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Great - 偉大,大的,很大
Great Egret - 大白鷺,暴框之戰,星空下的大白鷺
Great Auk - 大海雀,大海雀屬,大海鳥
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  • 托爾斯泰所有的作品都充滿了偉大的仁愛。
    There is great humanity in all the writings of Tolstoy.
  • 偉大的人物總是走在時代的前頭。
    A great figure is usually ahead of his time.
  • 偉大領袖出身於一個貧苦家庭。
    The great leader emerged from a poor family.
  • 她毫無保留地獻身於這偉大的事業。
    She has devoted herself unreservedly to the great cause.
  • 命運之神賦予他偉大的天才。
    Fate blessed him with great talent.
  • 這部記錄片生動地再現了這場偉大的戰役。
    This great battle was vividly recorded in the documentary film.
  • 沒人想到他會變成一位偉大的發明家。
    Nobody thought that he had turned out a great inventor.
  • 這個世紀出了許多大人物。
    The century produces many great men.
  • 微不足道的開端往往會有偉大的結果。
    It often happens that little beginnings have great endings.
  • 我們對他抱着很大的期望。
    We have great expectations of him.
  • 他投身於一項偉大的事業。
    He associated himself with a great cause.
  • 他是個模仿秀,他能模仿一名偉大領袖。
    He's a good mimic—he can do a great leader.
  • 這部偉大領袖的自傳很適合於改編成劇本。
    The biography of the great leader will dramatize well.
  • 我們正處在一個偉大的歷史時代。
    We are living in a great historic era.
  • 歷史是由少數偉大人物指引着方向的。
    History is directed by a small number of great figures.
  • 我們正在做我們的前人從來沒有做過的極其光榮偉大的事業。
    We are now engaged in a great and most glorious cause, never undertaken by our forefathers.
  • 他和偉大的音樂家相比就成了侏儒。
    He's a pygmy when compared with great musicians.
  • 我們在建設我們國家的事業中取得了巨大的成就。
    We have achieved great successes in the cause of building up our country.
  • 即使我們在工作中取得了很大的成績, 也不應該自滿。
    Even if we achieve great success in our work, we should not be conceited.
  • 參加這樣一個偉大的、有歷史意義的運動的機會真是千載難逢。
    The chance to partake in such a great historic movement doesn't come every day.
  • 偉大的靈魂常寓於矮小的身軀。
    A little body often harbours a great soul.
  • 她展望一個偉大的科學發明的時代。
    She envisages an era of great scientific discoveries.
  • 他們修建了一座紀念碑來紀念這位偉大的作家。
    They have raised a monument in memory of the great writer.