Ginsberg Allen

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 這段話最後出現了一個純淨的艾倫·金斯堡。
    That language at the end there is pure Allen Ginsberg.
  • 金斯柏格獨特而全新的詩歌藝術是繼承和發揚詩歌傳統,借鑑和改造其他門類藝術成就的結果。
    Allen Ginsberg's unique and innovative art of poetry resulted from the inheritance and development of poetic tradition, and the imitation and reformation of the artistic achievements of other kinds.
  • 鮑勃·迪倫:嘿,那可是愛倫·金斯堡,哥們!引用。
    Bob Dylan:Hey, it was Allen Ginsberg, man !
  • 甲骨文了很大空間,著作由加里施耐德,艾倫金斯堡,勞倫斯Ferlinghetti 。
    The Oracle gave much space to writings by Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
  • 如果會的話,諸如埃莉諾·羅斯福、伍迪·艾倫、Ruth Bader Ginsberg、阿爾弗雷德·希區柯克、凱西·貝茲就不會成功。
    If it were, the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Woody Allen, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Alfred Hitchcock and Kathy Bates wouldn't have succeeded.
  • 從筆記本電腦的信,他一直和他寫信給家鄉的艾倫金斯堡,譜寫了他的冒險,後來由於出現敘事伯勒斯雅閣信函。
    From the notebooks he kept and the letters he wrote home to Allen Ginsberg, Burroughs composed a narrative of his adventures that later appeared as The Yage Letters.
  • 巴里·邁爾斯是艾倫·金斯堡、傑克·凱魯亞克、威廉·巴勒斯、查爾斯·布考斯基的人物傳記的作者,還寫過一些其他的關於“垮掉的一代”的書。
    Barry Miles is the author of biographies of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski and other books about the Beat Generation.
  • 他對後世詩人如羅伯特·洛威爾和艾倫·金斯伯格的影響深遠。
    His great influence on Robert Lowell and Allen Ginsberg is widely acknowledged.
  • 這也正如艾倫金斯堡將垮派詩人稱為這個世界的遠程預警系統一樣。
    As Allen Ginsberg did when he spoke of the Beat poets as the world's Distant Early Warning System.
  • 我轉身一看,竟是艾倫·金斯堡。
    I turned around and it was Allen Ginsberg.
  • 現在我再給你們讀一段《嚎叫》的腳註,這是艾倫金斯堡的著名詩歌,對於很多當時的人來說,參與這項新文學事業意義深遠。
    Now I would like to read to you from the footnote to Howl, Allen Ginsberg's famous poem, that for many people embodied at the time what it meant to be engaged in this new literary project.
  • 今年年初, 詹姆斯·弗朗哥在戲劇《嚎叫》里扮演了艾倫·金斯堡,而現在,現實生活中的他也成為了作家。
    Earlier this year James Franco played Allen Ginsberg in the drama Howl, and now he’s a writer in real life, too.
  • 詩人阿倫。金斯伯格可能應該算作是該場運動之父。
    The poet Allen Ginsberg could possibly be considered the father of this movement.