the community what we want to achieve. We have to explain our policies and decisions. We have to answer questions and address criticisms.
  • 但迄今為止讚美之詞多於批評之聲。
    But we have heard of more praises than criticisms.
  • 下院議員已被勒令在競選階段對政府政策提出批評時調子要緩和一些。
    MPs have been ordered to tone down their criticisms of government policy in the run-up to the election.
  • 農村中也要先讓農民「鳴放」,即提意見,發議論。
    In the countryside, let the peasants too have the "free airing of views" first, that is, make criticisms and comments.
  • 評論家運用不同的文學批評理論來解讀這部小說,取得了很多成果。
    The critics have applied various criticisms to interpret the novel and acquired many achievements.
  • 很多學者和研究人員都曾對這種離格英語進行了批判。
    Many scholars and researchers have made incisive criticisms of such deviant English.
  • 他將不得不面對反對派對他實行的種族隔離政策的批評。
    He will have to face the music of his opponent's criticisms of apartheid.
  • 很多頂尖商學院面臨同樣的批評,大多數採取了類似的解決方案,但執行課程改革的方法極少雷同。
    While many top business schools have faced the same criticisms and most of them have opted for similar solutions, there is little uniformity in their approach for implementing curriculum changes.
  • 我們不用冒什麼風險,帶着高高在上的優越感來對他人的工作和名譽評頭論足。我們從否定批評中來取悅讀者,贏得自己的名譽。
    We risk us little and we have pleasure evaluating with superiority the ones that submit us your work and reputation we win fame with negative criticisms which are fun of write and to read.
  • 這一部分將要對那些已經產生的,或者將要產生的幾種批判進行概述,並提出針對那些批判主義的回應。
    This Part will offer an overview of some of the criticisms which have been brought, or could have been brought, as well as the responses that might be made to those criticisms.
  • 筆者擬對輸入理論近二十年的批評與發展作一綜述,主要介紹了Krashen的輸入理論、Long的互動假設、Swain的輸出假設以及其對二語教學的啟示。
    Arguably, two notions have displaced the Input Hypothesis over the years: Michael Long's Interaction Hypothesis and Merrill Swain's Output Hypothesis. This paper reviews the criticisms and development of Input Hypothesis and the implication in foreign language teaching.
  • 我們正視市民對施政的批評,積極響應市民的訴求。
    We have taken heed of public criticisms of our governance and responded quickly to the aspirations of people.