would die

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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Would Die - 只有死
would rather die - 聖誕帽,大黑愛吃小筍尖
I Would Certainly Die - 我就會死去
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  • 我的父母會死。
    My parents would die.
  • 兩人相與為刎頸之交。
    The two are such devoted friends they would die for each other.
  • 他們估計在流行病結束之前會有17,000到20,000頭牛死去。
    They estimated that between 17,000 and 20,000 cows would die before the epidemic had run its course
  • 今晚他會與場上的你們同生死。
    And he would die to be out there on that field with you tonight.
  • 她父親和她的兄弟們會羞愧死。
    Her father and her brothers would die of shame
  • 他們很害怕詹姆斯會死——然而,有那麼幾個瞬間,他們幾乎是希望他會死。
    They were terrified James would die — yet there were moments when they almost wished he would
  • 他有一種強烈的預感,覺得自己會死。
    He had an unshakable premonition that he would die.
  • 沒有了我,所有的動物城市死去。
    Without me, all animals would die.
  • 我們不知道死了這麼多人。
    We didn't know so many would die.
  • 如果能終生從事音樂事業,我會死而無憾。
    I would die a very happy person if I could stay in music my whole life
  • 他立刻明白了這個很快就是的寡婦沒有領會到她的丈夫今天晚上會死。
    He had understood immediately that the soon-to-be widow did not comprehend that her husband would die this night.
  • 如果我除掉身上的共生體,我就死了。
    If I removed the symbiote in me, I would die.
  • 內拉往好里說會落下殘疾,往壞處說可能會生命不保。
    At best Nella would be an invalid; at worst she would die
  • 他寧願一死,也不肯叛國。
    He would die before betraying his country.
  • 我的朋友們會死。
    My friends would die.
  • 我願意為他們中的任何一個獻出生命。
    And I would die for any one of mine.
  • 如果你知道你今天將會死去。
    If you knew that you would die today.
  • 嫁給那個大腹便便的牛販子的胖兒子?她寧願去死!
    Marry that fat son of a fat cattle dealer? She would die first!
  • 她必須動手術,要不然就沒命了。
    She had to have the operation, or she would die.
  • 她覺得自己會死在遍地毒蛇的沙丘中。她說:「這簡直是人間地獄。」
    She believed she would die in the snake-infested sand dunes. She said: 'It was hell on earth'.
  • 她預言那人快要死了。
    She foretold that the man would die soon.
  • 你要是離開我的話,我會死的。
    If you ever left me, I would die.
  • 如果沒有空氣和水,所有的生物都要死亡。
    If there were no water and air, all living things would die.
  • 為什麼我們渴望的愛這麼多,甚至到了會為愛而死的地步?
    Why do we crave love so much, even to the point that we would die for it?
  • 沒有空氣我們就會死。
    We would die without air.
  • 這個男人會死得和我的女兒一樣慘。
    This man would die the same way, my daughter died.
  • 你會為了他們而死?
    You would die for them?
  • 你知道我現在哈死什麼了嗎?
    You know what I would die for right now?
  • 我的貓會死。
    My cat would die.
  • 有一次我給他看他的棺材,告訴他我們是怎樣都認為他活不長的。
    One time I showed him his casket, telling him how we all believed he would die.