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Good shape
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Good figure
good shape
good build
nice figure
good figure
好身材 - Nice Body,Good figure,Good build
秀出好身材 - How to look good naked
擁有好身材 - Gettingm Shape
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Good shape
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Good Build
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  • 事實上,無論是懷孕中還是分娩後,好身材都是一筆巨大的資產。
    In fact good fitness will be a huge asset during and after delivery.
  • 科威爾現在的好身材是他嚴格堅持自律的結果,他這樣做是為了不服從醫學權威的建議並固執己見。
    Kewell's trim-line figure today is the consequence of the strict regime he has maintained to allow him to defy expert medical opinion and continue rattling opposition defences.
  • 法國女性似乎樣樣不缺,她們有一群孩子,有一份工作,還有一副令人羨慕的好身材
    French women seem to have it all: multiple children, a job and, often, a figure to envy.
  • 規律的運動和低脂的飲食可以讓你保持好身材
    Regular exercise and low-fat food can help you keep in shape/ stay fit.
  • 穿成這樣也太對不住你的好身材了。
    Your costume can't even do justice to your figure.
  • 在經過高強度的減肥之後,朋友們開始稱讚她的好身材,她的家人卻還沒有意識到危險性。
    After a drastic weight loss, friends began complimenting her figure and her family did not spot the dangers.
  • 「我那樣做是有原因的,」薩默斯先生強調說,他不屈不饒的又補充說,「不用看着總統先生那些年輕的助手們的好身材,這樣我更喜歡。」
    「There was a brief interval of that,」 Mr. Summers confirmed, before adding, gamely, 「I liked it better when I didn't have to see how in shape some of the president's younger aides were.
  • 歡迎來到「好身材新聞摘要」。 我們每天花上幾小時一直坐在電腦前尋找最新的健身的方法,但是在這裡,你不需要如此!
    Welcome to the Beachbody News Roundup, where we sit in front of our computers for hours on end seeking out the latest fitness and nutrition news so you don't have to!
  • 有些人生來就有一副好身材,代謝超級迅速,精瘦剛健,肌肉發達。
    Some people are just born with a perfect figure, super-speedy metabolism, and a lean, muscular build.
  • 如果還沒有讀《七天秀出好身材:第二天》的話,現在一定要讀了。
    If you haven』t read 7 days to a Better Body : Day 2, you should do that now.
  • 但這並不意味着人們在45歲時都會放棄保持好身材的渴望。 對於很多人來說45歲是一個黃金年齡,他們會儘可能地減少許多健康風險,試圖減緩時間前進的步伐。
    For many, halfway through their fifth decade is a 『golden age』 when they try to slow the march of time by cutting out as many health risks as possible.
  • 對於某些較少科技含量的,如結束的訓練或者飲食計劃,用於保持你的好身材,可能使用它的另外一些人會獲得效果。
    For something less technical like say a past workout or diet program that kept you in great shape, there are likely others around who were on it with great results.
  • 23歲的蕭雨(音譯)在接受中國日報採訪時表示:「人應該為自己的好身材而驕傲自豪。」
    「One should be proud of a beautiful body, 」 Xiao Yu, 23, told China Daily.
  • 我相信保持一貫性是獲得好身材和保持好身材的第一要領。
    I believe that consistency is the number one key to getting in shape and staying in shape.
  • 凱利說,年紀越大,保持好身材就越難。
    Keeping fit gets harder with age, Mr. Kelly says.
  • 蒂娜:你說的太對了。少吃一點兒巧克力會讓你夏天有個好身材
    Tina: You are so right girl. A little less chocolate means a great summer figure.
  • 在衣服下面是一個令人驚嘆的好身材
    Has an awesome body under her clothes.
  • 好身材。 要有良的外形。
    Be in good physical shape.
  • 埃莉,我愛你,因為你總會幫忙做作業。就像好身材的拼寫檢查器一樣。
    Ellie, I love you because you are always there to help homework. You're like a spell check with a nice rack.
  • 小美人魚向我們證明,你只需要有個好身材,一些可愛的小怪癖(比方說愛用梳子梳頭髮),還有一群樂於幫忙的朋友幫你溝通做你的愛情顧問。
    Ariel proved that all you need is hot bod, lovable quirks like brushing your hair with a fork, and a bunch of helpful friends to do the talking and relationship-coaching for you.
  • 瑞秋•佐伊那麼穿是挺,但我們都沒有她那種好身材
    It might look great on Rachel Zoe, but we all don』t have her body.
  • 看着別人都有好身材,你可不會跟他們一樣快樂。
    You won』t have the same pressure to look good for others.