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Optimal benign
優良性 - superiority,optimal property
PPC優良性 - PPC superiority,ppc superiority
非負優良性 - nonnegative optimality
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Superior benign
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  • 最後,通過模擬計算分析,進一步說明了該網絡具備特有的優良性,從本質上講,隨機小波神經網絡是小波神經網絡的推廣。
    Finally, we demonstrate the networks have special advantages by simulations, stochastic wavelet neural networks can be considered as a generalisation of wavelet neural networks in essence.
  • 為了使控制系統能夠可靠的實行控制,就要保證控制系統設計的優良性
    In order to control the system reliably, there is a great necessary to design a good control system.
  • 在大型線性回歸分析中,由於設計矩陣的病態使得經典的最小二乘法失去了優良性
    The superiority of the classical least square method is lost due to the morbid of designed matrix in large-type linear regression analysis.
  • 不斷的技術創新,使“繁新”品牌處於人無我有,人有我良性狀態。
    Continuing technology innovation make our brand'fanxin' stay owning what others do not have and owning what better than others' .
  • 用一個理論模型顯示了這種方法的很大的壓縮效果和維數壓縮逼近的優良性
    An illustration with a theoretical model reveals the great compression power produced by this scheme , as well as the goodness of the approximations by dimensionality reduction.
  • 大米蛋白的品質優良性使其在糧穀類蛋白中脫穎而出,對其各方面的研究也在不斷深入。
    Featuring its unique properties, rice protein stands out primely among cereal proteins, therefore the thoroughgoing study on it has been conducting.
  • 試驗結果表明,該相變蓄熱裝置應用於空氣源熱泵機組冬季除霜性能的優良性
    The experimental results show that the air-source heat pump connected with the phase-change thermal storage equipment performs well.
  • 通過比較和分析幾個標準測試函數的計算結果,改進的粒子群算法的優良性得到充分的證明。
    By comparing and analyzing the results of several standard test functions, the excellent performance of PSO is proved.
  • 精品課程網站的開發理念,即精品課程課件的最終目的在於追求教學效果的優良性
    The development meaning of top-quality course website, so is the final motive of top-quality courseware, is to pursue the choiceness of teaching effect.
  • 在應用粒子群算法中,利用改進後的在線歸檔策略指導粒群體的進化,有效的提高了算法的優良性和收斂性。
    The on-line reasoning optimal shifting strategy was realized by means of Motorola single-chip computers characteristics and fuzzy control instructions.
  • 最後通過算例分析驗證了該方法在提高解的質量、參數估值的準確性和穩定性方面的優良性
    The numerical results demonstrate that the new method can improve the numerical stability and accuracy of parameter estimation.
  • 通過計算機模擬,驗證明了該算法的收斂性以及模型所建立的方法的優良性
    By simulated test of computer, convergency of this algorithm and superiority of the methods made through the model have been verified.
  • 圖像的邊界延拓我們採取周期延拓或對稱延拓方式,圖像壓縮的數字實驗驗證了算法的優良性
    We use period extension or symmetry extension in image processing. Our arithmetic has perfect properties that validated by numeric experiments in image compression.
  • 結果表明:乳酸鹽腹膜透析液具有優良性
    The results showed that the dialysis solution containing sodium lactate had better clinical effect.
  • 而高效能的公司則往往會創造出一種良性循環:它們業績出色,能者雲集,薪酬更高,且可為投資者帶來豐厚回報,還能開發更的產品。
    But productive companiestend to create a virtuous circle: they do well, attract talent, pay more, makeinvestors good returns, and can afford to launch better products.
  • 本文的實例分析證明了矩陣攝動法引入的必要性及其結果的優良性
    The numerical example shows that the matrix perturbation method is very effective.
  • 試驗證明,該系統充分發揮了DTMF的優良性,是一套低成本的電力線載波數據通信系統。
    Experiments proves that the system brings the excellent characteristic of DTMF into full play and it is a credible data communication system with lower cost.
  • 柞蠶複合絲是集天然蛋白纖維及其他纖維的優良性於一身的高級材料。
    The compound tussah silk is a premium grade material that has the high performance of the natural protein fiber and other fiber.
  • 公司採用了全套生產設備、檢測儀器從而有效的保證了每個產品的優良性
    The company has adopted complete set production equipment and testing instrument effectively guarantee each product optimal benign.