Allen Will

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Allen Will - 標籤
Will Allen - 威爾艾倫
Will Allen Dromgoole - 德隆古爾
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Allen 將
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  • 在啊啊幾年裡,啊啊種植蔬菜並且在本地的市場賣它們。
    Will Allen growed grew vegetables and sold them at local markets in the Miwaukee Milwaukee area 4 for years.
  • 以下內容摘自伍迪•艾倫迄今秘不示人的私人日誌,此日誌將在他身後或死後出版——視乎何種情形先至。
    Following are excerpts from the hitherto secret private journal of Woody Allen, which will be published posthumously or after his death, which ever comes first.
  • 威爾·艾倫是一個不識字的勞動者的兒子。
    Will Allen is the son ofa labourer laborer who could not read.
  • 威爾艾倫是一個目不識丁的工人的兒子。
    Will Allen is the son of a laborer who could not read.
  • 艾倫將決定測試會繼續多長時間並是否保留控油罩。
    Allen will decide how long the tests will continue and whether the cap can remain sealed.
  • 威爾艾倫是一個目不識丁的工人的兒子。
    Will Allen is the son of a liberal laborer who could not read.
  • 具備不同的PLC的編程工作經驗。如西門子、艾倫布拉德利將優先考慮。
    Should have worked and Programmed on various PLC's, like Siemens , Allen Bradley will be an added advantage.
  • 威爾·艾倫種植蔬菜拿到密爾沃基當地市場去賣了許多年。
    Will Allen grew vegetables and sold them at local markets in the Milwaukee area for years.
  • Booz Allen公司將承擔這項工作,該工作將於2011年9月在北卡羅來納州Raleigh完成。
    Booz Allen will perform the work, which should be finished by September 2011, in Raleigh, N.C.
  • 前面隔着兩張桌子坐的是警探亞倫-蓋伯(威爾-法瑞爾飾演),後面一張桌子則屬於警探特里特利-霍茨(馬克-沃爾伯格飾演)。
    They dont get tattoos - other men get tattoos of them. Two desks over and one back, sit Detectives Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg).
  • 屆時,像艾倫·福朗瑟斯一樣的人們將會因書中診斷詞條的數量和縮減餘地而憂慮。
    In the meantime, people like Allen Frances will agitate for the number of diagnoses and their scope to be reduced.
  • 艾倫喊人來幫助他的小貓。
    But how will Allen get his kitty down?
  • 該陣列由微軟巨頭保羅艾倫提供了半數資金,相對於當前SETI項目,其搜索外星信號的速度將快」成千上萬倍「,肖斯塔克說。
    The array, half funded by Microsoft mogul Paul Allen, will search for alien signals at a clip "hundreds to thousands times faster" than current SETI projects, says Shostak.
  • 根據交付合同,該公司將提供系統工程和集成服務,幫助改變美陸軍的企業後勤服務。
    Under the delivery order, Booz Allen will provide systems engineering and integration services to help transform the Army’s enterprise logistics business.
  • 不管方法究竟是怎麼講的,在這種情況下,只要他不受傷,那麼他就將打破這個記錄。
    What the method is really saying, in this case, is that Allen will break the record if he isn't injured.
  • 旋緊螺絲時須非常的小心,過度旋緊螺絲會造成產品損壞,我們不對這種損壞做產品保固。
    Overtightening will cause pinching bulb pin, bulb will stock in socket and void warranty of socket. A very tiny allen wrench will be included.