Change Over

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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change over - 轉換,轉接,改變成
CHANGE-OVER - 換機放映,轉變,轉換
change-over contact - 轉化觸點,轉換接點,轉換觸頭
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  • 她把找的零錢隔着櫃檯遞給了他。
    She handed the change over the counter.
  • 也許我們的工作還是對換一下好,你比我更有經驗。
    Perhaps you and I had better change over; you are more experienced.
  • 它會波動,會隨着時間而變化。
    It will fluctuate and change over time.
  • 假設和影響可能在數年後隨着企業的成熟和發展而改變。
    Assumptions and implications can change over the years as enterprises mature and evolve.
  • 這是正確的,因為客戶與郵政編碼之間的關係可能會隨着時間的推移而更改。
    This is appropriate because the relationship between a customer and a postal code may change over time.
  • 在上下文可能隨着時間而改變的情況下,這非常有用。
    This is useful as contexts may change over time.
  • 你是說,關係可以隨着時間改變?
    You are saying, relationships can change over time?
  • 特定列中的數據分布可能隨時間發生改變。
    Data distribution in particular columns may change over time.
  • 你的會模式和我的看起來不一樣,而且我的也很有可能隨着時間改變。
    Yours will look different than mine, and likely mine will change over time.
  • 此限制可能隨着時間而改變,因為它依賴於您以前的整體性能和交易活動。
    This limit may change over time as it is dependent on your previous overall performance and transaction activity.
  • 所有的關係都會隨着歲月的變遷而發生改變,重要的是要適應這種改變。
    All relationships change over time, and it's important to adapt to the changes.
  • (這種障礙表現)有不同的嚴重程度,而且隨着時間的發展,其影響可能會發生改變。
    There are different levels of severity, and the effects can change over time.
  • 科學觀點並非一成不變;它們隨着時間而改變。
    Scientific opinions are not carved on tablets of stone; they change over the years.
  • 此外,預期的經濟增長決定了這種狀況不太可能在2011年期間發生改變。
    Moreover, prospective economic growth makes it unlikely that this will change over the course of 2011.
  • 類別布局並不隨時間改變,因此您可以放心地將類別路徑永久地存儲在您的代碼中。
    Category layouts do not change over time, so you can safely store category paths permanently in your code.
  • 他想換一個更加適合的工作。
    He wanted to change over to a more suitable job.
  • 研究時間流逝產生的變化就是歷史。
    History is the study of change over time.
  • 我們正逐漸過渡到完全使用公制。
    We are gradually changing over to a completely metric system
  • 隨着新特性變老,這種級別的風險會隨着時間而變更。
    This level of risk can change over time, as new features age.
  • 這允許發展和隨時間變化的互聯網協議。
    This has permitted the Internet protocols to evolve and change over time.
  • 將很可能會發生變化,希望wiki會保持對這些變化的更新。
    Will most likely change over time and hopefully the wiki will remain updated to those changes.
  • 下學期咱倆調換一下:你教二年級英語,我教一年級。
    Let's change over next term: you teach second-grade English and I'll do the first grade.
  • 該小組還發現,其中一些差異可以隨時間改變。
    The team also found that some of these differences could change over time.
  • 人可能會隨着時間而改變。
    People may change over time.
  • 只要有可能,設計應用程序使它可以隨時間發生改變以處理新的需求和挑戰。
    Wherever possible, design your application so that it can change over time to address new requirements and challenges.
  • 過去20年來,富士康工廠門外的鄉村已發生了令人震驚的變化。
    The country outside Foxconn's factory gates has undergone stunning change over the past two decades.
  • 那兩名男子幾次互調位置,並且每次交換時都會先滅了燈。
    The two men swapped places, always extinguishing the light when they changed over.
  • 如果你開車累了請告訴我,我們可以調換一下。
    Tell me if you get tired of driving and we'll change over.
  • 但是景物已經在光陰中更改。
    But scenes change over time.
  • 大流行的嚴重程度可以隨着時間的推移而發生變化,而且可能會因地點或人群而異。
    The severity of pandemics can change over time and differ by location or population.