Don't eat too much

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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Don't eat too much - 不要吃太多,不吃太多
Don't eat too much sugar - 不要吃太多糖
Don't eat too much candy - 不要吃太多的糖果
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  • 不要吃得太多。
    Don't eat too much.
  • 不要吃得太咸,同時要免除煙酒。
    Don't eat too much salt, and avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
  • 不要吃太多,你應該多運動。
    Don't eat too much. You must take more exercise.
  • 不那麼貪婪的方法是:每次吃飯不要吃那麼多,吃多了對我們的身體不好,而且還會浪費,從現在開始讓我們不要浪費,讓我們從身邊的小事做起吧!
    Not so greedy method is: every meal don't eat too much eat too much is not good for our body but also waste from now on let us not waste let us start from the trivial side!
  • 不過,我還想給你一些勸告:多吃水果和蔬菜,生活要有規律,不要過多食用含糖量高的食物。 另外工作不要過於緊張,儘量不要有壓力。
    I'd also like to give you some advice: eat more vegetables and bean products, have a regular timetable, don't eat too much sugary food, do not work too hard or put yourself under stress.
  • 親愛的,今天不可以哦。不要吃太多冰淇淋。
    Mom: Not today, honey. Don't eat too much ice cream.
  • 你已經打嗝了,不要吃太多了。
    Don't eat too much since you have belched.
  • 「不要吃太多的澱粉,」我勸她,「並且避免吃煎炸食品。」)�。
    "Don't eat too much starch, " I advised her, "and avoid fried food. "�
  • 不要吃的太多,否則過後你會嘔吐的。
    Don't eat too much,or you'll rolf later on.
  • 蛋黃酥可別吃太多喔!
    Don't eat too much egg yolk cake!
  • 別吃太多垃圾食物。
    Don't eat too much junk food .
  • 我非常喜歡吃冰激淋。請不要吃太多。
    I feel like eating ice cream very much. Please don't eat too much.
  • 親愛的,今天不可以喔。不要吃太多冰激淋。
    Not today, honey. Don't eat too much ice cream.
  • 肥肉別吃得太多,不然的話,總有一天你要自食其果。
    Don't eat too much fat, or you'll have to answer for it some day.
  • 別吃太多 的糖!
    Don't eat too much sugar!
  • 「我知道你會喜歡它們的,但不要吃得太多了。」外婆把碗遞給了孫女。
    "I knew you would love them, but don't eat too much. " Grandma handed the bowl to her granddaughter.
  • 但是不要吃太多油膩的東西,如奶酪、黃油或其他油膩的東西。
    But don't eat too much fat, such as cheese, butter or anything too fatty.
  • 別吃太多的糖果,否則你會吃不下飯的。
    Don't eat too much candy, you'll spoil your appetite.
  • 不要吃太多的冷激凌,它對身體不好。
    Please don't eat too much ice-cream, it's bad for your health.
  • 不要吃太多脂肪,否則你會長胖的。
    Don't eat too much fat, or you'll put on weight.
  • 不要吃太多的糖。吃糖對牙齒不好。
    Don't eat too much sugar. It's bad for your teeth.
  • 一個星期別吃太多肉。
    Don't eat too much meat in one week.
  • 但是別吃的太多。
    But don't eat too much.
  • 別吃得太多,對你沒好處。
    Don't eat too much. It's bad for you.
  • 不要吃太油膩的食物!
    Don't eat too much fatty food!
  • 還有,請不要多吃肥肉或調味品如胡椒,咖喱,辣椒,洋蔥,大蒜。
    Thirdly, don't eat too much fat or spices such as pepper, curry, chilli, onion or garlic.
  • 不要吃太多的脂肪,否則你會發胖的。
    Don't eat too much fat, or you'll put on weight.
  • 不過不要吃得太多,否則會引起腸胃不適。
    However, don't eat too much raw garlic, for it may cause stomach upset.
  • 我不再吃太多的肉了。
    I don't eat too much meat any longer.