Ai Wei

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AI Wei - 艾偉,艾偉
Ai-Wei Ni - 倪愛偉
Ai Yo Wei Ya - 唉唷餵呀
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  • 偉志約會小奇,林芳故意在艾語面前揭穿偉志的謊言。
    Small, wei chi dating, Lin fang deliberately debunk wei dynasty lies in the presence of ai language.
  • 艾語接受了尚偉志的追求,到偉志家吃飯,驚訝地發現偉志爸爸尚振國的女朋友,竟然是自己大學時的室友林芳。
    Ai accepted ShangWeiZhi pursuit, to wei chi home to have a meal, was surprised to see that wei chi ShangZhenGuo dads girlfriend, unexpectedly is his college roommate, Lin fang.
  • 艾語聰明反擊,在尚偉志的別墅使用美人計,既破壞了偉志與小奇的約會,又讓偉志深深着迷。
    Ai intelligent counter, the use of honey trap ShangWeiZhi villa, which destroyed the wei dynasty and date, and let wei chi infatuate deeply.
  • 以上藥理作用的闡明,為臨床合理用藥提供了理論依據。
    The pharmacological actions of Ai Wei Xin oral liquid presented clinical rational use with therapeutic theoretic basis.
  • 莉莉與藍大風游湖談心非常開心,但看到艾卡娜四處尋覓本人,只好偷偷溜回去,艾卡林帶小雲回到了度假村,薇妮和艾卡娜再次吵架。
    Lily and blue winds boat heart-to-heart very happy, but see moxa card na around to find himself, sneak back, ai card back resorts, woodland xiao yun wei ni and ai card na again quarrel.
  • 大包、小包、淑女包、中性側背包,時尚流行新款在艾薇都可以找的到,走趟艾薇,您會滿載而歸喔!
    Bags, briefcases, lady purses, neutral backpacks . You can find all fashionable styles in Ai Wei. Come to our store, and you will get whatever you want.
  • 郭小奇找艾語,讓她和尚偉志幫忙看看自己寫的網絡遊戲策劃方案和遊戲樣本,提點建議外加給這個遊戲起個名字。
    Guo Xiaoji find ai language, show her monk wei will help to write their own network game planning scheme and the samples, some advice and give a name of the game.
  • 新婚之夜,艾語在床下放了100個氣球和一掛鞭炮,警告偉志,自己寧可與他同歸於盡也絕不做「前妻」。
    The wedding night, ai language in bed down 100 balloons and a hang off firecrackers, warning wei chi, they never would rather end up with his wife.
  • 搖滾促使艾薇兒逃離厭倦的生活,但搖滾最終也讓艾薇兒明白了何為真正的理想,何為真正的生活。
    Rock and roll make Ai Wei escape the life that be tired of, but rock and roll to also let Ai Wei finally understood why to be intrinsic ideal, why be real life.
  • 華中科技大學同濟醫學院附屬協和醫院耳鼻咽喉科;
    Ai Wei; Kong WeijiaDepartment of Otolaryngology; Union Hospital; Tongji Medical College; Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Wuhan 430022;