Chen feng

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Chen Feng - 陳
Chen-Feng Tsai - 蔡振豐
Chen Jian Feng - 陳鍵鋒
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  • 我叫陳鋒,今年14歲,我非常喜歡籃球運動。
    My name is Chen Feng, 14 years old, I like basketball.
  • 馮琛同學給我的第一印象非常勤勉的學生,活潑、開朗。
    Feng Chen classmates gave me the first impression is very diligent students, lively, cheerful.
  • 梁漱溟、陳寅恪、馮友蘭對孝文化批判保持了較為冷靜的態度;
    Scholars such as Liang Shuming, Chen Yinke and Feng Youlan relatively kept their cool towards criticism of filiality culture.
  • 陳豐黯然退出。
    Chen Feng is exited cloudily.
  • 陳峰稱,海航集團目前沒有收到任何被重組的消息,也沒有任何收購其他小航空公司的考慮。
    Said Chen Feng, Hainan Airlines Group the current reorganization has not received any news, and there is no acquisition of other small airlines consideration.
  • 貴校是馮琛心儀的一所大學,有着他嚮往的專業,有着適合他學習的良好環境。
    Your school is Feng Chen the right of a university, with him for a professional, he has a good environment for learning. Your permission to the boy's entering will be appreciated.
  • 大家好,我叫陳峰 我來自沿湖路小學 今年13歲 我的興趣愛好是打籃球和上網 謝謝大家!
    Hello, everyone, my name is Chen Feng Road Primary School this year, I come from the lake 13 years old my hobbies are playing basketball and the Internet Thank you!
  • 這事被陳風發明白,見告邊萍,夏麗無可何如,只好拋卻對楊的攻勢。
    Chen Feng matter was discovered, this side of Ping, Xiali no alternative but to give up on Young"s offensive."
  • 新世紀武俠電影的成功是導演們的成功,李安、張藝謀、陳凱歌、馮小剛各有自己的特色。
    The new century, the success of the martial arts movie directors are of the success of Ang Lee, Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang has its own characteristics.
  • 這夥人是在替企圖再興豐臣家的暗公方活動。
    This group of person is the dark general square activity that promoting Home Feng Chen again for the purpose.
  • 文章就陳風為例,以歷史文化語境的角度窺其情詩的巫風文化內涵及其婚戀詩的特質。
    This article is using the Chen Feng as an example, doing research on the connotations of wizardry in love poems? and looking at marriage poems from historical and cultural environments.
  • 溪田(趙慧仙飾)十幾年來被一個噩夢所困擾,偶然中從著名畫家陳風的畫中看到了在夢裡想殺自己的女孩。
    Creek Field (Zhao Huixian decorated) for more than a decade to be a nightmare plagued by chance, from the famous painter Chen Feng painting saw in a dream to kill their own girl.
  • 奧組委市場開發部副部長陳鋒在發布會上指出,基本思想是要創建一個「清潔場館」,也就是非商業化。
    'The basic idea is to create a 'clean sports stadium, ' which means it is not commercialized, ' said Chen Feng, the deputy chief of Bocog's marketing department, at the news conference.
  • 回收廢舊金屬曾經非常有利可圖,但不會了,說陳,馮小剛在一張工作的院子裡。
    Recycling old metal used to be very profitable, but not any more, says Chen Feng, who works at a scrap yard.