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款款 - Sections
款款深情 - Sections affectionate,For the love of Sami
款款心曲 - Inner Harmony
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  • 眩惑,仿似天籟之音款款奏起,而我,卻已分不清眼前舞動的,是透明。
    Dazzled, parody soothing sounds tender, and I began, but has not clear, transparent sight of dancing.
  • 站在歷史的岸邊,我看見,一位婉約的女子,正擷一朵淨美的荷花,沿着宋朝湖畔淡淡的淺秋,款款步入風塵景色之中。
    Stand in the history of the shore, I see, a graceful woman, is to collect a net beautiful lotus, along the lake light love, leisurely into prostitution scenery.
  • 我喜歡你那水汪汪的眼睛,因為你愛用眼睛說話,雙瞳中滿是款款以待的愛情。
    I like you bright and beautiful eyes as you eyes can speak and the pupils are fulled with infinite deep love.
  • 他的愛人深情款款地看着他,他的問題還沒說完,她的答案已經準備好了。
    His sweetheart viewed him with the most affectionate glance, her answer ready before the words were out of his mouth.
  • 夜,款款地來到高原上。
    Night slowly reached the tableland .
  • 越過千年的風霜,幼稚的我,唯有安靜地期待,期待秋日裡的暖陽與美麗的風景一起,交織成款款的溫暖,慰藉我一世的傷。
    Over thousands of years, childish me, only quietly looking forward, looking in the autumn sunshine and beautiful scenery together, interwoven into sections of the warmth, comfort me.
  • “優良品質,款款深情”,這是法蘭諾潔具為您竭誠服務的宗旨。
    "Good quality and showing the deep feelings with every pattern"is our service aim.
  • 那一次邂逅,你打着一把小雨傘,款款走過,此情此景,如同水墨畫一般。
    That time meet, you dozen a small umbrella, leisurely place dauphine walk, ink, as the general.
  • 然後我款款走向新掃過的沙灘,和其他賓客一起去享用晚餐。
    Then I meander down to the freshly swept beach and join the others for dinner.
  • 一天,當我經過教堂時,我看見他和一位新娘款款而出,許多賓客向他們拋撒五彩紙片以示祝賀。
    Walking past a church one day I see him emerge from the church with a bride, and many guests throwing confetti over them.
  • 鮮花,深情款款的留言,簡單的讚美,所有這些疊加起來,足以證明你日日的愛戀。 。
    Flowers. . Affectionate post-it notes. Simple compliments. All of those things add up. So show your affection every day.
  • 也許,生命的款款而行,本身就攜帶幾分禪意,否則,不會有那麼多的人深深惆悵、為之動容。
    Perhaps evaded the line of life, to bring some Zen itself, otherwise there will not be so many people deeply melancholy, be moved.
  • 伴隨着時光款款的腳步,相攜着歲月累累的碩果,滿載着流年盈盈的喜悅,一年一度的教師節又和我們相約。
    Along with the time leisurely pace, closely with years of great achievements, with fleeting with joy, the teacher's day once a year and we meet again.
  • 悠然的夢境、綻放的花朵、你款款而來、鑽石般的閃耀、如你、如夢、如痴如醉。
    And carefree dreams, blossom, you slowly while diamonds shine, as you, like a dream, and fogs.
  • 款款散發着高雅、與眾不同的韻味,坐感舒適恰到好處,每款沙發配有多種皮色選擇。
    Is leisurely sending out loftily, the out of the ordinary flavor, sits the feeling comfortably just right, each section sofa has the multi-seed shell color choice.
  • 在這淡然愜意的季節里,四季西餐廳悉心準備了款款美酒甜點,為您譜寫一段輕鬆愉快的“歡樂時光”。
    In this relaxing season, the Four Seasons Western Restaurant prepares delicious desserts and wine for you to have some "Happy hour" here.
  • 由於“樂麗絲”面料應用廣泛,面料形成風格效果豐富,市場目前既有順季品種又有超季品種,上市品種和款式有增無減,幾乎款款各有銷路。
    As "Chris" fabric widely used, rich fabric formed style effect, market is both a CIS-season varieties and Super season varieties, listed varieties and styles has increased and almost each have sales.
  • 髮型高貴,穿着幽雅的洛麗塔·揚沿着蠃旋梯款款走下的那個形象似乎令人難忘:然後,她開始向人們介紹1953~1961。
    The image seems indelible:Loretta Young, elegantly coiffed and dressed, sweeping down a spiral staircase to introduce each episode of her weekly 1953~ 1961 TV show.
  • 一份永不褪色的祝福,我會以一襲款款的祝福,問候的永違的心。
    A blessing, I will never fade in a raider leisurely blessing, regards the eternal violations of heart.
  • 如果維也納意識到這一點的話,她就該知道傑克不會深情款款的。
    Had Vienna realized this, she might have known Jake wasn't going to be overly affectionate.
  • 奧古斯汀款款布道,盧梭沉思冥想,維達爾鞭斥撻伐,而賈曼讓我覺得在講述,字裡行間透着的是:進來坐下,如果你給我講你的故事,我也把我的講給你聽。
    While Augustine preaches, Rousseau ponders, and Vidal excoriates, Jarman makes me feel like he's saying, between the lines, Come on in, sit down, I'll tell you my story if you'll tell me yours.