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n. 歡樂,快樂;樂趣;高興
vt. 高興,使快樂
vi. 欣喜,歡喜
Joy - 喬伊,歡樂,快樂
Joy Davidman - 海倫·喬依·戴維德曼
Joy farm - 歡樂農場中文無敵版
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高興, 欣喜; 使快樂, 令人高興
歡喜, 高興, 樂事
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  • 他高興得心兒在唱歌。
    His heart sang for joy.
  • 孩子們歡蹦亂跳地簇擁着解放軍進了村。
    Dancing and skipping with joy, the children followed the PLA men to the village.
  • 快把這消息告訴你爺爺,叫他老人家也高興高興。
    Tell Grandpa the good news so that he can share our joy.
  • 再見到他是多麼高興、多麼歡欣、多麼美妙的事啊!
    What joy, what rapture, what glory to see him again!
  • 她眼裡含着喜悅的淚花。
    There are tears of joy in her eyes.
  • 人們的臉上洋溢着無盡的歡樂。
    There was unrestrained joy on the faces of the people
  • 索爾特欣喜地叫喊着。
    Salter shouted with joy.
  • 她為他枯燥無味的生活帶來了從未有過的樂趣。
    She had given him the only joy his arid life had ever known.
  • 鑽研烹飪之道是永無止境的,這也是當廚師的樂趣之一。
    One can never learn all there is to know about cooking, and that is one of the joys of being a chef
  • 這輛自行車很快就成了他的驕傲。
    The bike soon became his pride and joy.
  • 她用音樂給無數的人帶來歡樂。
    She brought joy to countless people through her music
  • 她欣喜若狂。
    She went mad with joy.
  • 他臉上顯出很高興的樣子。
    His face expressed great joy.
  • 他開心極了。
    His joy was immense.
  • 看到她氣色這麼好真叫人高興。
    It was a joy to see her looking so well.
  • 驚異和喜悅交織在一起。
    Joy mingled with surprise.
  • 他們對投票本身不抱任何希望。
    They expect no joy from the vote itself
  • 房間裡洋溢着發自內心的快樂。
    There was genuine joy in this room
  • 我欣喜若狂。
    I was delirious with joy.
  • 如果你沒得到任何結果,請和本地議員聯繫。
    If you don't get any joy, get in touch with your local councillor.
  • 歡樂擁上他的心頭。
    Joy welled up in his heart.
  • 這消息使我感到一陣喜悅。
    The news sent a thrill of joy to my heart.
  • 這太有趣了,真的把我高興壞了。
    It was a joy to see. It really made my day.
  • 這些花兒給他以很大生趣。
    The flowers give him great joy of life.
  • 得知這個消息,他高興得手舞足蹈。
    He jumped for joy on being told the news.
  • 格雷戈里仍為香農的朝氣、快樂和美麗着迷。
    Gregory was still enchanted with Shannon's youth and joy and beauty
  • 他們聽到這事都高興得叫了起來。
    They all shouted for [ with] joy when they heard it.
  • 她的3個孩子給她帶來了快樂。
    Her three children brought her joy.
  • 由於創作的樂趣,我感到滿足和歡欣。
    I was full and effervescing with joy of creation.