Shen Wei

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Shen Wei - 沈偉
zai shen me wei - 什麼位
Shen-Wei Lin - 林聖薇
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  • 陰差陽錯之後,沈偉和桐欣重逢,回到了家具城,從前台領走了各自的物品。
    After a strange combination of circumstances, shen Wei and tung glad meet again, returned furniture city, the stage got respective goods once upon a time.
  • 沈偉將舞蹈動作和音樂融合在一起來創作繪畫作品,使畫布化作連續的、動態的弧線。
    Shen Wei's blends his choreography and music to create paintings transforming canvases into continuous loops and dynamic lines.
  • 王、朱、葉、申、葉以及其他的項目參與人員就此課題對渤海灣進行了調研。
    Wang Wei, Zhu He, Boliang Shen, Ye Peng and other participants will take Bohai Gulf for example.
  • 你對沈偉被邀請去幫助2008年奧林匹克運動會開幕式編舞,而沒有找當地的現代舞團,有什麼看法?
    Why do you think Shen Wei was chosen to help choreograph for the 2008 Olympics as opposed to a more local modern dance company?
  • 這是未莊賽神②的晚上。
    This was the evening of Sai Shen(22) in Wei Zhuang.
  • 有關沈偉的大部分評論都顛倒了他有所建樹的幾個領域的順序。當然,他的確最初是作為舞蹈家和編舞家而聞名的。
    Most commentaries on Shen Wei reverse the order of his accomplishments since, of course, he has gained fame primarily as a dancer and choreographer.
  • 在這次特別活動中,沈偉將舞蹈、京劇原唱和對話獨特地融入到他的第一部戲劇作品中。
    This special performance exhibits Shen Wei's unique blend of dance, virtuosic music and dialog into his first opera production.
  • 長長一筆驟然而頓,沈偉於是能夠藉此探索色彩,為其強烈的節奏轉變和迴旋增加了深度。
    With long strokes and abrupt stops, Shen Wei is able to explore color adding depth and dimension to his sharp rhythmic turns and spirals.
  • 本文中採訪的沈麗、魏笑和方超均為化名。
    Shen Li, Wei Xiao and Fang Chao are not the real names of the interviewees.
  • 馬龍詢問沈葦如今林午陽的去向,沈葦對林午陽一無所知,深以為然的說道在這樣的情形下怕是早已經入關。
    Malone asked Shen Wei Lin Wu Yang to nowadays, Shen Wei know nothing about Lin Wu Yang, deep thinking said even already enter in such circumstances.
  • 對於劇中演員的表現,導演沈嚴稱他最看好佟大為,認為該劇會讓佟大為大火一次。
    The dance performance for the actor. The most promising director Shen Yan said he TONG Da-wei, a fire that the drama will let TONG Da-wei.
  • 同時熟悉沈冰和張蔚的觀眾多一些。
    At the same time familiar with Bing Shen and Zhang Wei audience some more.
  • 儘管他的舞蹈和編舞事業已取得飛躍,沈偉的注意力仍不斷地被拉回到繪畫上來。
    While his dance and choreography career has taken flight, Shen Wei's attention is constantly pulled back to painting.
  • 馬龍並不知道胡占奎與三虎的死亡是林午陽造成的,對沈葦所說倒也沒有懷疑。
    Malone did not know Hu Zhankui and three tigers death was caused by Lin Wu Yang, said to Shen Wei also without doubt.