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n. 目標;球門,得分數;終點
vi. 攻門,射門得分
Goal - 目標,球門,目的
goal area - 小禁區,球門區,足球門區
own goal - 烏龍球,誤中本隊球門,踢入本方球門
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目標, 得分, 終點
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  • 他只有一次射門得分。
    He had only one shot at goal.
  • 進了!
    It's in!; Goal!
  • 目標是要建立一個能夠使家庭農場得以存續的國家,並使其維持下去。
    The goal has been to establish and sustain a nation of viable family farms.
  • 他說,游擊隊員會為實現主要目標而戰鬥到底。
    The guerrillas would fight to the bitter end, he said, in order to achieve their main goal.
  • 目的是籌集到儘可能多的資金。
    The goal is to raise as much money as possible.
  • 戴維·西曼在一個指關節骨折後又回到阿森納隊的球門前。
    David Seaman was back in the Arsenal goal after breaking a knuckle.
  • 德韋恩意外地蒙進了一個可以拿下任何比賽的球。
    Dwayne has come up trumps with a goal worthy of winning any match.
  • 好像每當我達到規定條件時,他們就改變規則。
    They seem to move the goal posts every time I meet the conditions which are required.
  • 在下半場,維拉隊持續進攻的打法為他們贏得了這個進球。
    The goal was just reward for Villa's decision to attack constantly in the second half.
  • 吉萊斯皮的進球為下半場的精彩比賽鋪平了道路。
    Gillespie's goal set the scene for an exciting second half.
  • 打進制勝一球的得分手
    The scorer of the winning goal.
  • 在與哪個國家的比賽中伊恩·賴特打進了他在國際比賽中的首粒進球?
    Against which country did Ian Wright score his first international goal?
  • 我們必須百尺竿頭,更進一步,才能達到目的。
    Still greater efforts are needed before we can attain our goal.
  • 史蒂夫·布爾為狼隊攻入了他的第200粒進球,他們以3比0擊敗了萊斯特隊。
    Steve Bull notched his 200th goal for Wolves as they beat Leicester 3-0
  • 我們愚蠢地白送了對方一分。
    We gave away a silly goal
  • 足足過了41分鐘他才進了第一個球。
    It took him all of 41 minutes to score his first goal
  • 我認為各家公司的目的都是賺錢。
    I think every business's goal is to make money
  • 這就需要設立自己的目標並為之努力。
    It's a matter of setting your own goals and following them.
  • 兩支隊伍得分和淨勝球都相當。
    Both teams had tied on points and goal difference
  • 只要大家齊心協力,我想我們就能實現目標。
    If we'd all work together, I think we could accomplish our goal
  • 柯里用腳側踢進了他本賽季的第一個進球。
    Currie sidefooted his first goal of the season.
  • 他一腳把球踢進了球門。
    He kicked the ball into the goal.; He kicked a goal.
  • 經過他們百折不撓,再接再勵的努力,現在終於達到了目的。
    The goal has now been finally attained through their dauntless and persistent efforts.
  • 試行的目的就是要讓人們熟悉新法規。
    The goal of the experiment was to familiarize the people with the new laws.
  • 我們注意力不夠集中,結果丟了球,輸了比賽。
    We lacked concentration and it cost us the goal and the game.
  • 最後終於進球了,但這更多的是靠僥倖,而不是良好的戰術配合。
    The goal, when it came, owed more to good luck than good planning.