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abbr. 能源保護局(Office of Energy Conservation);定向執行碼(Orientation Execution Code);光電連接(Optical to Electrical Connection)
OEC - 日清管理系統(Overall Every Control And Clear),放氧複合體(Oxygen Evolving Complex),石油輸出國組織(Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
OEC mode - OEC模式
OEC Corp - 網站站長
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  • 俄勒岡州環境委員會成立於1968年,是一家慈善組織,主要任務是組織各個團體來營造健康的環境。
    Founded in 1968, The Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) is a charitable organization with a mission of bringing Oregonians together for a healthy environment.
  • 目的:研究卵巢上皮癌者化療後及高聚金葡萄素治療後機體細胞免疫狀態。
    Objective:To study the immunologic status o the patients with ovarian epithelial carcinoma (OEC) after chemotherapy and treatment of highly agglutinative staphylococcin(HASL).
  • 本文介紹了OEC管理的實質及推行了OEC管理的方法與步驟,實踐表明,OEC管理是一種行之有效的企業物流管理模式。
    Fact of OEC-Management is introduced, Method and step of OEC-Management are carried out too; Experience has manifested, OEC-Management is effective pattern of business logistics management.
  • OEC是全球唯一承諾一次即可達到療效的緊膚設備。
    OEC is the only global commitment to reach the curative effect of a tight skin equipment.
  • 我們選擇OEC 來學習英語是因為這裡的環境能使我們靜心學英語。
    We choose OEC as place to study English because its environment can calm down our mind in learning English.
  • 採用等離子體原子發射法測定了野核桃殼中的元素含量。
    To determine the content of elements in Chinese walnut shell by ICP-OEC.
  • 另外,OEC 有義務終止或關閉在有效期之外和之前的那種交易。
    In addition, OEC obligation to terminate on or off in addition to the validity and the kind of transaction before.
  • 目的:觀察嗅鞘細胞移植在皮質腦梗死大鼠中的治療價值及遷移規律。
    OBJECTIVE: To observe the migratory pattern and therapeutic value of OEC transplantation in rats with cortical cerebral infarction.
  • 概要當您和我們進行任何一份貴金屬和外幣合約時,您也將自動與OEC 進入一份私人的協議合同,並以此作為準則。
    When you and us any of the precious metals and foreign currency contracts, you will automatically enter the OEC and a private contract agreement, and as a guideline.
  • 您和OEC 在達成一致的條款下都將各自履行一定的責任。
    In OEC You and under the terms of the agreement will certainly carry out their responsibilities.
  • 結論OEC患者血清和腹腔液VEGF水平顯著升高;
    Conclusion VEGF levels of serum and ascitic fluid were significantly elevated in OEC patients.
  • OEC 將會提供一個報價給您。
    OEC will provide a quote for you.
  • 目的:採用嗅鞘細胞移植的方法治療脊髓炎後遺證,探討其對損傷神經功能是否有恢復的作用。
    Objective:To deploy olfactory ensheathing cells(OEC) transplantation treating the sequel of myelitis, and to explore whether it would help to recover the spinal cord function.
  • 在以下章節中,客戶將被以第二人稱取代而OEC 將由第一人稱稱呼。
    In the following sections, customers will be the second person to replace OEC and will be the first person to call.
  • 將您所完成的申請表格原件連同所必須的其它材料郵寄給OEC。
    Your completed application form together with the original must be mailed to the other materials OEC.
  • 因此,我們所能看到的遠景是單獨的應用嗅鞘細胞移植所獲得的臨床受益是有限度的。
    We conclude that for the foreseeable future the clinical benefits of OEC transplants alone are likely to be modest.
  • OEC是當今世上是唯一能真正替代並超越拉皮手術的非手術治療方式。
    In the world is the only OEC is real alternative and transcend lift surgery way nonoperative treatment.
  • OEC就是這樣一個讓國際美容界及美容者驚嘆的創新美容方式。
    OEC is such a let international beauty world and the beauty of wonderful innovation hairdressing way.
  • 但是根據您上述的信息,OEC 建議您仔細考慮清楚此類的風險投資。
    However, in light of the information above, OEC asks that you carefully consider the risk associated with such investments.
  • 目的:探討細胞圖像分析在判斷卵巢上皮癌(OEC)生物學行為及患者預後的價值。
    Objective:To explore the value of image cytometry in determining the biological behaviour and prognosis of patients with ovarian epithelial cancer(OEC).
  • OEC管理是海爾集團推行的一種現代企業管理模式,OEC管理關鍵在於管理嚴格、說到做到、公開透明、指標量化。
    OEC system is a modern management mode that introduced by Haier Group. The key points of OEC management are its stringency, openness and quantifying target.
  • OEC 相信任何一個客戶都能自覺意識到在證券所之外所進行交易以及投資貴金屬和貨幣類合約的風險。
    OEC believe that any customer can be consciously aware that in addition to the securities transactions carried out by investment in precious metals as well as the type of contracts and currency risks.
  • 結論:嗅鞘細胞移植能迅速改善橄欖體橋腦小腦萎縮患者的神經功能,且應用安全。
    CONCLUSION OEC transplantation is effective and safe in treating the neurological function of patients with OPCA.
  • OEC 可以包括交易往來,包括接受會員。
    OEC transactions may include transactions, including the acceptance of members.
  • 方法回顧性分析經手術病理證實的10例OEC的CT表現及臨床資料。
    Methods CT findings in 10 patients with OEC confirmed by surgery and pathology were analyzed retrospectively.
  • VEGF在上皮性卵巢癌的生長及轉移中可能起着重要作用。
    VEGF plays an important role in the tumorigenicity and metastasis of OEC .