Global Functions

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global functions - 全局函數,全域函式,總體功能
Global External Functions - 全局外部函數,外部函數
Global Variables Functions - 全局變量函數
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  • 因為我們不知道原始代碼中針對全局結構和函數指針的接口。
    This is because we don't know about what references are in the original code to things like global data structures and functions pointers in things like vtables.
  • 現在您已經設置了所需的全局變量和函數,樣式表的核心就顯得簡單優雅,如 清單 14 所示。
    Now that you've set up the global variables and functions that you need, the heart of the stylesheet is simple and elegant, as you can see in Listing 14.
  • 世界頂尖手機製造商表示削減崗位會影響設計市場部、公司發展規劃部和全球支持功能三個部門。
    The world's top mobile phone maker said the job cuts will affect several sectors, including its devices and markets units, the corporate development office and global support functions.
  • 將一種改進的實數遺傳算法用於函數全局優化。
    An improved real coded genetic algorithm is proposed for global optimization of functions.
  • 下面的代碼提供了一個為全局對象創建模板並且設置全局函數的例子。
    The following code provides an example of creating a template for the global object and setting the built-in global functions.
  • 在 Jaxer 加載整個文件,並記錄所有的全局服務器函數和變量之後,調用定義並分配給 onserverload 的函數。
    The function defined and assigned to the onserverload is called after Jaxer loads the entire file and makes note of the all of the global server functions and variables.
  • 對於 函數和 常量來說,如果當前命名空間中不存在該 函數或 常量,PHP 會退而使用全局空間中的 函數或 常量。
    For functions and constants, PHP will fall back to global functions or constants if a namespaced function or constant does not exist.
  • 對象隔離不夠,因而容易造成對全局函數的過多使用。
    Not enough object isolation, therefore, you can use too many global functions.
  • 第一種方法是僅對從 DLL 中導出的選擇元素(例如,類、全局變量或者全局函數)使用 __declspec(dllexport)。
    The first method is to use __declspec(dllexport) only on select elements (for example, classes, global variables, or global functions) that are exported from the DLL.
  • 因此,新應用程序應該使用堆函數,同時考慮到兼容性,全局函數仍然用於DDE和剪切板函數。
    Therefore, new applications should use the heap functions. However, the global functions are still used with DDE and the clipboard functions.
  • 支持在用戶定義函數和全局聲明臨時表中使用 XML,這有助於開發應用程序。
    Support for XML in user-defined functions and global declared temporary tables offer new application development advantages.
  • 許多腳本引擎在 eval() 調用之間維持全局變量和函數的狀態。
    Many script engines maintain state of global variables and functions between calls to eval().
  • 不要把全局數據或全局函數用於類的對象的薄記工作。應當使用類變量或類方法。
    Do not use global data or functions to perform bookkeeping information on the objects of a class. Class variables or methods should be used instead.
  • 描述調試 API 使用的非託管全局靜態函數。
    Describes the unmanaged global static functions that the debugging API uses.
  • 通過混合使用多種雜交算子並輔之以間歇變異,提出了一種求解高維複雜函數全局優化問題的新型演化算法。
    A new evolutionary algorithm based on hybrid crossovers and intermittent mutation for global optimization of complex functions with high dimensions is proposed.
  • 本節描述調試 API 使用的非託管全局靜態函數。
    This section describes the unmanaged global static functions that the debugging API uses.
  • 目的探討帕金森病(PD)患者視覺整體與局部認知功能。
    Objective To study the visual global and local cognitive functions in the patients with Parkinson's disease (PD).
  • 類設計器不支持全局函數和變量。
    Class Designer does not support global functions and variables.
  • RFX 全域函式會在資料來源的資料行和您的資料錄集的欄位資料成員間交換資料。
    The RFX global functions exchange data between columns on the data source and field data members in your recordset.
  • 每個國家需要填充相同的變量和全局函數,這增加了內存的消耗。
    Each state needs to be populated with the same variables and global functions, which increases memory consumption.
  • 儘量不使用全局函數。
    Use of global functions should be minimized.
  • 它包含全局變量和函數的定義。
    This includes the definition of global variables and functions.
  • 第一行告訴 Psyco 對所有全局函數“發揮其魔力”。
    The first line tells Psyco to do its magic on all global functions.