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Group buy
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Group purchase
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A bulk
group purchase;integrate purchase;group buying
團購 - Group buying,공동구매,Achat groupé
團購網 - Groupon,group buy,Customers
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Group buying
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Group Purchase
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  • 並非所有的人都認為團購和網上購物是省錢的最佳途徑。
    Not everyone thinks group-buying and shopping online is the best way to save money.
  • 據說,這家團購網站正在和谷歌洽談。
    The collective buying website is reportedly in talks with Google.
  • 最後,消費者也能有多種方式和所提供的服務互動,而不是僅僅每天收到一封團購優惠的電子郵件。
    Finally, consumers would have multiple ways to engage with the service vs. just a daily email.
  • 所以我加入了一個很好的網上團購網站。
    So I enjoyed a good shopping group online.
  • 他們提供的團購相當於根據人群的具體愛好和統計做出的高度定製。
    The offers they serve are more highly tailored for specific interests and demographics.
  • 我們推出了LivingSocial Instant以後,Groupon不久也推出了他們的即時團購服務(Groupon Now),它完全克隆了我們的LivingSocial Instant。
    So we launched livingsocial instant, and Groupon launched their clone of that later [ Groupon now].
  • 團購網站Groupon最近收購了從事社會旅行研究的初創公司Uptake。
    Groupon acquired the social Travel Research startup uptake.
  • 已經採用了營銷推文的合作公司包括戴爾(Dell)、Groupon、捷藍航空(JetBlue)、團購網站LivingSocial和微軟的Xbox。
    Partners include Dell, Groupon, JetBlue, livingsocial, and Microsoft Xbox.
  • JiWire現在正將Groupon提供的團購交易信息加入這些基於位置的移動廣告。
    The company is adding Groupon deals to its location-based mobile ads.
  • 幾乎就在同一時期,團購的大衰退開始了,儘管當時Groupon已經宣布公司即將上市。
    Almost immediately, the backlash ensued, even as Groupon announced that it would go public.
  • 團購網站Groupon等公司雖然增長迅速,但虧損嚴重。
    Some, like Groupon ( grpn), went public with fast growth but big losses.
  • 去年,團購網站Groupon啟動首次公開募股,安德魯•梅森又將其提升到了一個可笑的新高度。
    Andrew Mason raised it to absurd new heights when Groupon ( grpn) launched its IPO last year.
  • 是的,便宜的貨源是很重要的,我們可以通過團購讓辦公用品的供應商提供更為低廉的價格。
    Yes, cheaper sources are important, we can get much cheaper prices on office suppliers through group purchasing.
  • 此外,昔日的垃圾郵件製作者還在利用團購網站Groupon等在線優惠券服務。
    Erstwhile spammers are also making use of online-coupon services such as Groupon ( grpn).
  • 兩年前,社交定位網站FourSquare和團購網站Groupon這樣的公司還籍籍無名,如今基本上已成了家喻戶曉的品牌。
    Barely known two years ago, companies like foursquare and Groupon are now practically household names.
  • 主會場和分會場的銷售額,以及團購項目的銷售額都創下了歷史新高。
    Sales volumes at the main venue, branch venue, and from the group buying program reached all-time highs.
  • 幾個月來備受質疑和指責的團購網站Groupon終於做了件讓投資者高興的事。
    After months of skepticism and criticism, daily deal company Groupon apparently did something to excite investors.
  • 其結果是,Groupon,LivingSocial公司(美國第二大團購網站&譯註)及其他公司能融到數額驚人的資本。
    As a result, Groupon, livingsocial and others have been able to raise monstrous amounts of capital.
  • 她說她絕對不會再團購了。
    She says she will never shop this way again.
  • 對中國購買團來說,團購將會保證較低的價格和較高的產品質量;
    Group purchase would ensure a relatively lower price and higher quality of various products for Chinese buyers;
  • 本文具體分析了團購網站存在的問題,並提出了規範團購網站發展的建議。
    This paper analyzes the problems existing in group purchase websites, and puts forward some suggestions on promoting group purchase websites criterion development.
  • 正是這些人讓安德魯·梅森在團購網站Groupon首次公開募股之前將所有股票套現。
    And who let Andrew Mason cash out all of that Groupon ( grpn) stock pre-IPO.
  • 是的,我是去年正式辭職下來運作合肥團購網的。
    Yes, I was last year formal abdication comes down to run Hefei group to buy a network.
  • 這與社交遊戲巨子Zynga公司和團購網站Groupon公司截然相反,這兩家公司都在文件中明確註明了出售股份的數額和賣方。
    This is in stark contrast to the Zynga ( ZnGa) and Groupon ( grpn) registration docs, which explicitly spelled out how much had been sold and by whom.
  • 像Groupon和LivingSocial這類團購網站經常會推出「每日特惠」的整容手術。
    Websites such as Groupon ( grpn) and livingsocial regularly offer "deals-of-the day" for cosmetic procedures.
  • 比方說,團購網站Groupon就在IPO流程中被SEC要求重新報告收入。
    Groupon, for instance, during its IPO process was forced by the SEC to restate its revenue.
  • 問問團購網站Groupon或社交遊戲公司Zynga公司吧,它們都知道箇中滋味。
    Just ask Groupon ( grpn) or Zynga ( ZnGa).
  • 對這一課題的研究,希望能為團購企業提供一定的參考。
    I hope the research I made on this subject could offer some reference to the on-line group purchasing enterprises.