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n. 希臘語的第一個字母
Alpha - 阿爾法,Α,通道
Alpha Protocol - 阿爾法協議,阿爾法和談,阿爾法協定
Alpha Bank - 阿爾法銀行,希臘銀行,阿人法銀止
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阿爾法 / 優等 / α粒子的,阿爾法粒子的
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希臘語的第一個字母; 開端, 最初; 第一個
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  • 由放射性原子核發射出的α粒子能量一般為幾個Mev。
    Alpha particles emitted by radioactive nuclei have energies of a few Mev.
  • 我們假設,使用交替使用拉米夫定和α干擾素可能規避不足之處。
    We hypothesized that alternate rounds of lamivudine and alpha interferon might circumvent previous shortcomings.
  • AlphaBlend中的alpha是一個圖形學術語。
    The alpha in AlphaBlend is a graphics term.
  • 對每個相α,我們需要它的摩爾分數去描述。
    So, for each phase alpha, we have to describe its mole fraction.
  • 這和阿爾法粒子類似。
    This is the analogy to the alpha particle.
  • 這些研究是關於阿爾法射線的。
    What is Alpha Omega of affairs?
  • 旋轉該模型成另一個角度顯示那些符號變化為希臘的阿爾法和歐米加(α與Ω)。
    Rotating the model to another angle shows those symbols change into the Greek Alpha and Omega.
  • 胸腺肽α1在鼻咽癌治療中的應用研究
    Exploratory development of thymosin alpha 1 for nasopharyngeal carcinoma therapy
  • 我知道「大眾點評」上的花邊新聞,我背後還有一個叫Wolfram Alpha的牛叉算法。
    I know nifty tidbits from yelp and Wolfram Alpha.
  • 你已經啟動了自毀程序。
    You have initiated self-destruct sequence alpha.
  • α射線是由α粒子構成的。
    Alpha-rays consist of alpha particles.
  • alpha型和beta型地中海貧血有輕度和重度兩種形式。
    Alpha and beta thalassaemia have both mild and severe forms.
  • 他證實了,阿爾法粒子就是氦核。
    And there he was able to identify the alpha particle as the helium nucleus.
  • 但現在可從Apache Derby網站下載一個alpha快照版。
    However, an alpha snapshot version can be downloaded from the Apache Derby Web site.
  • 在這種情況下,字符alpha會正確地導出。
    In this case, the character alpha is properly exported.
  • 胰島包含分泌胰高血糖素的α(A)細胞,分泌胰島素的β(B)細胞和分泌生長抑素的δ(D)細胞。
    The islets contain alpha cells secreting glucagon, beta cells secreting insulin, and delta cells secreting somatostatin.
  • α螺旋存在於肌肉蛋白和角蛋白中。
    The alpha helix is found in muscle protein and keratin.
  • α衰變理論用了這種模型。
    The theory of alpha decay utilizes this model.
  • 部署數個內部和alpha版本以確保系統是可用的並且能夠滿足用戶的需要。
    Deploy several internal and alpha releases to ensure that the system is usable and addresses users'needs.
  • 應用放射配基結合法研究黃連素對α~1和β腎上腺素能受體的作用
    Study of berberine effects on alpha 1 and beta adrenoceptors with radioligand binding assay
  • 然後他們對瘧疾攻擊正常兒童和患有alpha型地中海貧血症的兒童的效果建立了模型。
    They then modelled the effect a malaria attack would have on both normal children and children with alpha thalassaemia.
  • 我是阿爾法也是歐米伽,我即是開始也是結束。
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
  • 我們已經有了一個阿爾法粒子源。
    So, what we've got here is a source of alpha particles.
  • 可查看、編輯圖片和紋理,支持alpha channels和transparency。
    Viewing and editing of images and textures with support for alpha channels and transparency.