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n. 還原至預備姿勢
vt. 恢復;彌補;重新獲得
vi. 恢復;勝訴;重新得球
n. (Recover)人名;(西)雷科韋爾
recover - 恢復,彌補,重新獲得
recover oneself - 恢復正常,恢復健康,清醒過來
recover possession - 收回管有
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重新獲得, 使改過, 恢復; 恢復健康; 恢復; 恢復原狀; 勝訴
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  • 他們將積極討回債款。
    They will take vigorous action to recover the debts.
  • 喪妻之痛令我徹底崩潰,幾個月之後才恢復過來。
    The loss of my wife hit me for six; it took me months to recover
  • 股市指數下跌了80%後才開始反彈。
    The stock-market index fell by 80% before it began to recover.
  • 你別愁,病人很快會好的。
    Don't worry. The patient will soon recover.
  • 我現在全身酸痛——希望明天比賽時能恢復過來。
    I'm stiff all over right now — I hope I can recover for tomorrow's race.
  • 他的膝傷正在康復。
    He is recovering from a knee injury
  • 單是英國的市場還不足以讓他們收回生產成本。
    The British market alone was not large enough to recover their costs of production.
  • 她再也沒能恢復意識。
    She never recovered consciousness.
  • 正在進行訴訟以收回那筆錢。
    Legal action is being taken to try to recover the money
  • 他們開始從痛苦的夢魘中慢慢恢復過來。
    They began to recover slowly from their nightmare of pain and suffering
  • 她的哮喘病嚴重發作,一個小時後呼吸才恢復正常。
    She had a severe attack of asthma and it took an hour to recover her breath
  • 感染病毒的他已徹底康復了。
    He is fully recovered from the virus.
  • 馬克過了一會兒才恢復鎮靜。
    It took a moment for Mark to recover his poise.
  • 她回家養病來了。
    She returned to her family home to recover from an illness.
  • 我們唯有希望這些大象能夠康復。
    We can only hope that the elephants can recover.
  • 我過了很久才完全康復。
    It took me years to fully recover
  • 如果議會想要恢復常態的話,這種狀態就不會持續太久。
    This state of affairs cannot continue for too long, if parliament is to recover
  • 你吃什麼靈丹妙藥,好得這樣快?
    What magic drug have you taken to recover so quickly?
  • 應該有明顯跡象表明經濟開始復甦了。
    There should be some tangible evidence that the economy is starting to recover
  • 她乘坐的飛機出了故障,18個小時後她才到達那裡。之後她花了3天時間才完全恢復過來。
    Her plane broke down and it was 18 hours before she got there. It took her three days to recover.
  • 一名警員昨夜被刺傷之後入院進行康復治療。
    A policeman was recovering in hospital last night after being stabbed
  • 這些公司需要短暫休整才能恢復元氣。
    Firms need a breathing space if they are to recover
  • 他為了撈本又去賭博。
    To recover his losses, he gambled again.
  • 有一小會兒他看上去有些遲疑不定,之後又恢復了鎮定。
    For a minute he looked uncertain, and then recovered his composure
  • 我誠懇地盼望你早日康復。
    I sincerely hope you will soon recover.
  • 我們正在就追回該款項所需的法律程序諮詢律師。
    We are taking advice on legal steps to recover the money
  • 打撈海底殘骸這一浩大工程持續了三周。
    For three weeks a big operation went on to recover the wreckage from the sea bed.
  • 他在2比4落後的情況下實現逆轉闖進1/4決賽。
    He recovered from a 4-2 deficit to reach the quarter-finals
  • 救援隊從瓦礫中挖出了更多屍體。
    Rescue teams recovered more bodies from the rubble.