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aux. 能夠, 可以;可能;差點就,本來有可能;很想
v. 能(can 的過去式)
Could - 大可,可以,可能
Could break - 早已破碎,再度,可以毀掉
Could there - 莫不是
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  • 只有我們能夠拯救我們自己,沒有人會為我們的權利去拚命爭取的。
    Only we ourselves could help us, no man stands up for our rights.
  • 沒有人能夠代替他的工作。
    No man could supplant him.
  • 有誰能幫助我就好了!
    If only someone could help me!
  • 如果他能等待,那將會有所幫助。
    It would help if he could wait.
  • 她在緊靠窗戶的地方找了個位置,以便能看見外面的情況。
    She positioned herself just by the window so she could see what was going on outside.
  • 什麼才能使他振作起來呢?
    What could shake him up?
  • 他們還能滿足你買廉價貨的需要。
    They also could supply your need of cheap goods.
  • 我的大旅行箱能裝下你所有的衣服。
    My big luggage could stow all of your clothes.
  • 我能做這件事,他沉思着。
    I could do it, he mused.
  • 你確實能通過每門考試。
    Surely you could pass any examination.
  • 沒有人知道他這樣做的緣故。
    No one could know why he did like that.
  • 市場吸納了我們所能生產的全部電腦。
    The market absorbed all the computers we could build.
  • 一個學生怎麼能對老師這樣無禮地講話?
    How could a student cheek his teacher like this?
  • 沒有人能夠假造像這樣的一份清單。
    No one could phony a list like that.
  • 他情不自禁地憐憫起那個可憐的人來。
    He could not help having compassion for the poor creature.
  • 他們在舊檔案中查閱,但沒能找到這個年代的任何資料。
    They checked back among the old files, but could find nothing of this date.
  • 他能在一小時內快速寫出一篇文章。
    He could run off an article in an hour.
  • 你能幫我把槭樹汁熬製成糖嗎?
    Could you help me to sugar off?
  • 那個騙子吹噓道, 他能點石成金。
    The cheater boasted that he could turn stone into gold.
  • 但願我們能像鳥兒一樣,每年冬季從這裡定期遷徙!
    I wish we could migrate from here every winter, as the birds do!
  • 如果你能置身事外,你就能冷靜地思考這件事。
    You could think of it cool if you can stand back.
  • 你能把字典借我用用嗎?
    Could you lend me your dictionary?
  • 你能把這些書順便還給圖書館嗎?
    Could you drop off the books at the library?
  • 她聽不見他在說什麼,但她能根據他的嘴形知道他的意思。
    She couldn't hear what he said,but she could read his lips.
  • 我能看見克魯斯從大廳的另一邊向我示意。
    I could see Cruse beckoning (to) me from the other side of the hall.
  • 那位演員聲音洪亮地朗誦台詞,以使劇場中的每個人都能聽到他講的話。
    The actor rolled out his words so that every one in the theatre could hear what he said.
  • 他們能忍受很多痛苦。
    They could endure much pain.
  • 這輛卡車能裝三堆。
    The truck could stack three.