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Not afraid of hardship
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Not afraid of hard
take the bull by the horns
through thick and thin
不畏艱難 - fearlessness of hardship,not fear difficulties,to defy hardship and danger; to take the bull by the horns
不畏艱難困苦 - through thick and thin
不畏艱難的拼搏精神 - Diligent spirit not fearing difficulty
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Not afraid of difficulties
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Defying tough
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Fearing neither hardship
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  • 工作積極主動,勤奮努力,不畏艱難,盡職盡責,在平凡的工作崗位上作出力所能及的貢獻。
    Proactive, hard working, not afraid of hard, due diligence, and contribute to the extraordinary job.
  • 我相信,憑藉人類與生俱來的發明創造能力和不畏艱難、堅忍不拔的品格,在我的有生之年裡我們將在所有這些領域都創造出可喜的成就。
    And I believe that through our natural inventiveness , creativity and willingness to solve tough problems, we're going to make some amazing achievements in all these areas in my lifetime.
  • 我相信,憑藉人類與生俱來的發明能力和不畏艱難、堅忍不拔的品格,在我的有生之年裡將在所有領域都出可喜的成就。
    And I believe that through our natural inventiveness , creativity and willingness to solve tough problems, we're going to make some amazing achievements in all these areas in my lifetime.
  • 他們不畏環境艱難,在田野間辛勤耕耘,為災難重建打拚,化不可能為可能。
    They tilled desert fields, helped with post-disaster reconstruction, plowed through winding trails and swamps to make the impossible possible;
  • 不畏艱難,曲而不折;
    She defies the difficulty, but the song is not bend;
  • 但是尾氣排放和安全性能雙雙達標並非輕而易舉。但是,將「與日俱進」奉為口號的長城汽車似乎是不畏艱難勇往直前的。
    And meeting emissions and safety standards will be no picnic. But Great Wall, with its slogan "improving little by little every day", seems undaunted.
  • 在今天我們來欣賞這首歌,我們能了解過去的歲月里的故事,不畏艱難困苦,同時也給我們克服困難的勇氣和希望。
    Today, when we come to appreciate this song, we understand the story over the past years, without fear of hardship, but also give us the courage to overcome difficulties and hope.
  • 不畏困難,做出艱難的決定,永遠不要回頭看,很快你就會走出經濟衰退,就像鳳凰涅盤一樣,變得更加敏捷和強大。
    Do the hard work, make the tough decisions, never look back and soon you will rise from the recession just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes - faster, sleeker, and more powerful.
  • 為了實現心中的夢想,不畏生活的艱難與世間的人情冷暖,只留下一路邁向成功的堅實足跡。
    To realize the dream in the heart, not the hardship that Wei lives and worldly favor changes in temperature, stay to march toward successful solid footmark all the way only.
  • 這些人物的共同點是在逆境中不畏艱難,敢於與命運抗爭。
    Their common point is that they are not afraid of difficulties and dare to fight against their fates in the most unfavorable conditions.
  • 只有不畏艱難、勤學苦練、勇於探索的文藝工作者,才能攀登上藝術的高峰。
    Only those writers and artists who defy difficulties, who study and practise diligently, and who dare to explore new ground can scale the artistic heights.
  • 我們應該不畏艱難,經營我們的事業到明年。
    We shall brave the tides and keep the business going until next year.
  • 其中有些動物正處於生存的嚴冬,多虧有些人不畏艱難地在種種不利條件下努力,它們才能繼續生存。
    Some are in the winter of their existence and endure only through the courageous efforts of a few people working against great odds.
  • 不管多麼險峻的高山,總是為不畏艱難的人留下一條攀登的路。
    No matter how high mountains, always leaving a climbing path for brave people.
  • 對付公牛得抓其角;不畏艱難
    Take the bull by the horns.
  • 他決定不畏艱難地要求加薪,雖然他可能因為這樣的舉止被炒魷魚。
    He decided to take the bull by the horns and demand a raise even though he might get fired.
  • 當你遇到的似乎全是失敗和挫折時,要不畏艱難地繼續幹下去是很難的。
    It's hard to soldier on when all you seem to meet is failure and defeat.
  • ⊙、不管多麼險峻的高山,總是為不畏艱難的人留下一條攀登的路。
    No matter how steep mountains, always leave a climbing Road as the horns of people.
  • SIFE是發動機,它富裕同學們創新創造和不畏艱難的力量;
    SIFE is an engine, empowering us to innovate, create and overcome all the difficulties.
  • 傑克的朋友總是嘲笑他的破英文。最後他不畏艱難地去找英文輔導中心改善他的英文。
    Jack's friends always make fun of his poor English. He finally took the bull by the horns and went to an English tutoring center to improve his English.
  • 陳其美那種不畏艱難、英勇奮鬥的精神永遠值得人們肯定、學習。
    Chen's spirit of fearing no hardship and striving bravely is worthy of positive appraisal and learning for ever.
  • 正是因為他這樣的堅持不懈,勤奮好學,不畏艱難,才使他成為一個有學問的人。
    It is precisely because he so persistent, diligent, brave, make him a learned man.
  • 多年以前,我們的先輩齊心協力,不畏艱難,建立了這個國家。
    Many years ago, our forefathers pulled together and worked hard to build this nation.