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v. (財產、權利等)授予(vest的過去式和過去分詞);使穿衣服
adj. 既定的;穿着衣服(尤指祭服)的;(美)帶背心的(指西服套裝)
Vested - 有馬夾套裝,既定的,穿衣服
vested annuity - 既得年金
vested benefit - 既得給付,既有利益,則給付雇員應得的利益
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汗衫 / 背心 / 馬甲
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穿好衣服的; 既定的; 帶背心的
使穿衣服, 授予; 穿衣服, 歸屬
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  • 這些人都有既得利益;這有點像鄉村俱樂部。
    These guys all had vested interests; it was kind of a country club.
  • 我理解那些在綠化帶之內或附近擁有住房的居民的既得利益。
    I understand the vested interests of those with houses in or near the green belts.
  • 我們被授予了巨大的權力。
    There's an extraordinary amount of power vested in us.
  • 不要聽信這些既得利益者的詭辯。
    Do not listen to this sophistry by vested interests.
  • 讓這計劃失敗是和她本人利害攸關的。
    She had a vested interest in seeing the project fail.
  • 要對付世界各地的監管者和出租車公司既得利益將是代價高昂的。
    Taking on regulators and the vested interests of taxi companies around the world will be expensive.
  • 因為新西蘭人對這幕戲都很感興趣。
    Because people in new zealand, they have vested interest in all of this.
  • 根據上天和紐約州法律賦予我的權力。
    By the power vested in me by God and the state of new york.
  • 在證明公立學校好壞方面,行政部門不存在既得利益。
    The administration has no vested interest in proving whether public schools were good or bad.
  • 這些改革措施將會對既得利益者造成衝擊,尤其是地方政府和國有企業。
    Those reforms will adversely affect vested interests, particularly in local government and state-owned enterprises.
  • 要完成這些意味着同工會和其他既得利益者的對抗。
    To do all this means taking on trade unions and other vested interests.
  • 外國企業在保持市場開放和貿易流動方面有着既定利益。
    Foreign businesses have a vested interest in keeping markets open and trade flowing.
  • 它們往往只為那些有錢的地主們的既得利益和需要服務。
    They often merely serve the needs and vested interests of the wealthy landowners.
  • 我和那個需要證明我清白的人之間不斷惡化的關係。
    With the man vested with the responsibility of proving my innocence.
  • 投資銀行家們自己的既得利益不允許他們毀了自己的公司。
    Investment bankers themselves have a vested interest in not blowing up their firms.
  • 我們在這方面沒有既得利益。
    We have no vested interest in this respect.
  • 湯姆·潘恩在18世紀90年代教育平民激進分子時論述到,如果不是為了實現王公、外交官和士兵借發起戰爭而使自己富有的潛在利益,人類本會生活在和諧之中。
    In the 1790s Tom Paine taught plebeian radicals that mankind would live in harmony were it not for the vested interest which princes, diplomats and soldiers had in promoting wars to enrich themselves.
  • 只有那些在當前的體制中有既得利益的人才會忽略改革的必要性。
    Only those with vested interests in the current system could ignore the need for change
  • 「每個人都需要吃東西,並且這也是每個人都應有的既得利益。」他說。
    "Everyone eats, and everyone has a vested interest in this," he said.
  • 既得利益未受影響。
    Vested interests were left untouched.
  • 我們所有的人對繼續這遊戲都是既得利益者。
    We, all of us, have a vested interest in keeping the game going.
  • 他已授予這個委員會某種特定的權力。
    He has vested this committee with certain power.
  • 防止公共衛生政策受煙草業的商業和其它既得利益的影響;
    Protect public health policies from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry.
  • 在現代發達社會中,作為社會和政治媒介,大眾傳媒被賦予了很大的權力。
    The mass media have been vested with significant power as social and political agents in modern developed societies
  • 女性被賦予了所有權力,履行所有公共職責。
    All authority was vested in the woman, who discharged every kind of public duty
  • 但針對這些挑戰強大既得利益特權的改革,政治上的反對非常激烈。
    But there is fierce political opposition to these reforms, which challenge the privileges of powerful vested interests.
  • 既得利益、地方盜賊統治和賄賂在希臘政治格局中根深蒂固。
    The Greek political landscape is ingrained with vested interests, endemic kleptocracy and bribery.
  • 研究人員和立法人士均表示,為了踐行(包容性增長)這一理念,就需要限制既得利益集團,並促成各項法律的有效實施。
    To implement the concept will require restricting vested interest groups and effective law enforcement, researchers and legislators said.
  • 在美國所有聯邦立法權力都授予了國會。
    All federal legislative powers are vested in the Congress of the United States.
  • 勞動力和產品市場的法規還必須與最佳實踐、而非國家既得利益相一致。
    Labour and product market regulations have also to be aligned with best practice, not national vested interests.