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[統計][數] bias
偏倚 - bias,systematic error,detection signal bias
引用偏倚 - citation bias
暴露懷疑偏倚 - exposure suspicion bias
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  • 對比方法的偏倚如下(虛線部分)。
    The bias of the comparison method is demonstrated( dotted line).
  • 在這樣的實驗中,科學家們隨機將患者分人治療或是對照組以消除臨床醫生或者是病人的選擇偏倚
    In such trials, scientists randomly assign patients to treatment or control groups with the aim of eliminating bias from clinician and patient decisions.
  • 導讀:可以使用CBRG推薦的評價標準分析偏倚風險,該列表包括11項具有內部效度的標準。
    Guide:Risk of bias was assessed using the criteria list advised by the CBRG, which consists of 11-items evaluating internal validity.
  • 研究中存在的這種偏倚可能產生假陰性結果。
    The consequences of this bias may be false-negative studies.
  • 問題在於,我們每個人對一個網站是好還是壞的感知,是受我們個人背景和行業特性的影響而有所偏倚的。
    The problem is that each of our perceptions of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a Website is, is skewed by our personal backgrounds and specialties within the industry.
  • 另外一個關於決定篩查價值的問題是,篩查導致領先時間偏倚(lead time bias)。
    Another problem with determining the value of screening is that it results in “lead time bias.”
  • 應用實驗室變量分析以修正由混雜變量所致的潛在偏倚
    Instrumental variable analysis was used to address potential biases associated with unmeasured confounding variables.
  • 例如,對高度主觀性的結果如疼痛,評價者可決定僅納入對受試者實施盲法以防止實施偏倚的研究。
    For example, for highly subjective outcomes such as pain, reviewers may decide to include only studies that prevent 'performance bias' by blinding participants.
  • 治療效應可能會出現較大的隨機波動從而導致偏倚的產生,特別是在試驗的早期。
    Bias may arise because large random fluctuations of the estimated treatment effect can occur, particularly early in the progress of a trial.
  • 系統評價被認為是當前提供治療性干預的最佳證據,但是由於無法全面獲得相關的資料,仍然不可避免地存在各種偏倚
    At present, the best evidences of prevention and treatment can be supplied by systematic reviews, but all kinds of bias are unavoidable if all the related studies can not be collected as required.
  • 這是因為我們試圖比較的是全部的固定負載和活動負載假體的臨床療效,而不希望由於選擇某種特定類型的假體造成偏倚
    The reason was that we intended to compare the overall clinical outcome of fixed-bearing and mobile-bearing prostheses without without being biased by the outcome of the use of specific types.
  • 對於Ritholtz來說,質疑黑色星期五初期銷售數據的有效性已成了每年的慣例.他在其博客上稱,黑色星期五銷售數據被"有偏倚的利益群體"吹捧,有"誇大之嫌".
    For Ritholtz, it has become an annual tradition to question the usefulness of early Black Friday sales figures.
  • 多元回歸分析是觀察性的,可能存在混淆偏倚的可能。
    A meta-regression analysis is observational in nature and may suffer from confounding bias.
  • 偏倚會影響系統評價結果的真實性,因此我們應當儘可能採取有效的措施來減少、控制、識別以及全面描述可能存在的各種偏倚
    The bias would diminish the validity of a systematic review, so we should try our best to take effective steps to reduce, control, identify and describe the possible bias.
  • 調查開始之前以及病症流行後期階段所經過的時間越長,則所產生的偏倚越大。
    The bias was greater the longer the period elapsed before the survey and in later stages of the epidemic.
  • 在進行真實性評價時,可根據分界點以上範圍內存在偏倚的危險度對研究加以分類。
    Assessments of validity would then categorise studies by the risk of bias within the range above the inclusion cut-point.
  • 很難估計該手術前的失控是否會對該研究造成潛在的偏倚
    It is difficult to assess whether the dropouts before surgery potentially incurred biases in this study.
  • 本研究的不足(局限)在於(由此產生的)醫生的偏倚有可能妨礙或延遲治療老年患者。
    A limitation of this study is that physician bias may have precluded or delayed initiation of treatment in older patients.