treatment option

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treatment option - 治療方案,待遇期權,處理方案
comparable treatment option - 可比較治療選擇項目
stock option accounting treatment - 股票期權會計處理
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  • 而且現在還沒有針對這些孩子的治療方法,這是露比給父母們的意見——尤其是那些有像卡莉這樣的孩子的父母。
    And while there is no one treatment option for these children at this point, Luby offers this advice to parents -- especially parents who have a child like Callie.
  • 對很多患者而言,種植體支持的修復體也並不適宜。
    Implant retained prostheses may not be most suitable treatment option for many patients.
  • 外科手術常常是修復阿基里斯腱斷裂的最佳治療選擇。
    Surgery is often the best treatment option to repair an Achilles tendon rupture.
  • 目的總結高齡急性心肌梗死(AMI)的最佳治療方案。
    Objective To summarize the primary treatment option for acute myocardial infarction(AMI) in the aged.
  • 「對嚴重的膠原性結腸炎患者,」他總結說,「布地奈德可以作為一種有效的治療選擇推薦給他們。」
    "For patients with severe collagenous colitis, " he concluded, "budesonide can be recommended as an effective treatment option.
  • 對側的腎臟功能是正常的,且病患的醫療狀況、解剖構造、與習慣可以接受任何治療選擇。
    Contralateral kidney function was normal, and any treatment option was possible given the patient's medical condition, anatomy, and body habitus .
  • 結論NPPV對部分ALI/ARDS患者是有效的支持治療手段,尤其是ARDS早期的ALI階段可考慮選用NPPV。
    NPPV should be considered as a treatment option for patients with ALI/ARDS, especially in early phase of ALI/ARDS.
  • 所以,如果患者由於受到對奧司他韋具有耐藥性病毒的感染而病情嚴重或症狀惡化,仍可採用扎那米韋對其進行治療。
    Zanamivir remains a treatment option in symptomatic patients with severe or deteriorating illness due to oseltamivir-resistant virus.
  • 背景:肝移植是對其它方法不可治療的肝細胞癌(HCC)的一個公認的治療方法。
    BACKGROUND: Liver transplantation is an accepted treatment option for patients with otherwise untreatable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
  • 因此化療是此患者的合適治療選擇。
    Chemotherapy therefore represents the appropriate treatment option for this patient.
  • 關節內注射玻尿酸已被認為是膝退化性關節炎的有效治療方法之一。
    Viscosupplementation by intraarticular administration of exogenous hyaluronic acid has been a favorable treatment option to alleviate the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.
  • 這種治療為已別無選擇處於絕望中的患者提供了一種新的治療方法(和希望)。
    It provides a new treatment option for patients who previously had no options left.
  • 通過攻擊前列腺癌幹細胞樣的細胞,隆德大學的研究人員正在開展一項開發新治療方案的研究項目。
    By attacking stem cell-like cells in prostate cancer, researchers at Lund University are working on a project to develop a new treatment option.
  • 這種方法只需要去除一小部分牙體組織,在所有治療方案中,全瓷牙是對人體最無害的,但也是最昂貴的。
    This procedure often requires removing a small amount of tooth structure and is the most invasive, as well as the most expensive, treatment option.
  • 簡言之,如果你的孩子得了耳部感染,你一定要看看有沒有其他可以治療的手段。 如果是治療需要可以使用抗生素。
    In short, if you child has taken ill an ear infection, for example you need to explore each and every treatment option that is available today …including antibiotics, if appropriate.
  • 射頻消融術是一種可行的和有效的治療方案,如果你符合以下條件
    Radiofrequency ablation is a viable and effective treatment option if you
  • 結論:非水泥肱骨表面重建關節成形術是年齡較小需要活動患者的不錯治療選擇。
    Conclusions: Cementless humeral resurfacing arthroplasty is a viable treatment option for younger, active patients.
  • 新報告和摘要出版將有助於孩子們、父母們和他們的醫生共同努力,基於家庭價值、喜好和需求來找到最好的治療方案。
    This new report and these summary publications will help children, parents and their doctors work together to find the best treatment option based on the family's values, preferences and needs.
  • 抗凝治療是顱外段頸動脈夾層分離的最佳治療選擇嗎?。
    Is AnticoagulantTherapy the Best Treatment Option for Extracranial Carotid ArteryDissection?
  • 一個國立精神衛生所基金會對439名重度抑鬱的青少年臨床試驗發現藥物治療和心理療法的結合是最有效的治療選擇。
    An NIMH–funded clinical trial of 439 teens with major depression found that a combination of medication and psychotherapy was the most effective treatment option.
  • 結論: 這些結果表明, MACI為膝關節關節軟骨缺損提供了一個合適中期治療選項。
    CONCLUSION: These results suggest that MACI provides a suitable midterm treatment option for articular cartilage defects in the knee.
  • 本病例報告說明了有用的自體移植是一種可行的治療選擇與失蹤兒童恆牙。
    This case report illustrates the usefulness of autotransplantation as a viable treatment option in children with missing permanent teeth.
  • 一項NIMH注資的對439名重性抑鬱的青少年做的臨床試驗發現藥物與心理治療聯用是最有效的治療策略。
    An NIMH-funded clinical trial of 439 adolescents with major depression found that a combination of medication and psychotherapy was the most effective treatment option.27
  • 一項NIMH注資的對439名重性抑鬱的青少年做的臨床試驗發現藥物與心理治療聯用是最有效的治療策略。
    An NIMH–funded clinical trial of 439 adolescents with major depression found that a combination of medication and psychotherapy was the most effective treatment option.25Other
  • 兒童期的嬰兒痙攣嚴重,這一批准使這些患者和其父母有了治療上的選擇。
    Infantile spasms in children this young are very serious and this approval provides these patients and their parents a treatment option.
  • 我們將這種治療選擇與移植前透析(PTD)患者的腎臟移植作以比較。
    We compared this treatment option with kidney transplantation in patients with pretransplant dialysis (PTD).
  • 對於肝硬化或其它慢性病之病人,為保有良好之生活品質與減少術中或術後併發症,局部切除應為另一選擇之手術方法。
    In order to preserve quality of life, and lessen operative morbidity, a conservative local excision might be a treatment option for primary anorectal melanoma, particularly in debilitated patients.