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n. 明白;平坦;正直;平坦度
plainness - 平坦,平易,平整度
whole plainness - 全局平坦化,全局平坦化
But Plainness - 而樸實
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清楚, 明白; 率直, 坦率; 樸素, 儉樸
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  • 平易恬淡是氣候、是濕度、是溫度、是土壤,在適當的氣溫及濕度、季節與土壤中種子才會發芽,然後逐漸長大。
    Plainness and indifference are climate, humidity, temperature and soil in which seeds can germinate and grow in suitable conditions.
  • 他是一個直率的人。
    He is a man of plainness .
  • 上帝對待每一個生命平等的---他對每一個人都很平坦,但他也給大家帶來很多不好,所以無論什麼事情它可以發生在任何人身上。
    The God treats every life equal---he sends the plainness to us , but he brings everyone the roughness , either . So no matter what it can happen to anyone.
  • 老子希望人們「見素抱樸,少私寡慾」,即減損欲望,過一種儉樸的生活。
    Lao Tzu expected people to "manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, and hold few desires", i. e. , to detract from lusts for a thrifty and simple life.
  • 堅定的信心,能使平凡的人們做出心人的事業。
    Strong resolution makes a great cause out of plainness.
  • 少許點綴,就打破平淡。
    A little ornament can break the plainness.
  • 他們的聰明才智皆是來自於老子所說的朴,他們將經營管理的才、判斷的才、遠見的才、果斷力的才、知人善用的才等;
    Their wits are from what Laotse said plainness . From plainness they separated the ability of management, judgment, far-sight, determination and awareness of people.
  • 按「一」、朴的說法,應該是任何帶領你到涅槃境、促使你成佛的法子都可以稱為善法,都可以稱之謂阿耨多羅三藐三菩提。
    In terms of "One" and plainness , any way to lead you to Nirvana or make you become Buddha is the best and is called supreme correct enlightenment.
  • 如果按照平均年薪2.5萬英磅來算,由長相而導致的收入差別一年可達2500英鎊——每周約50英鎊。
    Applied to the average salary of ?25, 000, the 'plainness penalty' would make a difference of ?2, 500 a year - or around ?50 a week.
  • 目的:研究慢性平坦糜爛性胃炎中醫分型及其與幽門螺桿菌感染的關係。
    Objective:To study the rule of TCM determination syndrome type of chronic plainness erosive gastritis(CPEG)and the relationship between TCM syndrome type and Helicobater pylori(H.
  • 這些房子很難看,使許多潛在的買主望而卻步。
    The plainness of these houses discourages many prospective buyers.
  • 「道」應該是經由禪修、打坐、默想、以及過着樸素無華的簡單生活等情況下,由自性中自然升起而成的。
    It should emerge naturally from self-nature via practice of Zen, meditation, sitting and life of simplicity and plainness .
  • 儘管生活很平淡,她的幽默感還是沒變。
    She preserves her sense of humor from the plainness of life itself.
  • 飛行導航、大比例尺地圖更新需採用平坦小區域中高分辨率線陣推掃式衛星遙感影像。
    Navigation and computer-aid cartography need linear array push-broom middle or high resolution images on the plainness and small areas.
  • 簡單的生命是一種單純,在其中,利益被拋開,機智被捨棄,自私被丟除,欲望被減少。
    A simple life is one of plainness , in which profit is discarded, cleverness abandoned, selfishness eliminated, and desires reduced.
  • 這個精靈,流傳數千年,有着孩童的純真可愛,女人的柔眉甜美,男人的拙樸厚重。
    This little eidolon , coming down from thousands of years ago, has the innocence and loveliness of children, the gentleness and sweetness of women, and the plainness and depth of men.
  • 本分而簡單,就像未及書寫的白紙,有一種難以言語的質樸。
    But the duty is simple, does not look like and the written white paper, has one kind of with difficulty spoken language plainness.
  • 其風格於時尚中見質樸,於質樸中顯高雅,於高雅中彰奔放。
    Its style sees plainly in the fashion, reveals loftily in the plainness, in loftiness clear bold.
  • 我們既有這樣的盼望,就大膽講說
    Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech
  • 結果表明,在平坦小區域採用各種算法均能夠達到子像元精度。
    Experiments results show that these algorithms can reach sub-pixel accuracy for the images of the plainness and small areas.
  • 拒絕任何多餘裝飾和對經典審美的顛覆,使懷有簡約情感的人們體會到一種迷戀。
    Refusing any surplus decoration classic beauty appreciation may make people with plainness emotion realize a kind of addiction.
  • 這小屋子裡有一種高雅的樸素。
    There was an elegant plainness in this small house.
  • 當代中國的大眾文化兼具雙重性,既有淺表化和娛樂化的現象,也有內在的人文精神。
    The popular culture of contemporary China possesses double natures: one is its plainness and entertaining function, the other is its inherent humanistic spirit.
  • 每個學生都有自己的不同特點——友善或拘謹,長相平平或漂亮撫媚。老師不應該歧視中間任何人。
    Every student has his or her characteristic qualities such as friendliness or reserve plainness or charm… A teacher should not be prejudiced against any of them.
  • 這個房間的風格表明了他對美與質樸的憧憬。
    The room's style exemplifies his ideal of beauty and plainness.
  • 現代應用寫作理論強調應用文語言的準確性、簡明性和平實性,而忽視其生動性。
    The present theory on applied writing puts emphasis on its accuracy, conciseness and plainness, but neglects its vividness.
  • 「道」應該是經由禪修、打坐、默想、以及過著樸素無華的簡單生活等情況下,由自性中自然升起而成的。
    It should emerge naturally from self-nature via practice of Zen, meditation, sitting and life of simplicity and plainness.
  • 「是的,先生。」這是我的習慣——向來的習慣,完全是直覺—一簡問簡答,直問直說。
    I am, sir. It is my way -- it always was my way, by instinct -- ever to meet the brief with brevity, the direct with plainness.
  • 我要永遠保持農家子弟的風範,勤勞、質樸、厚道、真誠真心對人,無怨無悔。
    I am determined to keep the good styles and personalities of a farmer, such as diligence, plainness and sincerity.