Look and read

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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Look and read - 過來看看,教學內容,大蒜和閱讀
E Look and read - 教學內容
look lisen read and learn - 看看利森閱讀和學習,期待着閱讀和學習利森
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  • 看一看,讀一讀,想一想。
    Page 7 Look, read and think.
  • 看一看,讀一讀,說一說。
    Look, read and say.
  • 看圖,讀句子,判斷正誤。
    Look, read and judge.
  • 讀句子,看圖,判斷對錯。
    Look , read and judge.
  • 看課文,聽錄音。然後讀一讀並表演故事。
    Look and listen. Then read and act out the story.
  • 但是還有些你可以減輕你賽前壓力的事做,例如:你可看一下賽程地圖或者了解一些你所期待的關於賽事的評論。
    But there are other things you can do to lower your pre-race stress. For example, you can take a look at course map and read reviews about the race so you know what to expect.
  • 看圖,朗讀下列小對話。
    I. Look and read.
  • 看課文,聽錄音.然後讀一讀並且回答問題.
    Look and listen. Then read and answer the question.
  • 看圖片和句子,在後面的方框打鈎或叉。
    Look and read. Put a tick or a cross in the box.
  • 為了更好地欣賞現場,你可以往下看和讀刻在每個平台上的一個有趣的童話。
    To better appreciate the scene, you can look down and read an interesting fairy-tale carved on each platform.
  • 看課文,聽錄音。然後小組朗讀並表演對話。
    Look and listen. Then read and act in groups.
  • 找出剩餘的數字,引出新單詞。
    Look and read. Read the words.
  • 看圖,讀一讀,補全對話。
    Look , read and complete .
  • 當父母哼起書中的歌曲時,孩子們一定也會被歌曲的旋律和文中的插圖深深吸引,從而跟着父母一起說說唱唱學閱讀。
    Your child will love to follow both the song and the delightful illustrations as you sing and look and read together.
  • 請看看這個模型和閱讀如果你能建立同樣的解決辦法。
    Please look at this model and read on if you are able to build the same solution.
  • 看圖,在橫線上填寫所缺單詞補全句子。
    V. Look, read and fill in the blanks.
  • 看圖完成下列對話。
    Exercise 2 Look , read and complete.
  • 看着黑板跟我讀。
    Look at the blackboard and read after me.
  • 看一看,讀一讀,連一連。
    Look , read and match.
  • 看一看,讀一讀,回答問題。
    Look, read and answer.
  • 有人發現一篇「編輯式」的廣告比「廣告化」的廣告吸引更多讀者注意、觀看及閱讀。
    It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement, and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look and read.
  • 看一看,讀一讀,想一想。
    Look, read and think.
  • 看課文,聽錄音。然後讀一讀並小組表演。
    Look and listen. Then read and act in groups.
  • 看圖,讀句子,打勾或打叉。
    Look read and tick or cross.
  • 指導學生看圖、讀句。
    Look and read 1.
  • 只是見到植念,薛士奇仍是一副心不在焉的樣子,植念將自己為了保住合唱團,花錢買通校長的往事說了出來,薛士奇連聲致謝。
    Just to see and read, Xue Shiqi is still an absent-minded look, and read themselves in order to keep the choir, to spend money to buy the past say, Xue Shiqi kept thanks.